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Some say, if you don't have idea or dream, you will have no purpose in life. So what is the best idea or dream that ever passed in your mind?

If you don't have, try find one, and post it on this discussion, maybe we can inspire each other with your dreams or ideas.

Maybe an idea for humanity, etc. Your life's dream, etc.

Good quote from C.S. Lewis
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.

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well I'm not sure if it is my best dreams, but it is one of the biggest ones: to be able as much as possible to communicate with people around the world in their language, so that they don't feel they are talking to a foreigner.  

hello! my dream, well i think i have two to see some day that people will be better, more nicely each other , and the other to be free like a bird, without fear, i hope i will be able to do and say whatever i want!! :) thank you !

i have lots of small and big dreams but i think the best one of them is traveling around the world.i am crazy about traveling around the world and know more about different culture 

My biggest dream is to have a job in airplane because I wish to be able to travel around the world and seeing all countries

Today is very difficult a having dreams about anything. World became too fast and very confused. And what can be super idea in that world? You only can try to be happy with thinks which you already have and enjoy in every day of your life. In other words it is much easier change yourself than trying to change worold. This is maybe a little pessimistic thoughts but look at around you and only good idea that you can find is accept the world and looking for bit of happines in everyday life.

I dream of having an insight into the real meaning of life. We come and go naturally. We are being conditioned to be in the same cycle since we were born. We get old, suffer from ageing sings and die.

Does it worth living if we have to leave the world before knowing the real essence of life. Most of us dream of having a better life. It is very natural. If we think more deeply, nothing is impermanent. We cannot control them. What lasts longer?

I wish I could find out the real essence of life before I say good-bye to the world!

I want to resign and travel around the world with all money I have. But it's just a dream I don't think I can do it for real.

My dream was to go a school which has student from all over the world from all countries

It would be terrific

My biggest dreams are 

1. I want to marry with native or foreigner

2. I WANT to make my parents happy

3. I want to enter Heaven after I die


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