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Comment by Fizzy 52 minutes ago

oh yes.. i remembered you showed us your dog.. how is your dog? is the dog still around?

Comment by Hardi yesterday

I'm going to learn from the ouji in "Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji". Or at least I try to learn from him. He likes dogs. I like them too. So I think I can manage to copy that from him. But how to make girls to look me as to a ouji.. That's the most difficult think. And I need, that some girl would need a favor from me.

I used to ba cat person when I was kid, but some point I switched into dogs person.. Never been a girls person, I think. :P lol

Comment by Fizzy on Monday

There is murder case in russia around 50s. Packs of students found dead the valley of dead in russia which is high snowing mountain. 

They found their camping site smash and all the bodies are few feets away from their camp site and the all running without wearing their warm clothes and shoes, like in the panic they scattered all over the place.. 

and the last picture on their camera is unclear YETI. Humanoid with lots of furs.  Scary.. the documentary even show pictures of the bodies. 

sometimes its so stupid isnt it when the girl choose the ouji eventhough there is another guy who is more nicer.. lol

Comment by Hardi on Monday

I think I've seen like 2 shoujo anime with ouji before, maybe. Or maybe just one. :P Don't remember titles.. Or maybe more than 3 such animes. lol

Anyways after first episaode, I was not sure, if I want to watch it. Because all the shoujo anime are same, just different names and faces. Exactly like all the shounen harem animes are same, but actually that's just very general roundup.

Anyways, after I've seen 3 episodes. I think it's pretty good. Maybe better than the other shoujo animes that I've seen so far. But I'm still cautious not to let my hopes get too much up... I hope it will have some more good nuances beside just a proud and full of him self ouji and a bit naive or something girl.. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Monday

Fizzy, I think, I'm safe now, because the lake of Peipus that is between Estonia and Russia is open the bog is also too difficult to cross at summer. But if the winter comes and lake freeze, then the Russian border that is at middle of lake, is only 27 Km from there. Then maybe some Russian Jetty really roam around there.. I think, that unlike Russian troops, military radars probably are unable to detect jetty too.

Thank you for warning me. I will be careful for now on. I don't want to meet a Yeti in there.

But Estonian Russian border really don't seem too well guarded. Or it's guarded only from Russian side. It seems, that they usually catch, the smugglers and some Vietnamese illegal Immigrants. People believe here, that professionals have no problem to cross it without anyone noticing.. It seems that our Police mostly rely on electronic detectors/cameras placed randomly in trees at forest on border, and also local habitants living near to border, call the police if they see some suspicious stranger... I haven't heard about any yeti jet, though. Maybe they just keep it a secret. Or they did not recognize it as yeti. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Monday

i am not yet watch the anime but i read the manga.. its good but then again its kinda irritated about the ouji.  story line which is we will want to know how far the relationship goes!

well you know standard shoujo manga / anime which the ouji so proud and full of himself.. lol 

i know you dont like live action but last night i watched nobunaga concerto.. its good (^_^)d play by shun oguri.. i think its based on manga

Thanks for the pictures.. the view is nice.  Last night i watched documentary about russian yeti.. as you are closed to russia, the yeti probably roaming around near there.. hehe "tabun"

you should probably create / take photo like before autumn and winter.. which is the same location... its very famous as most of photographer doing it.. the same location which is different season and you can see how change the scenery is (^_^)

jaa ne~~

Comment by Hardi on Sunday

Hey, Fizzy? What about "Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji". Do you think it's good? Have you watched it?

I'm not expert of shoujo anime, but it seems like  it's good, or at least not bad... Anyways. If you like it, then I like it too. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on Saturday

Even though "Karen Senki" is 3D. I like it. It looks more video game kinda 3D, maybe that's why I like.

And here are some few photos for you Fizzy. It was cold today. I hope I did not catch cold. Just about +3 C but no wind and even sun did come out. But it felt cool. I had too few gloves, or wrong gloves.. And even though I duck taped the ventilation holes on my cycling shoes. Feet were still cold.. I guess I can't ride with cycling shoes anymore. Need to wear boots.. The steel cleats of cycling shoes sink the heat away.
But it was not just feet and fingers that were cold.. I could not ride too fast on gravel road, because I was afraid that bike might break.. Then I really started feeling cold.. and I stopped too to search things to photograph.. The good thing about stopping was that the feet did not feel so cold anymore. So it probably really was the fault of cleats transferring the heat into bicycle frame..

Anyways. It was cold. But I wanted to go to forest a little before all the autumn colors fall down to ground. It has little too rainy and windy, so the colorful leaves don't want to stay on trees.

Well, I will post some more tomorrow.. maybe to g+ or maybe here... don't know. I don't want to spam Internet too much. With non interesting photos. It was little more challenging to take photos with gloves on. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on Friday

i watched shirobako too.. its really interesting.. i really hope they be able to create their own anime production but somehow they are seperated from each others.. we probably will see they will be meet at near end of the episodes.. still its interesting.

It seem hard to create an anime; therefore we should not complain if the drawing not pretty .. hehe

Comment by Hardi on Friday

There's little too many harem animes again. Nothing wrong with harem anime, but just it's a bit too many. I get tired of them.

But there was enough good animes to watch too. But I don't remember the titles and.. which ones I liked, I watched too many.

"Denki-Gai no Honya-san" is pretty good, although it has some undertone. But it was better than I expected.

There was also 2 animes about "Kaito..." I liked them both. I think one was "Kaito jokker" something, don't remember the title of other. Jokker Kaito I liked more.. It has more closer to the cartoon style I think with characters design.

"SHIROBAKO" I like too, I could little peek inside of the anime industry through of that anime. Man, they really work all so hard... :)

And there was several others I liked. "Gundam: G..." and.

And twintail something was pretty good too... Little funny, Not too ecchi I think.. Not as funny as kore wa zombie desuka was, but still. Not too bad. :)

Don't remeber more now. But I think there was some more I liked.. ^_^


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