I would like to know your ideas friends.

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hit my head into a pillow until dead

sad, of course and I would stay alone for a long while, may be some days. Upon such bad time, I would restart and consider this failure as an experience, as time goes by, everything would be back in order. We cannot reach success without several failures. That's indeed the ways I did to get out the sadness of failure in examination..

thank you very much for sharing your ideas.Dean do you have your head LOL?You are correct VIV

It sounds you have just failed an important exam, Samu?

 I try to waste time just to forget the bad situation  here and there like browsing  the net, watching  TV ,hanging around with friends...etc. But the important thing that I do is I go earlier to bed .

first there will be tears in my eyes and then i will say

ok this is it , and i will call my friends and will celebrate LOL

and and if even after that i feel angry then breaking something is better idea :)

God save us all from failing exams:(

thank you very much Sal,Sofi...

Yes VIv.you are correct.

This sadness will be soon gotten through by you for sure. A month ago, I also failed in a very important job interview and this failure made me sad and disappointed for a long while. However, everything in our life likes a river flow running incessantly. Failure, sadness, disappointment and losses will be left behind because we need to live and go ahead. 

I remember my faults and again i will try for get pass with don't do that faults again.

better luck next time...enjoy chill out and.... review again....pray that next time you will be pass... so it we will call it for CELEBRATION!!!

Nalise and ms prym thank you very much for your advices friends.

i try to make it better for the next exam .........exams are not going to be finished so we should learn from.these examinations........and then study better and better and also be more calm and relax.


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