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Comment by Hardi 12 hours ago

I like "shigatsu wa kimi no uso", but well. It's kinda.. they say it's shonen, but somehow it feels like not.. something shoujo like?

...The best word I could think, to describe it was: "newborn calf". It's that "newborn calf" kinda thing or feeling. So it's like little too... something that kind maybe, but. But still.. I like it..  Can't say it's too naive anime, maybe also not too innocent.. But that's that.. Don't know.. I still don't know any better word to describe it than still wet newborn calf. lol The characters looked sometime kinda like Vaseline on on them.. shining or smth... ^_^

Comment by Hardi 21 hours ago

Happy Friday to you too, Fizzy. Good that I don't know people with such capabilities then. No, wait.. most people that I know are 2d and they actually do all kind of crazy things, but they just aren't close in my reach. So I'm fine. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy yesterday

thats scary; when ppl you knew be able to do drastic act.

~ Happy Friday ~

Comment by Hardi yesterday

You're very kind, Fizzy. :)

I've been thinking to start keeping notes too about what animes I've already seen.. And which ones I liked. Maybe rating them? But so far I've managed without. It seems a bit too much trouble.

So, sofar I only keep list of all mangas that I'm reading at moment in ....But that site has been down often lately. It was out of reach also yesterday. T_T

Well some off topic topic. This monday a school boy here in neighbour town murdered own Germans teacher. Now the newspapers have been writing about that a lot. The boy is 15 years old. He just stood up turning the class and emptied the revolver to teacher. There was also 4 other students in glass..  There was few students because the glass was divided for different language glasses and not many kids had chosen Germans. Anyways he emptied the revolver(6 bullets) and loaded it again, but it seems like he had no intention to kill anyone else. He had thrown the gun to desk... It was just only teacher who he was targeting. Later at interrogation he said that the teacher has been too strict to him.. The boy also did not show any resistance when restrained. It was some school personal who "captured" him.

Some notes: The teacher whom he killed has been credited as the teacher of year on 2007. The father of kid was a member of the same school's school committee, or something... Well was there something more? .........The principial of school looked a bit dumb to me. Or maybe the journalists, made him look a bit dumb on tv and news paper. Talking hundred times that it was principal who placed the gun futher away.. Like he was some very brave or smth man... And citationing his words how that boy's totally ordinary student.. And nothing unusual or smth. Just showing how he actually knows nothing about that kid. Yeah principial can't know all kids, but.. Why not to just say that he did not know him and etc.. He looked dumb to me. :P But I guess I can strike this out from important note. It's subjective.. And I might have just such impression from tv...
The school building did not look too modern or in good shape on pictures. It actually was looking like falling a part a bit. Made of gray ash bricks. Inside the wall was colored quite awful.. looked like maybe they did not had enough same color of paint for whole wall, so then they had used all leftovers to paint that did not fit with each others color well, on same wall.. it was like all colored squares, but most the colors werent too warm.. and it was already peeling off too. Ironically, the door recess or niche(or what it's called) of the glass where murder took place, had decorated with red hand prints.. Now it looked really spooky, or something on photos at newspaper..

Well, they've been writing and talking a lot why, how what for, but. Those give some objective.. about the environment. But since it's not whole, and it's just from journalism.. Well it's still difficult to understand why. Oh yeah the suspect was later hospitalized.. so they did not arrest him yet. Yeah that's kinda logical too, that they bring him under doctors careful vision..

Anyways. I had some quite horrible and unpleasant teachers too at middle school, but. I believe I never planned to murder. I was thinking it would be nice to blow school up. But even if I had capability.. knowledges and explosives. I knew that it would not help much.. They would just transfer all kids to different schools and.. yeah. I guess I really just wanted a big explosion. Otherwise it would be easier to burn it down. But that never crossed my mind. I wanted a huge explosion, that there would be a big hole in ground instead a of school on next morning and then to see everyones faces when they come to school at morning and discover that there's no school anymore. lol


Comment by Fizzy on Wednesday

i will check it out shigatsu wa kimi no uso.. i think i might like it because saw the pv at girl chasing a cat so thats enough for me.. lol =P

i think i need to make a list all the anime that i watched. I might forgot about it when distrated with live action series (T_T) 

Comment by Fizzy on Wednesday

i watched yesterday world trigger.. i like it (^_^)d  glad that you told me about that anime..  Its interesting 

i lost tracks of lots of anime therefore i might dont know most of it and easily confused unless you told me .. hehe

well i guess some of your fave anime turn out to be my fave too except for eechi or harem which is you and yoh fave.. but then again if harem full with otoko i might like it too.. hahaha =P

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

PS. One character in "Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai", is a fat cat. But because he's just a supporting character, it's probably not enough to pique your interest, Fizzy. :)

Comment by Hardi on Wednesday

Well, yes there have been better animes about fighting of bugs, and the chances that you will also like it, aren't too big. But well. I think I've already listed all other animes I liked. :D

No actually there are more that I like, or well.. at least I'm watching them. So I could say I like them.I think I haven't said yet that I like also "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" :P and .. it might  e actually easier to tell which ones I don't watch. ;)

Anyways, there's probably many animes that you should try to watch, but I don't dare to recommend. I don't want you to waste your times for something u might not like. And then you might miss something really good that u might have liked, because have wasted your time. So I better stop telling you which ones I like.. Don't want to discard you from the 2d world, with uninteresting animes. :D

Comment by Fizzy on Tuesday

i watched the pv.. mMm maybe i should try watch 1 episode this weekend.. seems interesting but then again kinda similar to previous anime whos fighting a bug.. (^_^)?

Thanks for de info Hardi..


Comment by Hardi on Tuesday

I try to remember to tell you the "review" after it finishes.. Or I try in case, when I watch it to end. Maybe it gets too scary and then I stop watching? ^_^ Remind me, if I forget to tell about it to you.

I too haven't heard anything about natsume.

But there are several good animes you might like. But I don't know to recommend anything. ^_^
Some that I like, might be ecchi or smth. Although it's not the ecchiness why I like them.. probably.. ?

I think I like "World Trigger" also.. It' wasn't ecchi one I think.

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