If you could be attractive and stupid or intelligent and ugly, which would you prefer? Why?

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True, I never become friends just because the one is skinny or beautiful.  At the same time, I don't say I don't like beautiful people, I love beautiful people.

Junko, I believe this is a question to ask yourself rather be attractive and stupid than ugly and intelligent or not, not your opinon for others or who you want to be friends with. No duobt we all enjoy nice and intelligent people more than stupid and arrogant people.

In other words, if I get it right, Tetyana's title question is: would you rather born attractive and stupid than ugly and intelligent, or vice versa?

Be honest! :)

Hi Vesper, I htink this is very hard to answer, because this is sort of a whole culture.

Very happy to know you.

Likewise :)

So I answered honestly.  I would be Betty than Amanda.

I accept it's a honest answer but you watch too much TV!  :)


I learn English words and expressions from dramas and movies on TV.

I don't have any problem about watching TV, It's just the way I prefer and enjoy learning language.



I understand you enjoy watching TV and are trying to learn English from it. Neither do I have problems with it!

What I was trying to say is, you repeatedly backed up your argument by using a TV character Betty Buaraz, and of cause Amanda, who are not real-life characters but not you, for whom are a real human being.

Now, please tell me what 'chan' means :)


What's the problem? I think it's easier for everyone to imagine when I mention those names.  The question itself is conditional, I'm pretty sure that I can use those characters who are not real, too.

PS: I would write a blog about chan, since I'm too lazy to explain everyone each time!! See you there!!

Then, I will help you with the chan situation! ehehe


I told you I have no problem with you enjoy watching TV. It's not me but Tetyana Sudyma who first suspected you did not give a honest answer. She might be convinced now but I can still sense your answer, well, not convincing.

In this thread, you have replied many times and given many examples to prove you appreciate other unattractive people, in real-life whom you have met or in TV whom you watched. You did not answer if you'd rather be ugly for yourself. In other words, are you seriously want to be born ugly, such as bad skin, shot, with receding hair and protruded teeth? I doubt it.

By the way, I had no interest to know what 'chan' means. I actually found it is a quite silly after seeing so many people, for no reason, calling each other with it in the forum, as if EC is not a place for English language. I used it because I had to reply it back as it is the way you called me, and asked you about it because I felt my debate with you might be a little hash for you but I trusted you could handle it -Am I right?

I thought this is a very good topic to debate, for practising our English skills and I hope everyone enjoy it :)

Oh Yasmin, forget about it. No one is interested to know what 'chan' means. I asked Junko about it only becasue I was trying to be kind, aren't you smart enough to understand? Geez.


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