Okay... so,

You have been given a time machine (with a working flux capacitor) and you can spend 24 hours with ANYONE from the past.

Who would you pick from the past to spend the day with?

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This can be ANYONE from the past, a king/queen, leader, writer poet -someone known world wide, or maybe a relative or ancestor.

be creative :)

It would have to be myself at the age of 18. I would warn myself not to make the few mistakes I have made in my life that had an impact. I would tell myself to live a little bit more and not to worry too much about other peoples problems, but consider, and sort out my own first. I would also tell myself to be on the lookout for a tiny blond girl who would still be my soul mate 30 years later.

Nice one Mac!

You have got to look after yourself!

My grandpa ^^!

That's sweet, I too would like to go back and spend the day with my Grandfather.


It is a tough question really. I have more than one person to spend a day with. I would like to spend my day with Ramkrishan Paramhansa, a great sage of India.

tough choice, maybe you need more than one day?

Yes I need. Allow me!

I allow it!

Hmmm... Hard question, maybe Darwin, he is so cotroversial.
I haven't lose anyone I really love

That would be an interesting day. 

I'm sorry. Thanks for sharing.


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