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Given that your mom and your wife/hubby fall into the water at the same time, and they cant swim. There is no one else there, only you. Who will you save first, your mom or your wife/hubby? Why?

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let me confess,it is a hard question.But if we have to answer it,many men choose wife.As far as i am concern, i choose mom,since you can find another wife but you can not find another mother. maybe many girls are angry with me due to this choice but sooner or later they will be one,indeed a mom.

Giggling, you are right. That's really a dilemma! But you are not right, according to the answers I've receved, many chose mom instead of wife!

You can find another wife not another mom, that's true. What if your kids ask you, "Dad, why don't you save my mother? You don't want another mom, nor do I! "

Thanks so much for your sincere and honest answer! Wish you a fantastic day!



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