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"Congrats, Eric! You are a STAR of the month."
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"Congratulation, Eric! And thanks for reading my meat related blog."
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Eric commented on DIMAS's blog post The story of Prince Ali (with fruit idioms and egg)
"My dear Dimas, I see a budding wordsmith and teacher emerging within you. Great job buddy.:))"
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" Congratulations my friend Eric for becoming a star member."

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"Howdy Cowboy! Congrats Eric for being the Star Member."
Eric commented on hai's blog post to become a father of child
"Congratulations, she's very beautiful and precious. I'm sure you've already endured a few sleepless nights. Still, watching a female child develop from infant to toddler will warm your heart (while making you a good father).…"
Eric commented on afro's blog post Names of meats
"There's many variations in the way meat is prepared and presented. Thankfully, you covered the basics. Honestly, and as far as I know, there is no real name for snake or goat meat in American English Language besides calling it what it is.…"
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"Eric, Congratulations for being chosen as this month's starmember!"
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Eric commented on saba's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from Asiatic Cheetah
"Both Cheetahs and a Porsche 911 from any era are a beautiful machine. The organic version deservers our respect, protection, and true admiration. As for the automobile, it's just a piece of hardware for rich and middle aged men to…"
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Eric commented on Ajay Aggarwal's blog post Art of giving
"There's an old saying in English that honestly isn't too well known by most mainstream Americans. With that being stated, I know it very well..."We only keep what we have by giving it away"...It's all about sharing…"
Eric commented on Rasty kross's blog post Bloggers & Writers
"Rasty, anyone who has the courage to write here is amazing (including you). Writing in any language is difficult. Personally, and as a native speaker on this site, I add one or two additions to my blog per month. Whenever I do, a great deal of…"
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Me and my daughter

"Great comparison Luci. She really is a "chip off the old block". Please, enjoy that kid's formative years while you can. My own daughter is now 14 (going on 30). Yes, our babies grow up so quickly. Before you know it,…"
Oct 24

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favorite book, "The Shack" by William P Young (life changing stuff)

favorite movie, "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino , greatest screen writer of my generation!

favorite music, (widely varies, but, here's just a few)Foo Fighters, George Gershwin, Van Halen, Vangelis, Rush, Benny Goodwin,I just appreciate what touches my heart and I'm not picky about what genera it comes from.
My Favourite Saying(s) [in English!]
"It is what is is." Wherever you go, there you are." "You gonna eat that?" Who died and made you King?" "Sit down, shut up and listen, anything you have to say is currently irrelevant!" "Go ahead, make my DAY!" (Winston Churchill) "Madam, I may be drunk, and you are fat, but, in the morning, I'll be sober." etc. etc.

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Posted on October 16, 2014 at 6:07 8 Comments

Some of you may question the title of this latest entry. Incase you're wondering, "What makes you tick?" is an English expression (idiom) that loosely translates to mean, "What's your reason for living? What gives you motivation to wake up in the morning? What's your true passion in life and why?".

If the question were literally translated, I'd be writing about pre digital age mechanical clocks that make a "tick tock" sound.…



Posted on September 12, 2014 at 6:08 5 Comments

Honestly, I could rant and rave regarding the problems of our global issues. As a somewhat educated person, who's occasionally traveled and seen different cultures, watched the evening news, and experienced a bit of what life has to offer, standing on a soap box and picking just one subject would be too easy. My opinion through all of those collective experiences and memories is deeply mine and not something to be shared in a blog posting for English Club.

To me, The World's Biggest…


Writing Challenge: Dinner Guest (WHO Would I Invite?)

Posted on July 12, 2014 at 4:30 5 Comments

I've been a member of English Club for about two years now. Anyone here WHO's ever met me knows that I'm a huge DR. WHO fan.

Some may ask why I'd chose such an eccentric fictional character as a dinner guest. He's not exactly notorious for having excellent table manners.…


Challenge Versus Fear In It's English Enterpritation. (American Style)

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 8:30 6 Comments

In the often "politically correct" language of American English, we sometimes exchange the word "fear" for the word "challenge"...

To many Americans, "challenge" just sounds better when motivating a good friend while encouraging them to face his or her "fears".

For a brief example, I'll give you two sentences. One is written in the negative context. The other contains the positive. Both…


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At 15:00 on October 30, 2014,

Congrats, Eric! You are a STAR of the month.

At 8:36 on October 30, 2014, afro said…

Congratulation, Eric! And thanks for reading my meat related blog.

At 18:47 on October 29, 2014, saba said…

Congratulations my friend Eric for becoming a star member.

At 12:37 on October 29, 2014,

Howdy Cowboy!

Congrats Eric for being the Star Member.

At 6:02 on October 29, 2014, Luci said…
Congratulations for being chosen as this month's starmember!
At 22:45 on October 28, 2014, DIMAS said…

Congratulation Eric, you are elected as star member on EC

At 4:34 on May 22, 2014, AH_TK said…

Hi Eric :)

how are you ? long time no see.

At 16:23 on April 5, 2014, DIMAS said…
DEAR brother, where are you now?, how are you? We miss you :'(
At 14:22 on March 14, 2014, Ehab Nassif said…

Hello Eric

thank you for your notes on the picture of the bus in my blog 

very good well done 

At 6:14pm on February 24, 2014, Ehab Nassif gave Eric a gift
Thank you very much for your interest

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