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Comment by Hardi yesterday

PS. I checked Naruto's latest episode, but I only checked opening and ending, because, if I watched the whole episode I might get interested and then want to see also next episode, but then the anime would suspend again and I would get impatient and depressed. Well the opening was okay I guess.

But I like Rolling girls more. :D
PS. One more time. Thank you Kaoru, for telling me about that original song which cover it is. I also like the Rolling Girls version more. ^_^

Comment by Hardi yesterday

Yes, I'm the world mightiest Hardi of all times!

Well I do get a bit discomfort with this new throne too, when siting too long, but it's still better than the old broken chair that I had.

Aleksey, I used to have pain in my firsts and arms too (the red spots on picture you posted), but that was until I built a new desk by myself. It is lower than standard desks that they sell in store. And because It does not have any thick frame under the desk plane. (It's top is only 2cm thick wood) The keyboard is almost like on lap height...  This way I can let the arms suspend pretty much freely while forearm parallel to desk and elbows 90 degrees.. I believe, that it takes a lot of stress away from shoulders and there won't be hot spots on forearm against the sharp edge of desk.

Now I did not have arm pain, but I still got back pain and dense shoulders, because there was new problem. I could not rest my head on arm, while reading from computer screen, because table was too low to rest elbow against it.. Therefore I made pillow to put under the elbow..
Well it's not really pillow. It's a hose(lrg) of jeans that is filled with pieces of wood. :P

Comment by Kaoru yesterday

Yeah, the song sounded familiar to me, and I thought this song was a cover song...but what was the original song? I couldn't remember. Then I searched the song on You Tube and got the answer.

But, I like Rolling Girls version better ^_^

Hi Aleksey, thanks for the question. But, unfortunately, I don't have any dolls. Because when my parents and I went to buy them (I didn't remember anything though... maybe I was only three years old or younger) I insisted that I wanted a toy train, not dolls... hahaha.

Comment by Aleksey yesterday

Hi all. 

Hardi, You made a throne, you have "gold hands".  :)

I work with computer all day. I show you what I understood: if sit long time i get discomfort (red color)

I remember teachers and parents have said us sit like this. It was in the childhood. But who's care what they say. :)

Kaoru, what dolls 雛人形 do you have? or how many ? :D

Who is still watch Naruto? I like last opp.

Comment by Hardi on Sunday

Hi, Kaoru.Those "Lucky Star" character dolls would be cute. ^_^

Seems like the comfort of a chair is really important for you. I would never imagine my self going to another town to buy a chair. And I think you already living in pretty big city too, compared to my hometown... In sense of population at least. :)

Well for me it's more than just only comfort. I want it to have compact size also.. So the hand rests wold be excess, because I would not be able to slide tha chair below table when not using it.. Sometime I need more space.. like when repairing my bicycle, or just to do some exercises or smth.

My nephew also is pretty considerate about the chair. Some years ago he bought a expensive big chair. But he still had back pains.. Then he thought that it would be better to keep staying and asked his dad to custom make a high table.. something like lectern.. well after a year he found out that it's still to hard to stay up all the time because the feet started to hurt. :P So then he got a high chair like those in bar... Bar stool.

So yeah. I don't know I hope I don't need to buy anew chair. That I can still use this old wooden chair. Don't want to spend money too much. I just bought the new bicycle this winter and.. now I would like to stay in more frugal mode for a little longer. ^_^

I like the opening theme of "Rolling Girls". It's so energizying and nice. ^_^

Comment by Kaoru on Saturday

Your wooden chair has "evolved" lol

It didn't look that strange for me and I guess it has become a little bit comforter. I don't

Choosing a chair is not that easy to me. Often, better design means quite uncomfortable. That's bad, isn't it? In my opinion, a chair is not about a design, but more about a matter of comfort. And unfortunately, there's few chairs sold in shops that I feel really comfortable. I even went to the big city, that was more than three hours each way, to buy a new chair.

So, I'm curious what kind of chairs you will choose in the future. Please tell us your story when you get a new one ^_^

PS Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone! March 3rd is Girls Day in Japan and I wish I had dolls like this ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Friday

PS. Yes now I remembered. The "Nanatsu no Taizai" episode. I thought so too that Diana and King were nice. I first did not like Diana so much, I think I did not like the clothes that she was wearing. :P But in this episode I started to like her. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Friday

Today is not a bad day! ^_^

Because some one has posted here! "Yataa!" And it'sa about anime too, not some off topic like I do so often.

I's so difficult to talk about anime for me, I have not enough intelligence for it. Can't tell what happened in anime, since it would take the fun from everyone else and yeah.. Well "sumimasen desu". :)

First good thing is, that at last I decided to get rid of my chair that was breaking down quite bit. It started to break already about a year ago. I thought it will break much quicker, but the crack was developing slowly and even now I did not fall with the chair. I just could not sit there anymore without getting back ache, since it was tilt to back left so much.

See how there's only 1/3 of the steel left holding the part that was connecting to axel/suspension thing. Well, I think normal people would have discharged this chair a long ago, but I'm a greedy one. I wanted to take last pit of it.. And then I dismantled it to separate the metal parts as well as I could. I'l leave the metal things out there beside garbage bin. I hope some homeless people will bring them away then... Since it's already separated. :P

But the cushion I can still use with other chair. :P I don't have to buy a new one yet. :D

And then the new post from Aleksey.. I think there was something more fun happened.. Oh yeah, I received some compliments from some friend and then I received some more compliments from that same friend. I kinda needed that. lol

Well maybe I next time try to say something about anime too.. It would be a challenging brain exercise for me I guess. :P

Comment by Aleksey on Friday

Diana and a fairy's king of "Nanatsu no Taizai" are so nice.

I have finished to watch Hyouge Mono by a past weekend. Wow, it's interesting view on important events of japanese history. Realistic drawing creat an atmosphere.

I watched 5 series of "World Trigger". Not bad :)

Comment by Hardi on February 23, 2015 at 11:38

^_^ Yes, "World Trigger" was good. And I liked "Nanatsu no Taizai" episode too.


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