How can you cope with life in the roughest conditions ????

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Stay strong! Belive that this too will pass...

thanks stephen

Try to be optimistic and try to find out if any thing wrong from my side. 

In my opinion the best way is 2 stay cool...

So, how we can stay cool in rough conditions?!!! The answer is:

_Take a deep breath

_Believe in ourselves

_Don't forget that ALWAYS we r accompanied by God, so there is no need 2 be worry, it goes on in the best way...


People give advise to be happy. Why do they not give advise about sadness??????????

It's the devil that plays with the hearts. It's like I can be with someone when the person is sad. Not only when the person is happy. People are hypocrits when it comes to that. The thought you do not mind to them and you recieve your live back in a second. If you try to fight for more and better in your live you lose the battle. If you think others do great in being possitive then that is your believe or the belief others believe. Yet it might not be true. So give it a try.  Possitive makes negative , negative makes possitive. Negative there is more possitive then possitivity. Yet do you dare to believe that? Even a cowared there to be happy. But it need courage to be negative. Just because it works. You find happiness in an instinct if you care no more for live. Actually if someone wish you happiness, they wish you dead. What sounds possitive is negative. What sounds negative is possitive. WE say do not discriminate. Yet we discriminate negative. Therefor being pro possitivity is discrimination since it is anti negativity. All gods aspects are beautiful in live and with a reason , even if people can sometimes not see that. Even Jesus said in the bible, who is willing to lose live will recieve it, but those who not willing to lose it will lose it. This does not mean you are not allowed to be happy. Yet ofcourse it must be real happy and not just pretended happyness. Even we sometimes have reasons to pretend even if it is not true with good reasons. So do not judge , then you will not be judged, is true again too and mentioned by Jesus. An important key word is courage. Evil makes us afraid. We must find the courage. I wish you to find courage in your live and happyness. But you will , I am sure of that. Search and you will find. This Jesus mentioned too.

taking it easy and just let it go.


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