Love is how you make another person feel when you are in their presence or absence.Many people show or express their love for someone in many and different ways.But right now the love is a great thing that should be wealth forever and valued as an important part in your life because it will effect all  your relationships. Some times you love without any reason ,you don't know how? or why? for that reason ,what is your opinion is love blind?

What will happen if the people live without love? in my point of view ,I will lose my ability to survive in this world.Without love I can be defined as a hopeless creature.I love you no other words has so much power.Love is the most important aspect of human life as I know it.

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wow! i never thought that this blog of yours will come back in a kick again! love topic is the most interesting of all for some, including me ofcourse..hehehe! i read it again and i saw what i commented on this blog last year... and i came to know that i feel and im thinking the same way as like before about this topic almost a year ago. I replied this one:

Reply by Peaches on June 11, 2013 at 12:51
Love can be "blind" because people who are deeply in love you can't see the faults, imperfection and flaws of that person you're in love with....even you know to yourself how imperfect he/she was, you still continue loving him/her blindly. Or it much better to be called "true love" coz the partner is aware of the faults of the other, but these are accepted unconditionally...a guy/girl who is deeply in love acts as if the faults are not refuse to see all the negative side of your partner, all that you can see is his/her positive side, means that you accept a person with all their failures, stupidities, ugly points and nonetheless, you see perfection in imperfection i think that's why "love is blind".

I'm happy to say that i haven't changed my mind about what true love means for me :D

Hello MaYa:

You changed your name and you don't change your mind or your opinion in love blind. I agree your opinion that the person refuse to see all the negative side of partner.


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