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The Ant bully

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My DeviantArt

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Comment by Fizzy 9 hours ago


yes, you should be away from the drawing for a day, maybe by then the new ideas will come.

p/s : hahaha the purple legging is cute (^_^)

Comment by Hardi 9 hours ago

I think I will go with this, "Bakamaru" design. Don't know about leggings yet. ^_^

I'm sorry that I'm kinda spamming the the page with these here.. I try not to post so much of them for now on. Unless I've made some bigger changes.. or improvements. I should really stop looking my drawing and decide how on earth I should shade him.. I have no idea. Where and should I add shades and lighten up edges and etc. That's always the most difficult part to me... that I always try to escape from, but I still feel like I need to do that, but I can easily do it wrong and make it look worse... I'm kinda silhouette making guy, bad for tiny details. ^_^

Comment by Hardi 9 hours ago

Yes I liked sun more too, but it needed something more to get proportions right. Sun was too round object. I could not find a good place where to put it on the shirt.. So I took it off and tried different things. Well, for now I just added a little bit lighter blue rectangle below it that would seem like there's something written on the shirt, below sun, when the picture is scaled down... Now the proportions look better for shirt design. ^_^
Oh yeah and I added some purple leggings specially, for you, but I think I will remove them. He would feel unbalanced like that. With leggings, but no shoes and no arm warmers.. He would not be able to move a lot his legs would over heat an. And when stopped then the upper body would feel chilly.. and feet would freeze maybe all the time. I don't want him to catch a cold.

Comment by Fizzy 10 hours ago

The last photo is cool with the purple pants/ legging hehe (^_^)d its kinda matched but i prefer the sun rather than no 1 on the shirt.

Comment by Hardi 10 hours ago

Thank you Fizzy. I needed that praising from you. :D

What's your suggestion? I like to hear it. ^_^

It's same for me, At some moment I start liking my drawing and then I have hard to continue drawing. I just keep siting in front of it and watching my drawing unable to continue. Also I know that with each next step I might actually make the drawing worse instead, if I make a mistake. So I duplicate the drawing a lot. It's easy to make duplicates with the software I'm using. I can make duplicates of of just some part, or the whole drawing.. So it's not so bad, but usually I don't want to take steps back. I want to move forward so.. it's kinda. yeah

But still I have difficult to continue, since I don't know how or what.

His legs still little bugging me. Sometime when I look my drawing the legs version on the left here looks better, they are more SD Chibi like, but few minutes later I look and  I think no. The right version has better legs.. That's the never version of legs.
When I take the legs from left, put on top of the legs on right, make transparent and different color to see the differenc... it's like this...

Well, I guess this won't help me a lot.. or maybe it does. Probably it actually does not have importance which ones I use... Maybe I'm just escaping from shading work that I'm suck at. :)

Yeah well, but since I'm going to use it as profile picture. Diny details actually aren't important. It will be just 100 x 100 pixels.. so I can escape some work, because too much details would just go to waste.. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy 18 hours ago

i want to make a suggestion but when i looks at your drawing again its kinda "grows on you".  Its like the more you look at it, the more you like it  (^_^)?


Comment by Hardi yesterday

Thank you fizzy. Well I agree that the face looks cool. I'm actually bad at drawing some certain emotions. like mad or happy or confused or whatever. Well smile is easier, but.. This time I wanted something different. I don't know what this kind of mouth mean that I drew. Also the eyes.. not sure at all. Eyes are always most difficult.

I just drew what I thought that looks cool. But his left foot still isn't right. The perspective isn't correct. I tried many times. Sometime I got perspective wrong and sometime the foot did not look like foot and well. I wanted the sole of foot to be flat with ground, but now it looks tilt.. It should be that he stepped forward and going to punch you with that left hand.. maybe. While his right hand is sealed away.. he's so strong that can beat you just by using his left hand only. lol

But if it's like he step forward, then also the hairs should have some movement. But I drew hairs earlier before body. And I did not know what pose body I draw. I actually was lazy, felt sluggish when started to draw.So I meant to draw some very easy body.. something sluggish.

Here are some different stages of this picture...

First I thought it looks cool if it's slug like, then I thought it need to be more non appealing. like worm... maggot. So I changed it, but then I got more agitated or... well not so sluggish anymore so I wanted something better... more agile, so he got the human body. I always draw the body something silhouette like first. It's easier this way, with Inkscape. Then started to modify and color the body. At first when drew the silhouette, I meant to draw bot hands to front, but.. then I thought that i's too difficult to draw the arms. So I hide other hand behind the back. And other hand got also big first that is very close.. hides the arm, because I could not draw good arm. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy yesterday

good morning hardi,

dont forget to wear extra warm clothes as its getting cold.  

It is a good drawing. Maybe you should draw it in japanese "baka" people wont know, well unless they are japanese 

still the sun "as you said" still good (^_^)d.  I like the eyes and the face, its shows an attitude.

ganbare p(^_^)q   

Comment by Rokonuzzaman on Saturday

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Comment by Hardi on Friday

Well, I've got the fun, or easy part of my profile picture ready, now I should add details or shades. Like between fingers and shades of hairs and such, but. That's not fun.. So instead I started to think that violence is not good. So I should change it a bit. To draw a stinky flower to his hand.. then it's not like hes punching you one handedly, but stick a stinky.. preferably carnivore flower to your face, but... if I draw a flower to his hand. It would cower his face.. So I then drew just a flower beside him and something sun like to his shirt, but.. Well I probably change that later.... I just did not know what to draw or write to his shirt. "baka" would be too cliche ..and well also.. I don't know. I'm just lazy to draw, so I'm here to show my unfinished work. :D


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