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Comment by Rokonuzzaman yesterday

I am Rokon. I am student of english literature. i want to develop my speaking skill. please add me. my skype id is : rokon.uzzamaneng

Comment by Hardi on Friday

Well, I've got the fun, or easy part of my profile picture ready, now I should add details or shades. Like between fingers and shades of hairs and such, but. That's not fun.. So instead I started to think that violence is not good. So I should change it a bit. To draw a stinky flower to his hand.. then it's not like hes punching you one handedly, but stick a stinky.. preferably carnivore flower to your face, but... if I draw a flower to his hand. It would cower his face.. So I then drew just a flower beside him and something sun like to his shirt, but.. Well I probably change that later.... I just did not know what to draw or write to his shirt. "baka" would be too cliche ..and well also.. I don't know. I'm just lazy to draw, so I'm here to show my unfinished work. :D

Comment by Hardi on Friday

Well, but I read that Kuroko starts at 11th January. Maybe it depends of location? Some page may have it converted to different time zone from original..

The weather got really icy here. It has been cold and below zero already some days... Today was supposed to start snow, but in instead it was raining and also some drizzle even though it was cold at morning. So the water freeze on ground.. When I look out from window all the streets look glossy and wet, but it's actually not water, it's ice. Maybe I won't go outside.. It might start to sleet too later. Then it will get extra slippery. Wet fresh snow on ice is bad combination, I think..

Comment by Hardi on Friday

Maybe they will draw a hairy back to Kuroko for next season. Then I don't have to feel so miserable and old seeing it. :P

Yeah I could just take tweezers and pluck my hairs, one by one. Could be SM. But it would take some weeks before I could finish and well, it's difficult to reach to pluck back hairs. No, I think I won't try the veet thing also. It seems scary. What if I get some infection, or ingrown hairs from it, because understood instruction wrong? If the instruction is wrotten to women. A man might not understand it. It's true, it might have some vocabulary that men don't know..
I could go also to some women beauty salon and ask the professional to do it, but.. Until I don't ask them to do bikini area. I think they should not complain.. Even though it's for women. :P lol
But, even if I would really use veet or whatever waxing. The hair grow still back. Just that the result is initially smoother and it won't grow back so fast.. But it injures the skin more.. that can cause inflammations or smth.  I can just use hair trimmer. It's more difficult to use, It's not meant to use close to skin trimming, can easily pinch skin so that blood is out, but.. well... At least my back would look still more smooth from distance than my brother's. lol Not as good as Kuroko's, but I still would somehow feel superiority above all the old geezers with hairy backs. I can look down to them. Thinking, u might be smarter than me, but my back is more handsome then yours. :P
Well, I'm not really extremely hairy, but I swear, I actually felt cooler this summer and I sweat less when I had hairs cut. So I don't let them grow back. It feels so much better.. For cold weather I can just add extra shirt. No need for natural layer of insulation.. I'm not so boor that unable to buy a extra shirt. :)

Comment by Fizzy on Thursday

Good morning hardi,  yatta \(^_^)/  its friday but i have to go back home late this evening because i have a townhall and some performance that i need to do (T_T).  I hate big crowds.

I am allowing you curse any bishonen but none to my fave because i might get angry and wont post any comment here lol =P

haha you are so clumsy what were you thinking at that time when you dropped your shaver (^_^)?  

well perhaps you should use veet eventhough its for women. i saw the review via u t u be its good.  eventhough its for women atleast your extra hair will be erased lol =P

oh make sure you read the instruction before using it.  R E A D 

when i visited their page,  its even have it in estonia.. lucky you. (^_^)v  now you can be beautiful and handsome again.

i read it somewhere that kuroko new season will be on 10 january next year \(^_^)/

Happy Friday Hardi

matta ne~~

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Damn, I dropped my electrical body shaver when shaving my back and it broke. I could only use it.. what was it. I think I bought it in August? Or maybe it was in September? Damn, it cost me some.. T_T Damn it. Why do they do things that break so easy? I hate them. Well it had bad design from first place. The power button was on wrong place. You push it if try to take it on firmer grip, so You have hold it from different place but then you drop it.

Well, the moral is that I should not try to look so much prettier and more handsome than other guys in my age. I get cursed and drop the damn thing. Instead I should curse all the guys who are younger and prettier than me. But I don't have heart to do that. How could I curse all the Fizzy's favorite bishonen from anime world. lol

Well maybe shaving body is actually bad idea from first place. It can cause grown in hairs.. And I have bad acne on my back. Well that's actually why I decided to shave it from first place. It looked so ugly with red spots of acne and black hair. I was too embarrassed to take shirt off, could not sunbathe and tan at summer.. I figured that if I cut the hair it will look drastically better.. Well no need to worry about that since now it's winter. Can't sunbathe, but... I started to like the clean look and feel... Makes me feel younger. lol I guess will just trim them short until I break also my hair trimmer, which is already bad anyways. I want new one sometime.. Actually this hair trimmer isn't yet old too, but. Well they just keep producing junk that wont work, or last too long. I have actually 2 hair trimmers. First one I bought about 20 years ago and it's still cuts fine. It's just worn by age. But the new one I bought last winter to replace the old one, but. The new one is not very good. Bad design, bad engineering.. Well it's made in Spain. I guess I won't buy Spanish things anymore. I've had only bad experiences with Spanish products.. Maybe not as bad as with Hungarian products, but still... :P

Anyways, sorry I don't have anything else to say. I still haven't finished my new profile photo.. And. Well, tomorrow is Friday isn't. Happy Friday, Fizzy. :D

Comment by Fizzy on Tuesday

for photo size is always good to take big resolution for better quality. I guess you should buy 1T or 2T external hd, but there's pros and cons. It might crashed. 

as you said that you might get hard drive, i guess its okay, percentage to crash is 20:80  right?

I did watched anime this week.  I've watched world trigger well only world trigger lol.  I forgot all about akatsuki no yona (>_<). Thanks for reminded me.  I will watch it this weekend (^_^)d

I have been wondering about it too, i want to ask you but keep forgetting it hehe

Comment by Hardi on Tuesday

Actually I would really like a new bigger hard drive, but not because anime. It's because I like to capture videos by my self, but they take so much space. Even if I capture it with smaller resolution. And encoding them to smaller size is too slow with my old computer.

Have you been able to watch anime this week, Fizzy? I saw "Akatsuki no Yona" before. You were right that it's good anime. I like it too..

I want to draw a new profile photo for my self, but I'm kinda slow with process.. Seems like it might take much longer, before I can finish it. I hope I will finish it without giving up and fail.. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on November 16, 2014 at 23:17

all you need new external hd and store all the anime in it.

nemui (=_=)

Ohayou gozaimasu, its monday morning 

Comment by Hardi on November 16, 2014 at 8:50

Yeah, a long ago I downloaded and burned to dvd some anime that I liked, but I never watched from dvd. It was total waste.. except the experience maybe. :D

But that anime is one that I would not mind to waste some money to it, if it's not too much. Though, buying dvd, or other physical storage device isn't good. It's polluting earth. And feeding the evil industry. The good anime industry, that does good stuff, will get least. All the evil guys take most of money first.. So I haven't downloaded media, or bought on physical storage already long time. Because it's bad for environment. Producing all the cd's dvd's or whatever devices. Then shipping them all over earth. It's so evil, I can see black miasma surrounding all these products in my mind eye. lol

I've seen some documentary in tv. about big ships and how transporting things by sea have got cheap thanks to the huge ships and quantity of goods they transport over sea. They were talking about how great it is for economy.. But omg, it's so crazily bad for fish and all the sea.


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