Would You Rather Live a Long Life Alone or a Short Life With Loved Ones?

Would you rather live a long life alone or a short life with loved ones?

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Dear Tetyana, I'm glad that I 'm not a decision maker in that part. It's good that God decides in this part for me because it's very difficult to answer. My ideal situation is to have a long life with loved ones. hehehehehe...but I remembered a quote: "It's not the years in your life that count. It's life in your years." (Abraham Lincoln)

Having Love is important than having God. I belief it and life with that

Only few seconds with loved ones.

Of course the second option :)

Haven never lived alone makes it impossible for me to compare living alone for a long time and living with a love one for an apparently short time. I grew up with my lovely family and later had some love relationships, the time I spent with my love ones was great. Unfortunately, I did always find it short because I wanted to have them all day with me. No matter how short the time with the time I spent with people I love was, I would never exchange it.

Tetyana, this is a nice topic!

We should not really contemplate our fate. Instead live every day as your last day and keep yourself busy. I used to think too much about life and would always end up smoking pot or drinking. Whatever way you live your life alone or along with someone being content is the key to live a good life.

for sure anyone will choose to live short life with the person who'd like to see him all the time, especilay his hover :) 

of cours a short life with the loved ones! because somebody told me before that "living without love is no life"

That's a good topic.I think long life alone much harder than the other.People need to love everytime.I don't belive viceversa that.Love can be different type but absolutely must be...:) 

I wanna live a long life with loved ones.....:)



For me, I rather enjoy a short life with  my lovers. It's lonely to live a long life alone.

being a Muslim, i would love to love in live among a great creation of glorious God(human and other things). but life is a great gift of God. i never wished to live short life and with out love one.


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