Love is how you make another person feel when you are in their presence or absence.Many people show or express their love for someone in many and different ways.But right now the love is a great thing that should be wealth forever and valued as an important part in your life because it will effect all  your relationships. Some times you love without any reason ,you don't know how? or why? for that reason ,what is your opinion is love blind?

What will happen if the people live without love? in my point of view ,I will lose my ability to survive in this world.Without love I can be defined as a hopeless creature.I love you no other words has so much power.Love is the most important aspect of human life as I know it.

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Of course love is blind, I totally agree with it...

Sometimes I like someones just at first sight, and without any particular reason I like 2 smile at them or talk with them (it has happened 4 me several times e.g. at bus stations, in the taxi, on the streets or even here, in EC...)  i.e. when I am in love with someone there is nothing left 2 say or judge, I love him/her cuz they r lovely in just the way they r... maybe my beloved persons r not the ideal ones whom I searched or wanted in my life but I JUST love them and other things r not important, so it's clear LOVE IS BLIND...


Hello Fahime:

Your opinion is great sure ,I know that  love is blind.Sometimes you see a beautiful woman love from the bottom of her heart ugly man and she happy with him and conversely beautiful man love and happy with ugly woman,that is mean that the love is blind.Thank you fahime very much for your great comment and great addition to the subject of love blindness.

Thank u dear Mohammed, I really like this discussion, u r so creative... 

Hello Fahime :

Your comments valued ,and when I post new discussion I waiting for your great comments .Thank you very much and keep active member.

This is another opinion about love.

And love can be defined :

Some people don't see love from your sight,I think some people see love a relationship between mind and heart but they don't know that sometimes you love someone without reason.I think for family love ,family love a kind of love that absolutely blind .Baby love her mother without any power of discrimination, this kind of love is blind.Thank you Angela for your nice comment,your comment enrich the value of the discussion.


When we r  inlove  we tend  not to see the bad side of  someone .That is the pathetic  part of being  inlove ,sometimes even the worst person in this world can be the best person for your own belief.LOVE IS NOT BLIND,IT SEES BUT IT DOESNT MIND.

Hello SERA:

When I love one I don't see the bad side of him ,sure but when you see the bad side of him please tell me.It is very important for me to know your answer ,when you see the bad side of your lover?

Yes Noorany:

Love being blind in some cases but in the other cases not,but anyway it can be foolish.

Love has an eye! 【it contains an E】=)

What do you mean Mickey please explain.


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