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saba commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
" Nice blog, Cellphone! Unfortunately, most children insist on having you,.....they even threaten their parents to buy you for them or they don't study their lessons."
10 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on dara gino's blog post Hajj part 4
"May Allah bless you Dara with all His blessings to describe Hajj. May Allah take all the Muslims to Makkah to perform Hajj and bless them with Hajj."
14 hours ago
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Sound It Out

SOUND IT OUT is a group I created for English learners who want to improve on their reading skill by learning basic phonetic sounds and therefore in the process improve on their speaking skill as well.  In this explicit phonics approach, the basic sounds of letters are taught systematically and then blended into words.  I would like to recommend and share this method to everyone as part of their…See More
14 hours ago
Mishaikh commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"Thanks CC and Yousef for your comments."
16 hours ago
Cup Cake commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"Such a controversial topic and you have described about all of the advantages and disadvantages. very interesting!"
21 hours ago
Cup Cake liked Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
21 hours ago
Yousef commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"Hello my old friend I actually agree with you, but that the issue of the cell phone has become torrential and became a kind of luxury or brag, and could not keep up with the new generation as if you outside world, knowing that we can not exploit the…"
Mishaikh replied to Anibal's discussion What do you prefer to be a famous person or a rich person and why?
"Yes indeed, this is the key to the door to enter in to PEACE."
Optimistic Soul liked Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
Mishaikh commented on shahab naimat's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from water
"I appreciate your advice dear 'AAB' (water), but it makes me fear when people say that next world war will be happened on you 'water', because your quantity is diminishing from earth. I wish it won't be true."
Mishaikh commented on Breeze's blog post Introduction of myself
"Self Introduction: My name is Nasim (Naseem) and it means BREEZE in English. Ihave been STUDYING.....................and I joined his club. ...........and I don't KNOW anything about it. Please help me to ............and if you have any…"
Luci commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"Mr. Cell Phone, it is the easiest thing parents can do, to give the kids cell phone instead of playing with them! M against it and I can´t imagine that when I was a kid my parents would buy for me something so expensive and would even give it…"
zivar commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"My kids insist me to buy them one,cause they say all of their friends have cell phones. I wish they would have read your passage.thx for your nice topic"
afro commented on Mishaikh's blog post Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:
"Yes, we should not spend much more time with you, dear cell phones, good advice!"
Mishaikh commented on sirine's blog post writing fanfiction (first time)
"It would be much better if you wirte your blog here on EC instead of providing just the link."

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Learner of English, Teacher of English
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Hindi, Urdu
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All five books of Dan Brown, Set of J.K. Rolling, Stephenie Meyer (But do not like her vampire fascination, Dean Conz, lots of other books in Urdu (especially all series of (late) Ibn-e-Safi; Repeated dozons of times). I have a reading habit.
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Always remember my love is not so hard that I would prefer it to my EGO.


The Cafe

Retiring from the toiling day’s work I used to go to Café Grand. It is on Abdullah Haroon Road. If you go straight through Zaibunnisa Street in Saddar, you will find Café Grand just opposite to the back entrance of Hotel Metropole. From inside this restaurant is two storey, but second floor is sort of a gallery. The atmosphere of the Grand is one of the attractions for me to count it as the best. There was always been darkness in the café even in the day time. The lightning was so beautifully done that there is always a twilight just as of candles which gives a sensational tranquility.  The waiters move as they are floating on the carpeted floor. You can’t hear the sound of their movement but just the frisking of their uniform. 

The Music played in background was also my favorite.  It feels coming from no where but from everywhere. I feel the traces of tranquilizing effect sweeping in to whole of me. I always experienced an involuntary physical change that led me to note-able alteration in the acuity of tension I was in prior to coming to the café. 

Last week I went to the café and sat on the table I chose on the day I first came to this restaurant. This table is so placed in the corner that I can keep all the tables within my sight. I snap the passing by waiter and ordered my usual drink, coffee with some salty biscuits. I do not like creamy pastries or cakes. 

I threw a cursor look at the occupiers near me. Sipping my coffee and nibbling biscuit, I first look at the table on my right. This table always occupied by a girl. There was always girl, but everyday I saw new face. She was just sitting there, sipping her drink. I felt a sense of uneasiness, disturbed by some inner gloom. Once I had an eye to eye contact, I was shuddered to see the deep unknown gloom, as she was afraid that her innocence beauty was in peril. She was incessantly watching the watch wearing in her beautiful supple writs. 

After few minutes I found a commissionaire standing by her side. He slightly bowed and whispered in her eyes. She abruptly stood and followed him. Before leaving, she once again turned and looked at me. I again felt an electrical shock. It was just a fraction of a moment. Her eyes were gleaming with tears. I felt that they were saying “isn’t there any one who could save me, even you!” 

She turned her face and walked away, staggering like a person is taken to be crucified, head down, shoulders bowed. I felt myself empty from inside, as empty as I was no more. I sat there for few moments trying to gather myself, and then left the café. 

On my way back I felt a deep dejection within me. I was feeling that I was nothing. My condition was of like a person who could save a dying person but did nothing.By mishaikh

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Writing Challenge: Advice from A CELL PHONE:

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 11:30 16 Comments



If there is any doubt in your mind  “Should School Going Children are allowed to use me (Cell Phone)?” My straight response to this is NO! Why? To prove my contention, I draw your attention towards that we are talking about “School Going Children” So the prime duty of the School Going Children is to get education. Students should pay their full attention towards the main…



Posted on September 16, 2014 at 11:38 15 Comments

       “What time is it?” We generally ask this question to assess which part of the day we are in, what has gone by or how much is left.  However,  ever we think about the question,  what “TIME is?” There may be a number of scientific or astronomical definitions of time.  But, to an individual’s relationship to time - time is life, drifting with every breath exhaled, towards its origin.  Fostering and nurturing, and the outcome is what…


Another response to my blog "I am happy I forgot her"

Posted on September 14, 2014 at 11:00 13 Comments

Another response to my blog "I am happy I forgot her"

"After our separation my friends who saw me said I didn't care.

They said to be with or without you, I will survive!

They said I, all my lifetime have never cried.

They said your tears while we were leaving, didn't bother me!

They said it's impossible that I will be lost after leaving you!

And said that after leaving you, I do live all my days in spring!

They said that I and you have never…


A response to my blog "I am happy I forgot her"

Posted on September 6, 2014 at 5:30 12 Comments

This is the response I received against my blog "I am happy to forget her". The last line was "I am happy that she forgot me."

He promised that he will never forget her

and now, he is happy to forget her

and she........ah!

She..........between the first promise with tears

and now he declares his happiness to forget her,

She is just a toy in the hands of forgetfulness ,,,,,,,, a toy in limbo!

In the night, the pride sleeps and the longing wakes…


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At 5:15 on September 23, 2014, _♥HONEY_BEE♥_ said…

At 22:36 on September 20, 2014, Anastasia said…

At 10:44 on September 20, 2014, dara gino said…

Bohot merhbani Mishaik kelyai tumara tapsirah. Regarding your comment about the financial inability, you were right, he or she pays money for the person who is going to act on behalf of him. And that what was meant.

About the rites, I was not talking about the corners of Hajj or its duties. I said , "some of these rites need walking, others need running and climbing too". What is the meaning of rites? They are religious ceremonies governed or prescribed by words and actions. the rites of Hajj are plenty. When you intend to go out from your house for Hajj, this is called rite. Making Ihram. Going to Mecca, Arfa or Mina. Slaying or shaving , all these and many others, are called rites. If you are not physically fit, you will not be able to do them unless you appoint a representative or a person by proxy. Thank you again for your kind comment!

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                                                        with love


At 11:12 on September 11, 2014, sewar said…

              What a nice words you used to describe the café, in so much your words could have traveled my mined there, to enjoy the environment. And I will never miss a chance to visit this café, if I have it one day because, I have learned how to reach the glories of joy, love, laughter, friendship, pray.........etc. I wish you the joy of life, my friend. 

       finally my friend, tomorrow you will find another girl to write about. Don't worry!!!

At 10:33 on September 11, 2014, sewar said…

         Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog. And for sure I will read all your topics and stories, I am deadly serious. God bless you my friend. 

At 12:20 on September 3, 2014, maryam said…
Thanks dear friend!
At 4:50 on September 3, 2014, maryam said…
Of course Mishaikh I'll be happy if U do the correction!!!:-)

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