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Comment by Hardi on Monday

Yes that "Haikyuu!!" was totally bad. Made me mad. It's so wrong when some whatever unknown characters come and beat the main hero.. well okay they did introduce those guys too, but. Well they weren't therefrom the start. The anime don't give you much chance to became fan of that other team.. So you would be fan and cheer unavoidably to the loser team. It would be rare for someone watch all the episodes of a anime and then start to cheer for some whatever stupid looking guys who appear in the end..

Well this is typical that in the end of season some anime get bad. I was prepared for this.. it's usually like one or two episodes before last. All the anime get some bad stuff. Which is horrible when you watch many different anime and then they all have something like that happening.. Can really ruin your day.
Well fortunately not all animes were like that, yesterday."Sabagebu!" was pretty normal.. and yeah. I did not get too depressed over "haikyuu!!" Actually "haikyuu!!" hasn't been too much of my liking. It has had too much of sport in it lately. I liked when it was about them arguing and training and.. etc. Watching some competition isn't so much my thing.

Yoh If you did not tell that it's about "Sword Art Online" on the photo. I would not have recognized it. I supose the girl on the poster is Azuna? Well I wasn't, or I'm not that much fan of Azuna.. Actually even if I was. I would still have difficult to recognize. I'm not good reading Japanese and Azuna looks too ordinary.. There's so many anime manga girls looking like that.. probably. :)

Comment by yoh on Monday

Seems Sword Art Online is pretty popular. I found a burger shop near my place was giving away some gadgets about it.  It is "Keirou no hi" in Japan today, which is a holiday to pay respects to the aged people ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Sunday

really confused on anime mahouka....  

sad for hyakuu.. 

and i have bloody migraine this morning.. ouch... (T_T)

~ Happy Monday ~

p/s :  i am not a girl therefore not be able to add you asif.. lol haha 

Comment by Asif on Saturday
I m new here I wana improve my english only girl can add ne skype .my skype id is saj_asif
Comment by Hardi on Thursday

"Zankyou no Terror" has got more exciting.. or scary. :D

Comment by Fizzy on September 11, 2014 at 0:27

i wonder it too whether shiba siblings will use their power.. 

i still dont understand what the enemy want though.. its confusing.. 

Comment by Hardi on September 10, 2014 at 8:58

Damn, I've already forgot what happened at "mahouka.." episode.. Well I think it has had kinda scary episodes lately.. all that scheming..
Wait wait. I think I remember something. That other strong and kinda bad guy- student from that other school also was there.. seems he will be kinda victim... get dragged into that mess too. I wonder if they will errr join the forces..

I guess it's hard to understand what I'm talking. I don't remember names.. And yeah I forget things way to easily. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on September 10, 2014 at 7:04

scary episode for mahouka..  (^_^)?

Comment by Hardi on September 9, 2014 at 20:37

Good episode of hunter x hunter. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on September 6, 2014 at 16:36

Yes, I agree. Of course I agree. I usually don't like real 3D. :P

It's weird that some people like rather liveaction than anime. A while ago a Estonian tv. channel showed the death note live action. Why live action and not anime? Weird. Maybe live action was cheaper, maybe they did not have money to buy anime? I rather suspect that the stupid people here even did not know there's also anime.. But yeah I think a lot of young people were very exalted about it. DEon't know if they would have liked also anime version? Maybe they would not have bothered to even watch, if it's anime. Strange people.. How can someone prefer a real 3d over any 2d? ^_^


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