God  create many creatures like plants , animals , insects ,and even human beings also.But everything meets an end point one day.Somebody says everything in the world is mortal.But I think  something is immortal in the world.Do you agree?

Which is immortal  in the world ?

What is your opinion ?

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I our world, the material world, nothing from material things is immortal. But there are some non-material things that could be immortal. Things like a soul, love (only if it's true); things which we can't neither see nor measure, only feel...

Deepa, which things do you reckon immortal?

Yes , I agree ,things like soul , love are immortal. I think fame, eminence are also immortal in this world.Our body will destroy one day , but our fame live until the world exists.If all people  try to illuminate their fame, not addicted to their  endless desires, the world become live peacefully.  

Thanks for your comment.

Hi Deepa, I´m one of those people who thinks there is not inmortal things in the world.  Everyone is going to die, so I don´t worry about this, I really care about being a better man, making the world a better place to live.

Take care, bye.

" care about being a better man " Nice words. I like it.

Thanks for your visit and your words.

Some religions characterize the afterlife. Some of Japanese believe it.

We can recognize the belief of the afterlife in Japanese movie,poem,music and novels.

I love the movie edited by Mr.Kitano. Did you watch his movie? I felt the theme of timelessness from his movies. 

In ancient age Japanese believed everything immortal based on animism belief.

When I was a child my grandmother brought needles to the shrine.

The needles were broken so we could not use them for sewing.

In the shrine we were grateful to the needles and burn them.We believe the needles have the spirits and they are alive forever. As of now we can find the timeless and eternal believe in Japanese society.

Afterlife is called samsara in India. I heard that some of of christian call "Reincarnation".

I would like to believe them and tell my children "Everything is immortal so that we should be grateful to everything."

Hai Ash ,

          From your comment , i know about japanese  believes. Really good.I appreciate your comment.

Thanks for your visit and your valuable comment.

Yes,i agree with this.The thing that is immortal is feelings,love,memories and the bondage of every creature with nature.....which can't be flash out.....

You are right , manish yemde, 

our relationship with nature never end up. Its true. Without nature human life came to be an end.

Thanks for your comment.

Love :)

Yes Sahar i agree with you.

Thanks for your comment.


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