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I think the rapid propagation of electronic technologies computers ,internet, cellular phones and other communication tools become more important in our daily life.If I ask you do you prefer the modern communication methods like phone calls and emails or the traditional face to face meetings what do you prefer? what is the reasons of your selections?


Computer meeting

Face to face meeting

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Hello Angela:

Thank you very much for your comment,yes emails and internet means of communication is more easy and it is let you make a huge number of friends all over the world.Friend like you when I want to communicate you I just open my computer and open your email and send you what I want to say.If I want to make face to face meeting,I go to travel agency and book airplane ticket with 5000 euro and you will wait for me in airport with car you may rent with 200 euro and you can book accommodation for me in hotel with 500 euro per night,if I visit you I will stay 5 nights that's mean 2500 euro.Just to say hello for you by face to face it cost about 7500 euro without cost of eating and visits.But why you prefer face to face meeting?I think all jobs now make tests through internet and through video conferences.Please let me know why you choose the old fashion meeting?  

i prefer to the traditional face to face meetings.i think that the modern communication methods like phone calls and emails really facilitate our can chat with your friends even though they are not by your side.actually it's very convenience.but i think when people talk to each other it's very important that you can read the expression on the people's can also have some physical touch when there is necessary.physical touch can bridge the widest of emotional distance.the modern communication methods are virtual and mechanical.people increasingly rely on virtual communication tools,and i don't think it's a good fact,the virtual communication tools maybe will be the one of the reasons to cause the relationship between people become weak.

Hello Evan Wang:

You prefer the traditional face to face meetings,I want to say that a lot of people prefer this method like Angela in the previous post.May that traditional method can get direct response and there is a very important expressions you must notice in the meeting like body language and face expressions.Some times speaking words and body languages not mean the same things.

Although we can hear a word from telephone conversation from our friends but we don't always know if they really mean it.Thank you Evan,I want to know your response about my comment is it right?

Hello WMW:

I understand you, you mean the emotions between people,you must meet your friend from time to time to feel the friend and the friend feel you.But I think you can't make the enormous number of friends,you want more than year to meet all your friends in English club only.I think the main reason for increasing the communication through emails and phone calls that there is no need to make appointment with friends before meeting;all you need is just remember the number or email address.Is it right or you need to say another thing?

I prefer emails or letters~

Hello Mickey:

How are you,can you give us reasons to prefer emails or letters?

You have email.......

Hi modaway, nice discussion. In my view I prefer a mix of two ways of communication quoted for you in this post. I like to join together modern methods of communication like mobile phone calls and the Internet with the "traditional", old and well-known face-to-face comunication. I think the professional market more and more demands us integration with technology and the face-to-face dialogue, because our world also deal with the world of words, dialogue and live presence.

Hi Daniel:

Thank you very much for your great comment,the mix of two ways is the best ,I agree with your opinion.But sometimes a big company make interviews for the new worker through internet by using video conferences.You can join the group of people who going to make the inter view from your home without and additional cost.And they may you send your c.v through internet to the email of the company,I think it is better method.In brief the face-to -face communication is very important for us,it is good for better understanding .It is visible,direct and more effective than any other way,but it is the new technology we must interact.Thank you very much Daniel,do you agree for this explanation?

we need to have both the facilities..... sometimes some helps...

Hello S.Selvakumar:

Yes the both facilities are important thank you but can you please tell me what is the importance of the two?

They make communication easier but at the same time complicated I think ,any way I prefer them  because no  time nowadays.


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