You know life is very short. What things do you suggest everyone should/must do in lifetime?

As we know our life is very short. Everyone of us try to spend one's life in the best possible way. But there are many cool things in our life that we sometimes miss to do or we may not know about at all.

For instance, we like to travel to particular new and historical places, make friends and have fun with them in different ways, learn about new things especially some special things, playing particular games, and much more.

Would you like to share your opinion about anything you enjoyed or you think should be done at least once in lifetime.

Thanks in Advance!

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NancyAntonieta first of all, thank you so much you liked this topic of discussion. 

Your opinions/thoughts are wonderful, I'm sure you must have already done some of these things and I hope you'll get chance to do the rest.

Life is short and we get only one chance to live it, so let's live it to the fullest in every activity of our life!

Thank you so much for your comment and inspiration!

Life is short and we get only one chance to live it, so let's live it to the fullest in every activity of our life!

what a great sentence :)"

Sima thanks for your appreciation!

 I suggest for a person to try to realize the easy dreams as first then the diffcult after that the impossible ones .

SaLeM yes your opinion is good that we should try to realize dreams in order like easy dreams, difficult and finally impossible ones.

But would you like to provide some examples for each category, like what dreams would you like to realize from each category or any suggestions for others?

Thank you so much for your comment!

Dear Nighthawk, the things I enjoyed most in my life first was reading some books and among the books that I enjoyed the most I can name, "Dady long legs", "Thornbirds", "falling in love with scarecrow", they all have movie version too. Then, the movies I watched and enjoyed a lot, "Road to Avonlea","Anne Greengables", "Pay it forward", "The pianist", "Great dictator", "Bridget Jones Diary", "Dawson's creek", I still can name but I think it's enough. hehehehe...

Then, I think "Being yourself" and "express yourself" is the best thing one can do.

Thanks a lot for your nice topic. Have fun!

Dear Nafis, Thank you so much for adding your valuable opinion here and you liked this topic of discussion.

When we read books it feels like we're also part of the story and watching movies in free time is also wonderful. I'm sure many people love to read books and watch movies. Your recommended books and movies will not only help us spend our free time nicely but also our English will be improved.

Your point about "Being yourself" and "Express Yourself" is excellent, this is what makes us distinct!

Thanks again for adding such a nice comment and you too have fun! :)


It's my pleasure. Thank you so much for posting the topic. 

Amen to this! Great point! Thanks!

WMW I agree to your point that we should overcome our greed, say big NO to ominously vicious voices inside us and these cause troubles in our societies. 

But I hope you understand that my topic of discussion mean doing positive things like living life with friends and family in a healthy way with trust, love and peace. Learning about new things like learning a new language for better communication, understanding and to avoid confusions which also leads to peace and harmony. Exploring the Earth and so on.

Wouldn't that be great if our actions leave smile on others faces, make others lives easier and happier, boost harmony, peace and love.

Thank you so much for you comment!

WMW Yes that's true.

Thanks for your reply and adding such a nice comment!

WMW's answer is very wise and sharp '' contentedness is an inexhaustible treasure ''


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