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add skype ayna_kartal

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it is my skype id farhan.khan1944

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An attempt to make Animated GIF by Inkscape

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Comment by Fizzy 6 hours ago

i think i really like mahouka koukou no rettsousei (^_^)d

i watched most of the anime yesterday haikyuu, soredemo and kiniro no corda .. 

Comment by Fizzy 6 hours ago

thats kinda major problem if its too protective on privacy as i used lots of free software (T_T) such as torrent etc 

Yes kaoru, i am planning to buy macbook air because is thinner easy to carry, if its have no heat problem its consider cool. i dont have pc at this moment so mosly im using my phone to watch anime or visit EC

I'm used dell but that laptop have heat problem and always auto shutdown or blue screen. Its troublesom because i used lots of my time browsing.  i dont want to use the same brand again because the same thing will happen.

oh i heard that mac does not need to use antivirus because its well protected right? do you have any problem related to virus kaoru?

Comment by Kaoru yesterday

I have macbook pro and it's about five years old. I think maybe the worst thing is sometimes you can't use some software which don't work with Mac OS. If you want to print out a webpage and you just need a part of it, you can't do that. You have to print out an entire page. Are you thinking about buying a macbook? I think I've never had any heat problems. Did anyone tell you about it? Or is there a rumor about heat problems? (^_^)?

Comment by Fizzy on Saturday
Anyone here using macbook air or pro? I was just wondering what the worst happen? Heat problem? Or any difficulty?
Comment by Hardi on April 14, 2014 at 7:32

Yeah I also liked "Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi". Well I think the female protagonist really was unusually strong for a shojo anime. But the male - that sun king. He was similar to the rude male from many shojo animes.


Comment by Fizzy on April 14, 2014 at 0:41

(^_^) Ohayo minna, another new day, another busy day *sigh

i like soredemo sekai wa utsukushi d(^_^)d  will watch it till the end. I like that kind anime when show the heroin not so weak and can take care of theirselves. Hate to see when they need to be rescue all the time (>_<)

last night managed to wached Haikyuu

(spoiler alert)

i read haikyuu manga, its totally different from anime still entertaining.  Many new powerful team will appear (^_^)

Comment by Hardi on April 13, 2014 at 20:25

"Isshuukan Friends." ep2 was already little better than the first episode. There was some shortcoming in this episode too, but I but that was only one moment when it was just too boring.. "Kiniro no Chord: Blue Sky" I still liked. More music.. I guess I liked because enjoyed the music. :) But I will probably get bored of it after more episodes.. it will have more those frictions between the guys... in the reverseharem. :P


Comment by Kaoru on April 12, 2014 at 14:39

Thanks Fizzy for your recommendation ^_^

I was kind of busy today. I worked at home even though it was my day off today. I thought I'd better working... otherwise I might not be able to finish my tasks for this month by the deadline. I also got to go shopping in the afternoon. I had to find a business card holder and a big briefcase. It took me for more than 4 hours because I went to several shops to find the best one for me.

Anyway, so I didn't have much time to watch many episodes... so I just watched Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin episode 1. I think it was good (^0^)

Comment by Hardi on April 11, 2014 at 23:07

There's that method of some 2d world girls. Putting billows against your ears and then saying/shouting loudly la-la-la-LAA! or something like that.. To block annoying person.. It could work against that person's voice coming from tv too. :P

Well, Kaoru. I can't recommend you any aime. I remember there was a new ecchi comedy I liked, but I forgot what it was called. And even if I remember. I would still not tell you, because u would tell again. It was not ecchi at all.. like you said about strange+ that it was not ecchi, just the bare butt.

Seems I don't have good memory too. I always confuse things and get them wrong.. and then I start making small lies to smooth it a bit that I would look little better, but.. don't know if I really manage to look better, to others.. But it just makes my self even more depressed when I realize it latter... But well I think everyone does it.. I mean lies, so I should not worry... Now you all wonder when I lied to you, or what did I lie. Well I don't know. Some stupid things.. Distort the facts.. Like today, I made people to believe I went to some few stores to research, was complaining how har the stores are and how confusing it is to remember the prices, when I actually checked them online from internet.. See I was trying to cover my laziness and bad memory, or stupidness to understand things. To make someone to believe that the reason I don't remember things correct was exhaustiveness of shopping... No really actually I went to some few stores that did not have home pages, but I had forgot the price tags and articles as soon I had walked out from store.. But yeah I want to look smarter and cooler. So I need to make it look like I'm less airhead. :P

Comment by Fizzy on April 11, 2014 at 15:29
If you like korean series. Pls watch emergency couple. I'd enjpyed watching it. Recently finished

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