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Comment by Hardi 14 hours ago

Did you watch "Donten ni Warau", Fizzy? It's really a shoujo. I was wondering whether it could be shoujo, but wasn't sure. So I looked it up from animes website. And there it says it's shoujo.

Anyways it's kinda samurai, or at least about swordsmanship anime but I like it. It's not so serious. At least so far I like it, if it won't have too many episodes, like Gintama had or something, then I might like it to the end.. And if it won't get too bloody and something.. but well it's shoujo so I hope it's not too bloody, or scary. :)

I actually never watched Gintama to the end. I think I stopped somewhere at 50 th. episode? Or maybe earlier. But I actually know a woman who has watched it to the end and wanted more.. I think the longest I lasted with Naruto.. Don'rt know how many episodes I was capable to watch before I got enough.. maybe somewhere 200? One piece I think I watched either to 150'th or to 50'th episode.. not sure.

Oh yeah it says that "Donten ni Warau" has 12 episodes, so no worries.. ^_^ probably. Or that might actually be too few? hehe I'm never happy. If it's too few I'm not satisfied, and if it's too many then again I complain. :P

Comment by Hardi yesterday

Thank you Fizzy. Wonderful weekend also to you too. ^_^

Yes the winter is long. But the worst are still November and December, because those are darkest months. January might be lighter already, if there's snow. February is brightest in case of snow and clear sky, I think.

The worst thing is that we have to change clock to daylight wasting time. By turning it ahead.
If today the sunrise - sunset is 8:15 - 17:48 then At Sunday it's already 7:21 - 16:42. Which suck. Taking to account that I sleep to 9:00 I waste more than a whole and half hour. It's more than total waste. It's waste even for those who are not neets, ant wake up early. Non neets need to go to work or school. So if he needs to be at work or school at 8:00 and sun rises at 7:30 then what can he do with that one and half hour? Use it to travel to work place and something little? It's cold at morning too. It would be much better to use that one hour of daylight at end of day. You could finish your work earlier and ask a leave or smth. But no, someone has decided that we must go to daylight wasting period. And waste all the daylight for schools, or for working.. or in case of neet just for sleeping long at morning.. Yeah even as neet you still live by clock, because the tv schedule follows the clock. :)

Yesterday was really pretty cold. I should have dressed warmer maybe. Felt like the shoulders and neck were somehow tender or stiffer, or smth. It was because cold. The rest of body was in warm, because there's air between the body and loose jacket, but since the jacket hangs on shoulder there's less air to insulate shoulders from cold air.. The shoulders were probably cold.. Maybe I really should buy a winter coat.. The problem is that I can't find one that I could be satisfied with. I've been looking for one already 5 years, but I don't like any that they offer in store. They're either too ugly or just too unpractical.. Once I found one that wasn't ugly, but when I tried it on. It was so heavy. Other times I don't like that they have no elastic for sleeve ending. Just velcro only. It's annoying to open and close that.. and if you leave it too loose.. won't then wind get in? Actually I don't know, if that's the case. It's probably from when I was kid. I then wanted there to be elastic because otherwise the snow gets in sleeve when playing in snow....  No actually I still want the sleeves to have elastic. It's good if sleeves are a bit longer so that I can pull the hands inside sleeve to keep them warm. And then stick them out when needed. If there's no elastic the sleeve would fall  down over hand if the sleeve was too long... The best is if it has both. Velcro and elastic like my current jacket has.. But this one is storm jacket not for winter. So I have to add many layers. And then I'm hot even if I open the front. So I need a warm jacket then I can open it if I get hot.... But I've lost my belief. I don't think I can manage to get anything useful and nice looking. Don't want too black one too. It would decrease my visibility to cars. They mostly sell only black ones or too colorful ones, for weird young people. Nothing decent. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy yesterday

i guess it will be a longer coldness for anyone in europe as winter is near.. 

you probably have 4 months of cold weather right... 

Have a wonderful Friday Hardi!  and the rest of AG 

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Yes it's already cold, but it will be just 2 or 3 days and then it gets warmer again. It's high-pressure area now, so it's cold and sunny, but there will be another low-pressure area coming. Then it gets cloudy rainy and warmer again. They promised about +10 to +12 for Tuesday.
But I don't like rain also, especially when wind is strong too.

Comment by Fizzy on Thursday

sorry to hear about that (T_T).

even autum the weather still cold?  

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

She died already some years ago. ^_^

Seems like winter is really approaching. It was -7 C cold today morning when I wake up. Well at least not snow yet. It's sunny.

Comment by Fizzy on Wednesday

oh yes.. i remembered you showed us your dog.. how is your dog? is the dog still around?

Comment by Hardi on Tuesday

I'm going to learn from the ouji in "Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji". Or at least I try to learn from him. He likes dogs. I like them too. So I think I can manage to copy that from him. But how to make girls to look me as to a ouji.. That's the most difficult think. And I need, that some girl would need a favor from me.

I used to ba cat person when I was kid, but some point I switched into dogs person.. Never been a girls person, I think. :P lol

Comment by Fizzy on Monday

There is murder case in russia around 50s. Packs of students found dead the valley of dead in russia which is high snowing mountain. 

They found their camping site smash and all the bodies are few feets away from their camp site and the all running without wearing their warm clothes and shoes, like in the panic they scattered all over the place.. 

and the last picture on their camera is unclear YETI. Humanoid with lots of furs.  Scary.. the documentary even show pictures of the bodies. 

sometimes its so stupid isnt it when the girl choose the ouji eventhough there is another guy who is more nicer.. lol

Comment by Hardi on Monday

I think I've seen like 2 shoujo anime with ouji before, maybe. Or maybe just one. :P Don't remember titles.. Or maybe more than 3 such animes. lol

Anyways after first episaode, I was not sure, if I want to watch it. Because all the shoujo anime are same, just different names and faces. Exactly like all the shounen harem animes are same, but actually that's just very general roundup.

Anyways, after I've seen 3 episodes. I think it's pretty good. Maybe better than the other shoujo animes that I've seen so far. But I'm still cautious not to let my hopes get too much up... I hope it will have some more good nuances beside just a proud and full of him self ouji and a bit naive or something girl.. ^_^


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