Instead of going to school and playing with other children. They toil and expose their young bodies to danger. Is there any light for them at the end of the tunnel?

You can share your observation and personal views in this matter. You can also state various ways deemed effective to help these children.

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Yes, I totally agree with your opinion and others' as well.
However, I think we have just judged things and give solution from outside-in point of views. I mean we should put our feet in other's shoes to see the issue clearly. 

I used to think that using child labor is evil, we must prevent it any way. Some boycotts to factories using child labor have been held. Government and non-profit organisations have opened free schools for poor child. There are many kind of punishment for firms who violated Children's Right. However, the issue still there. It is reducing but not much. It seems that we look at the issue defectively. 

My country is developing one too. Luckily, I was born in an avarage class family so I did not experience the poverty and the concern of food and drink day by day like other children. However, I realised many contrary things when I took my social psychology class and had a period of time to work with poor children working in industry or street. My work was about listening to their inside desires. 

They told me that they appreciated what people did with boycott, free school and something else like those, but they don't need those. Those do not help them at all. All those children need are food and work. Two of these help them survive in this world. Some of them are forced to work, but most of them are willing to work. They have to grow up soon and deal with the living every single day. They said: "I want to go to school like other children also, but life doesn't give me a same background or condition to think about school like any others". When a free school is opend for them, they are very happy but then they decide go to work instead of go to school. It is similar to a simple economic formular between explicit cost and implicit cost. If they go to school, they have to give up time of working. With education that they receive today, they can earn much money in the future. However, how they can survive until that day if today they don't go to work to make money for essential needs like food and drink. Therefore,   poor children decide to drop the school in order to work.

Sad but true, that is why efforts of Government and others failed.   

Sorry for my poor English. Please feel free to leave comment about both: Content and my English's errors. It will help me improve a lot. Thank you :D

      Hi Totoro, really,  it is one of an enjoyableI topics I have ever read. I appreciate your work with such children. I hope one day I can help them as well, or at least listen to their problems, that gives them a hope that one day they will get rid of their misery, or, gives them a feel that someone cars. Keep on doing my friend, give those children a life to their lives, albeit, for a short while. God helps and blesses you Totoro.

     By the way, your english is better than mine.Thank you.

Hi Totoro,:)

Good for you to experience simple pleasures in life…and it’s great to have worked with children, first hand…But I think the word “judge” is a bit over the top…we don’t judge or give solutions out of context. The problem reverberates to the people…We are aware of the magnitude of the problem….We see, heard, observed and some of us here talked with the working children also, and we are just sharing our opinion and solutions that we think imperative to help alleviate the situation. There are many factors that affect child labor, right?. The scenario you have cited on the other hand is just a portion of a pie. What is the root cause, and why children ended up this way?

So, the children prefer to work and sometimes they are forced to work…Who force them to work? Where are the parents? I think the children you talked about chose to work and make money because the parents who are supposed to take care of them are nowhere to be found…or it is even more sinister finding out parents are the ones forcing their children to look for food….Children will develop a strange feeling of uncertainty, confusion, and eventually decide to take care of themselves and their families because they have no choice. They are oppressed, violated.

Discipline is really important in implementing something, whether rules or law…What is the use of education, like raising awareness and providing enough job if there is no strict implementation of the following?...Maybe the eagerness could lasts for about 24hours, and became lax afterwards…So, the things we fight for, is useless...Gone with the wind.

By the way, your English is good. A little improvement needed...avoid redundancy. Continue reading good books, magazines, and grammar books...I'm doing this know, for self improvement...:)

Have a nice day! 


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