I would like to know your ideas friends.

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Don`t worry i fail tow time in my exam . after i flow ease and simple hotel housekeeping training ,i got job in

k.s.a  , everything is easy do same like me .what you like ease .:)))        

Exams are not the most important thing of our life but some important things are based on examination friends.

Are you liberated from sadness of such examination, Samu?:)

Hey Vivi thanks for the concern.yes now it is little bit okay.

due to any health problems if we fail .no regretts should be there ,it wasnt in our hands..but if we fail due to our mistakes thn  a little regret should be kept so that we won't repeat the same thing again....should be confident in telling next exam surely 'll be in control of my hands,,,,:-)

sometimes we get ill on the period of examination.thanks for the comment Rish

I will try again.

i'll make sure i do better the next time around.. I guess I'm just used to failing exams haha:) it's natural for me to fail at least once in a while...

seeker and yn thanks for the advices friends.

About 5 months ago I participated in a national examination of university admission, I REALLY studied hard & I was so optimistic about it... I waited 4 the result until 2 days ago and when I saw that I didn't qualify ohhh I can't describe how I felt that moment cuz I BURST INTO A LAUGH, I don't know why I laughed exactly (maybe I'd become nut) but I'm sure that laugh really made me fell better, it calmed me...

After that I focused on what I'd done in examination 2 learn more and more and try 2 become successful next time...

It was my last experience that I've shared it in this discussion, thx... 

fahime.thank you very much for you about sharing your Idea.

U're welcome... Thank u 4 such a amazing discussion u created...


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