Money is more important or happiness?

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Hi, Bella!

I wish to know the answer)) 
For many people it's the same thing... (happiness in money)

It's depend from you!
I think first of all we should understand what is happiness mean for our self. 

So, this question should looks like:
-What is happiness for you and how many money you need for that?

Very good answer. For me, it's the same like your opinion that we need money which is enough for being happy.Thanks!

So you not answer to my question.
What is happiness for you? :)

Sorry,for me,happiness means people I love live in happiness and do what I want to do. Of course, not bad things. Happiness should be simple. Sometimes we live in happiness, but we jsut don't realize that.

Looks like we got a philosophical discussion)
By the way, if you want go to the space(for example you want this were match) but you have not possibility to realize this dream, would you be unhappy at this case?

       Maxim,thank you for your question.Well,going to the space is impossible for me,but since I want to go there(for example like you said), I will try many ways to go there.But the result doesn't really matter since I have tried.You know,all of us cannot do everything we want.

So,I wil be unhappy at this case for the moment,but it won't last for long.I can still pursue other things I wanna do.

Glad for you! Were often people want to have more then they can and it make them unhappy or even angry it's a nature of people! I saw such sample a couple of time...
I think that in this world we have a couple of impossibles and a couple of were easy task but other 90 - 99% situated between and they depend for us.  For example I want improve my English skills and success of this is really depend for me.
By the way if my effort will be vain I will be very sad during some time)) 

      Maybe just like you said,it's the nature of human beings.A man who is contented whill be happy.Good luck!

It's obvious to give importance to happiness ! However, some times money also brings happiness. But the conclusion is that happyness is more important.

Yes, if we have to choose between  money and happiness, we should choose happiness.But at the same time, money is also very important because without money, we cannot be happy either.So the important thing is to find a balance between the two of them.May you find your happiness.

That money which brings happiness is the best money, so the money or every power is the most important because they can use in a way to make happiness.

very smart answer


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