Have you been thinking about what it takes to live a joyful life? The fact is, difficulties happen in our lives. So how can we stay positive despite all those difficulties?

An important key, I believe, is being grateful . If you are grateful, you will see the world differently. You will see that there are good things behind everything that happens. You will realize that your life is wonderful, and you will be joyful.

so how can we be a grateful persons ??


what must we realize from our lives to be grateful ??

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 I think to be grateful or live grateful,it means that we should look for the postive things which are motives

in our lives like continue studying for getting high degree or searching for scholarship or writing good things that desrve reading by others ,in other words,everyone has own view to life ,so he or she must deal with

life according this idea(his/her viewpoint) to feel grateful. In think the magority, need satisfication..so they

work on this from doing their jobs in good way,from exellency in study in school ,university..etc.

Moreover, in joining "EC" it means that a person wants /looks for new thing,new friends...etc because he or she felt bored in some places he or she was there .

i think one of the way to be grateful is to use, to take advantage, all what we posses like our potentials for the cheer of others cos life is about to share happiness not about one's happiness.

My father once told me that there are no bad things that happen in life as each event is a matter of perception. That is, if you are an undertaker and someone dies, it's good for you because you earn your livelihood. It's good for the doctors, ambulance drivers and others who make a living from your demise.

So good or bad is a matter of individual perception. When I die, I won't know I'm dead and therefore I won't feel good or bad about the event. My family and friends will hopefully, be sad, but for others, it's just something that happens.

To stay happy we need to realise that there are no rewards or punishments, there are only causes and effects. Knowing that, we should expect some of the effects to be unhappy events, but learn to accept that as a reality of life.

Evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins said that those of us who CAN die should consider ourselves very fortunate ... thus we should be grateful as you suggest.

To become grateful person, you should have great things in mind and heart..the things consist of Love, affection,patiense,truithul,positiveness & person with set of principles.


Be true to your self

say thank you and apologyze until the person satisfate.

ِI believe that God has created us for a great purpose. Sometimes God tests us by difficulties in our lives to evaluate our capacity. If we realize this fact, we can realize our real purpose of life.Therefore, when a bad incident happens in our life, we will be grateful instead of being unsatisfied. Finally, we will have a joyful life by knowing this fact.

Thanks for this thinkable question, Hafida

Well staying optimistic is one difficult goal to achieve but once you achieve it , the world becomes a heavenly place to live in. we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars because part of being optimistic is keeping one's head pointed toward the sun, one's feet moving forward.  I think to be grateful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic so we must realize that even though we had difficult times in our lives but staying positive in those moments was the time we actually lived, rest is the fruit of that patience.


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