In 2012 many people participated in the Be a Newscaster group. I figured it was time to start a NEW Discussion for 2013. Better late than never! Thank you to all of the dedicated members, including Nadira and Gabriel who continue to support this group!

Every Tuesday English Club publishes a weekly news report. There is a self study exercise to go with the story.

You can practise your speaking by recording your voice as you read the transcript. Upload your report in the comments below by using a program like Audioboo, or by recording it on your computer and using the paperclip above to upload the MP3 file. You can share your recording each week.

You can also record yourself answering the discussion question. Have fun! 

Thank you to all of the advanced learners and teachers who help out in this group! 

We use the Interactive Phonemic Chart to help explain different sounds.(Here is a keyboard for you to type symbols.)

Please take a moment to watch this video. It was produced by the very talented Camelia.

Find more videos like this on

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Let's start with this week's story: Garment Factory Collapses in Bangladesh

Lovely invitation! 

Dear Tara,

I’m pleased to hear the invitation has caught your eye!

~* GS *~   

Hi Tara! I´m enthusiastic with this opportunity. Any feedback is welcome! This is my first recording :)


hi dear Tara thanks too much for giving us the chance to try this year 

well I subscrib in audio boo since a looong time but I have never try it before, now I'm soo happy bcz I'm the first one who comment on ur amazing blog :p

hope you will like my English :)

Dear Sweety,

This is the news that you recorded in Audioboo!

I hope in future you'll embed your audio players here instead of giving the link to your Audioboo profile.  I'm sure you'll agree with me that this would be more convenient. Don't you think so? Thank you!

Hi, Sweety

Your voice is as sweet as how your name sounds. I enjoyed listening to your recording. I like the clarity in your voice. Keep up the good work!  

Please take note that there are some words that need attention. I’ve picked only six of them as their mispronunciation is obvious compare to the others. I hope you’ll not be offended with what I’m saying and doing. Thank you!

Note: The letter ‘e’ in ‘trapped’ is silent.


Wow! That's a great way to help with pronunciation, Gabriel. I'm so impressed!

My Pleasure, Teacher Tara!

@Sweety Here are the instructions for"How To Embed Audioboo" on MyEC. 

Excellent! Thanks for joining! You speak at a wonderful pace. You seem to understand how to use "stress" very well. Gabriel has offered some excellent tips for correcting some of the sounds in a few words. See below.


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