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Comment by Hardi yesterday

PS sorry for too many typos in my long post. :)

Comment by Hardi yesterday

It's actually good for me if there's break for animes. Then I have more time for reading and researching. I have found several web pages that I want to read. But haven't had time for it. So I just leaved the tabs opened in firefox.. and now I have there still 4 tabs.

First there were pages about bicycle wheel truing and wheel building and then the pages about bike fitting. I need to fit my new bicycle properly.. And for wheel building. I need to figure out proper spoke tension by hearing, since don't have densitometer for it. I'm bad at musical hearing but..

And bike fitting, that's some work too for me. It's my first bicycle with road stile drop bar handlebar. But I almost have got it all right I think. At least I don't feel too uncomfortable on it anymore.. But it will still take some time before I can tell for sure.

Anyways this is the part where Kaoru and Alexey probably can laugh at me. I today at last learned how to ride out from saddle with bicycle that has gears. When I was kid I had single gear bicycle there I could do it fine. But then about 15 years ago when I got my first mountain bike, I could not. Or I could but it was more difficult. So I always assumed that it's wrong frame size or bad fit or something. So then next bike was a hybrid cross bike. But again I could not do it.. well that bike certainly was too big for me. But now again.. I was thinking is the handlebar wrongly adjust? Should it be liver or something.. I guite did not got it, but then I remebered, how Manami was switching to harder and harder gear on climb.. So I tried it clicked to harder gear, but still nothing. Clicked more harder still wrong... I think I had somewhere heard it's 2 click to harder.. was it from "Yowamushi Pedal" Anime, or maybe from some GCN video from youtube.. Well I was kinda disapointed. Was worring that maybe I still got wrong size bike, but then I tryed even harde gear. And "yatta!!" I could do it! It reguires 3 to 4 clicks to harder on mike, or if I have small ring in front I need to switch to bigger ring. Since it has smaller rings(36 and 46) in front, than usual road bike(it's cyclocross bike) just only 2 click is not enough.

Yeah, I have still a lot of things to learn... Which makes me really happy. I think it was worth of buying new bike. I can learn.

Though the quality of this bike is not perfect.. Although I thought that, maybe Merida is not as in high level in quality as I like, but I did not expect this expensive bike to be this much off.. I made sting test for it and looks like the wheels are about 4 0r maybe more milimeters off.. not following each one in same track. The front fork is likely bent/misaligned.. The rear wheel was actually little over dished by shop, because also rear triangle was little off.. but they had done nothing for front.. But I hope it won't be too bad.. as my old bike is..

If the fork is too much misaligned. I might not be able to learn how to ride both hands off from handlebar.. My old mountain bike had this same problem, but because it was made of steel, I could fix it. And then I could ride little hands off too with it, but because I did not get it absolutely right.. it was still not as good.. My cross bike looked initially almost straight, but I could not ride hands off with it. I guess the steerer was still wrong. And after a accident the fork got bent to right over a cm.. so it needs a new fork. It can ride, but handling is not good.. Yeah I enjoy both, ridding bicycle and repairing it. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Friday

its good movie kaoru (^_^)d make sure dont forget to watch it.  i watched many times before as i totally into haruma miura hehe 

Comment by Kaoru on Friday

Yeah, these days I often watch the image of sakura on TV. In southern parts of Japan, sakura is now blooming, but unfortunately, not in my town. I'll still have to wait to see the flowers until the end of next month.

By the way, "Kimi ni Todoke" (live action movie) is coming tonight on TV. I haven't seen it on a theater, so finally I can watch it! (^_^)v

Comment by Fizzy on Thursday

Thats NO No Hardi.. lol anyway it will takes me like 2 days to arrive there as i have to transit to another plane.. that would be tiresome =P

I guess its sakura time right kaoru? 

Comment by Hardi on Thursday

Thank you Alexey. I watched the first episode and I'm really happy. It's such good healthy humor. Well mostly it's healthy in sense that it's healthy that such anime exist.. I'm happy that censors haven't got it yet.
But I enjoyed the anime it's self too. So I'm double happy. ^_^

The bridge is made of concrete and steel. But what I don't like is that heavy that jutted part. It's hanging on top of steel beams. And those beams flex a bit.. I think it amplitudes every little movement. So when staying on there you can feel it flexing when some truck passing by. If they made it all steel. I would not worry so much.. Put since they hanged such heavy piece of concrete there.. I don't know how much it weight or anything. But I just don't trust the modern engineers and designers.. They rely on computer software and simulation too much.. while they lack the real experience. Modern buildings and constructions seems to be often designed by people who never step out from their office.. Well at least one thing I'm sure. I would have never done that part of bridge that way. The rest of bridge I trust. I think theres many similar bridges in world that are made exactly same way. So I'm not worried. ^_^

Comment by Aleksey on Thursday

Kaoru *_*

Hardi, first 2 minutes of 1 episode "Ike! Ina-chuu Takkyuubu" make you happy :D

Cool bridge.  Is there is a metal construction?  If it is all will be alright :)

Comment by Kaoru on Thursday

Hahaha... Aleksey, I don't really know much about romantic relationship. You have to ask that kind of questions to someone else ^_^

Thanks Hardi for the photos. The jutted part will be fine for several years, but as time goes by, it surely has wear and tear. I could be dangerous as you worry.

About a month ago, there was an terrible accident in Japan. The day it happened was a really bad weather with an extremely strong wind. A young woman was walking on the main street in a city center when a part of a restaurant sign fell and hit the head of the woman. The sign was attached to the outside wall of the building, probably 4th or 5th floor high. She has been in the hospital, unconscious, since the accident.

After the incident, the police reported that earlier that day, a passerby found some small metal parts scattered on the street in front of the restaurant. He told the staff about the parts, but the owner didn't pay any attention to it and thus did nothing. I think if he had thought about a possible danger, the tragedy would have been prevented.

Also, the media revealed the fact that the sign had been checked whether it was safe or not only by visual observation. I doubt that the man who checked it did take a closer look. Maybe he was just looking it up from the ground.

But, it seems that that is a common way to do it. Because eye observation is valid under the current local government regulations. I think stricter regulations should be made as quickly as possible to ensure similar accident will never happen.

Anyway, we have to wait nearly a week to watch new anime... in the meantime, what are we going to do (^_^)?

Fizzy, here in my town, spring is coming around the corner, but still it was +8 at high and -3 at low today. I can't wait to take off my winter thick coat and put on a T-shirt! ^_^

Nyanpasu〜 (^o^)/

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

Part 2 of previous post.

Yeah I was more interested to photograph the bridge it self from underneath, than the view from the bridge.. Sp that's how the observation platform wasn't very approaching also.. Maybe when the birds come to nesting then maybe can photograph some birds from there.. don't know.

Well actually I spent more time there because the nature was calling and I thought to go to pass water there, but then 2 Russian girls game there too and started to throw big rocks to river, so I had to wait them to leave.. And then I had nothing else to do than try to take more photos. :P

On last photo there's my house viewed from the bridge.. well it's one of those big buildings, at back. :P

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

U maybe right Aleksey. Maybe that video isn't that strange. But well, it still exist the fact that it's unbalanced.. I mean how much one or another thing is regarded as taboo, or how things are regulated by law.

Today I went to some walk. Actually I wanted to go to jogging, but.. the weather did not seem so friendly. I did not know how to dress for jogging. Was afraid the cold wind may get me. So then I thought that walking is as good too, if I walk little more. I want to lose 2 or 3 Kg fat that I gained turning of the winter... So I decided to go and try to photograph the new bridge, they opened in February.. Well for good photos I should research first and think from what angle I want to photograph and then check the weather and the time, so that the angle and direction of light would be good... But well I still got some photos that I think are fine, without any preparations or thinking too hard.. ^_^

There were 2 observation platforms hanging over the edge for pedestrians, but I did not want to step on there. I once went there before and I did not feel secure in there. When some big car passed by that platform was wambling.. well even without car bassing I did not feel like going there. Don't know why. I was totally fine on the bridge. Also those stairs I was little scared, but not that much.. They seemed quite solid. But the observation platforms... they were attacked with just big steel beams which were attacked with just few threaded bolts. If they had at least used some lighter material for the flooring, but it was concrete.. Well of course the exact method how it's attacked I could only see later from this photo.. seems like in reality just only a pair of pantyhose hold it from falling. :P


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