What are you most thankful for in life?

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for myself from God

to my ALLAH

My husband and my children. I thank God for this lovable family each and every minute.

me too....i have the same feeling...

I'm the most thankful to Allah for having my lovely family : husband and two sons and I'm still alive full of health me and them.

What i'm thankful for..is LIFE itself.

Honestly, Life is not perfect...it has its ups and downs, but this is something to be thankful of because it defines us..the way we approach certain things today and tomorrow.

Thanks, dear!

Hope is nice but
In order not to lose yourself! Do not imitate others, do not compare your life to others, does not challenge just yourself, does not criticize something and you did not try it does not understand!

for life

I'm thankful to Allah who created me and blessed me with all what I have :)

The most precious thing in my life is my lovely family, they r healthy and happy and it's devoted 2 me just by Merciful God, thanks God so so so much...

I pray all of people's families r healthy, happy and wealthy 4ever...

the same here...family....thank you for your interest!


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