Money is more important or happiness?

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        Thank you,Asma for your comment.

i think both are co-related.Both of them can't stand alone.but in my view the person who have both,he is the luckiest man in the world

Hi,Lijoy,what you said is totally right.I am sure you'll be the luckiest man in the world. Thank you!

Being healthy is most important thing. 

Yeah,Mazyar. I have the same feeling.Health is very important,because without it,we can do nothing happy.Thanks!

I think happiness is important 
but money makes some people so they go for it

Hi, Nuf,you are right.People making money not just to make money,but also they get happiness in the process of making it or spending it.
Thank you,Nuf.And I am terribly sorry for replying so late.

Money & Happiness are different thing. Money is more important in our life for completing our need but our need have no limit.

Happiness all time present in around of us but we always find it in other place. People think that if we have money then we have happiness.

If every person have limit of need then they will be happiness always bcz they have time for enjoying happiness. 

Both are important if we will run  back of money only then we have not time for enjoying happiness.

Hi,Khalsaboy,I think you are a good thinker.Thanks a lot!

look miss bella, there is a huge disparity between money and happiness, cause money is something very llimited when it is compared with love, money is is not honest cause one day you will leave it. but with happiness life have more sense and it equilize people´s life, we are not equal becouse of money, but becouse of love and when we love we are happy, just put always love in the first place then you will see that be happy is too much better than have to much money.

Thank you Fran sees qu.Your opinion is quite good. Money will be gone one day, so let's enjoy the happiness of life.

I think nobody can be happy all the time. And money can help to make a person happy, since you can use the money to get the things that you need. So, a really poor person and a rich one can be happy, It depends on a lot of factors, including the way the person deal with the problems, with the life.


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