Okay... so,

You have been given a time machine (with a working flux capacitor) and you can spend 24 hours with ANYONE from the past.

Who would you pick from the past to spend the day with?

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This can be ANYONE from the past, a king/queen, leader, writer poet -someone known world wide, or maybe a relative or ancestor.

be creative :)

It would have to be myself at the age of 18. I would warn myself not to make the few mistakes I have made in my life that had an impact. I would tell myself to live a little bit more and not to worry too much about other peoples problems, but consider, and sort out my own first. I would also tell myself to be on the lookout for a tiny blond girl who would still be my soul mate 30 years later.

Nice one Mac!

You have got to look after yourself!

My grandpa ^^!

That's sweet, I too would like to go back and spend the day with my Grandfather.


tough choice, maybe you need more than one day?

I allow it!

Hmmm... Hard question, maybe Darwin, he is so cotroversial.
I haven't lose anyone I really love

That would be an interesting day. 

I'm sorry. Thanks for sharing.

Okay, for those of you who cant see Mickey's reply, here is a copy and paste.

I want to spend a day with little Mickey [six years old]. Here is the list of things I like to do:

1. plait two pigtails for her, to doll her up! 2. Cook a delicious meal for her, help her hold Mr. Hunger back. 3. Tell her an interesting story. 4. Teach her "wo ai ni" in English. 5. Play hide and seek with her. 6. Carry her to talk a walk after dinner. 7. Teach her to count the stars. 8. Sing a lullaby for her to make her get into a nice dream. 9. Kiss her and say good night!


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