I Have a Dream about EC...

(You could check the link), and let me say that for achieving that dream, the first component is becoming a millionaire or even richer than a millionaire.

Now, I have a question:

Please let me know that;

How can we become a millionaire, in your idea?


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To become a millionaire, you need to be creative!

The key is to find an idea, no one had it before.. you start working on it, and then improve it..

I remember that Walt Disney started with a simple funny idea, which is Mice cartoon stories! Mickey Mouse, you know it right? And now, you know how rich is Disney!

Thanks Dear Camelia :)


Golden Key!

Then I should try to be inventive mind!

Walt Disney is my favourite Company :)

I like to study more about him.


Good point Camelia.

Yes it is! :D

It semms that Hekmatullah wants to be a millionaire too

hi dear sahar , 

i have a way , but u must be Courage and quick, well the only to be millionaire , i think it is : Robbery on a group of banks in the world, heheheh. i have just this .

dear sahar it's not important to be millionaire , but the most important is to be very happy, don't you think ?

Hello Hafida!

I want to be a millionaire!

I am happy enough dear, Now I only want to be a millionaire :)

You way is the same as Deepa's suggestion!

Robbery is so hard!

Think about another way please!


Hey Sahar , Hafida is the second persone that persuade you to Robbery if the Majority of the member are in the same opinion i will help you we will start Robbery :-)
what do you think Sahar? even it is very difficult but we should respect the opionion of our lovely friends.
And after robbery, please buy a washing machine, because we need to wash our money for having clean money, Hekmat :)
Oh..agian problem then we can do only Black stuff by that Money, it is also a way to become papular in the world Sahar and Hekmat will be WATED.


Thank you dear Deepa for your warm words!
I felt really comfortable :)


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