Hello everyone,

Some people believe that if you don't have opportunity then don't wait that someone else will create that and you will get benefit.. instead, create the opportunity by yourself. what do you think?

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yes Bea sis its really depend on personality some people don't have confidence in thier decisions.. they always need  someone's yes or no.. so for those people we can do a favour.. that we should have confidence on them and ask them decide yourself what do you think is this better for you..and something like that..

thanks Bea sis for your reply

Absolutely agree. So far our forefather have left us a lot of fables, idioms that remind us not to be passive in any circumstance. Instead of lying at the foot of tree and open mouth waiting for fruit fall, we should find the way to climb up then take the fruit by ourselves (Of course, don't refuse if suddenly there is  a fruit falling accurately into your mouth :D ..)

exactly vvquang very nice reply!!!

Great discussion!

Thanks Nida!!!

Hello All !

Yes your are right we neither shouldn't depend on others nor let other on us. Be winner not looser and always be to the best and come first.

right jyoti!!

Yes , i agree with you. But all the time it is possible to create  a opportunity ?

very nice question deepa!!

well, in my view you it is not always possible.. for example, if you want to make tea, the sugar is finished at home, you go to shop and it is closed.. then it is impossible to make sugar by yourself.. in that case you either ask to neighbors or you can just quit the idea to have tea..


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