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when i am sad, i like to listen to some nice music,watch TV, chat with my friends.

great !

Thank you ,and you ,what would you like to do when you are sad??

When i feel sad i call my friends, if they were free i set an appointment with them and meet them, or if all of them were busy i will stay alone or go for a walking.

When i feel sad i want to live alone & like to listen soft music.

just crying

you can do anything but crying....

hahaa... Amezing Hafida, but the real treatment..:-)

Taking a shower!

Good idea!! i will try!

I  just sit alone and think about what is the  reason for that ,analyse it ,why it is happening and then try to get ride of it.sometimes spend time with my pets.

When I am sad I meditate or some times listen to instrumental music


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