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They said: "Everybody has some problems..."

He said: "I know that... I know that..."

They said: "You should not protest..."

He said: "I can not protest..."

They said: "You should be so thankful... you should be grateful... that you are not the worst on the earth..."

He said:…


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A symphony of colors

These artworks are made out of paper by Yulia Brodskaya. She is a Russian artist and famous for her handmade paper illustrations. She lives in the UK now. To me, her works are extraordinary, joyful and full of life. …


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Expector Smith's Blog Challenge : ...may / might / could have + a past participle

It was raining that morning, I might have hugged my pillow all day because of its coldness. Then my phone rang, my little sister’s name appeared on the screen, in fact, it was mum. She might have been annoyed due to my ignorance, for the heaven’s sake that was 5 am! what kind of call at this hour? Two missed calls, mum might have known I wont picked it up so she sent me a message instead of another call.

“Your auntie…


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Teaching Adults

When we decide to teach adults, the awareness, as well as comprehension of whom we teach and what we learn, is essential here.

1) Adults do not want to waste the time.

Some adults take language courses because of a job requirement while others have their particular goal to attain (such as a…


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We often use the words habit and addiction interchangeably, yet there are significant differences between the two terms. Habits can be both positive and negative whereas addictions by their very nature are only negative. One of the most important identifiers of a habit vs. an addiction is the amount of effort and time required to change the learned behavior of the habit or addiction.

Habit vs. Addiction and Their Impacts

Like with addiction, you may wish to change a… Continue

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Expector Smith's blog challenge



I was getting restless after waiting for Shiv for more than an hour

"I don't think he will come, Shoba. Just give up on him," my brother said to me.…


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Eliademy – Service for Studying

Money spent on universities, unfortunately, is not always invested into quality education. Finland is one of the few countries where education is free, not only for citizens but also for foreigners. Following the same philosophy, the platform Eliademy was created.

Nowadays Internet is one of the most powerful ways of learning. With it, people learn languages, get a lot of useful information and even get education. Online lessons are ideal for home study, and even for those students…


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One day there was a young man sitting and blank gaze leading to a lake. He had travelled to many places to find a happiness, but anything or anyone couldn’t make he happy for long time. In silence, suddenly he heard a nasal voice from behind.

"What are you doing here, young man?" an old man who lived around the lake asked to that boy. A young man turned and said, “I am tired Sir, I have walked to many places searching for a…


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What might he have done?

Blog challenge : May/might/could+have+...

He came to say something to me , but I refused to hear .

What might he have said?What could have happened If I listened? .

He might have told me about that stolen bag . No, no..he may have tricked me as usual.

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It's The Great Pumpkin Season, Charlie Brown!

I was looking through the movies released in 2015, and I bumped into The Peanuts Movie. Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my favorite comic books has turned into a 3D movie. Charles M. Schulz and Bill Watterson are my most adored cartoonists. I learned a lot from good ol' Charlie Brown and Calvin & Hobbes when I was a kid and those lessons are making sense now!…


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A Phone Call

A phone call

Once I happened to live near my work place and there was no rush of traffic either. I used to go home for lunch. One day when I was having lunch, a phone call came from an Engineering Company. They used to manufacture ball bearings of very limited range. I had applied for better prospect.

When I received the phone call,…


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Consistency is the key of success

Consistency is the key of success and boredom is the main cause of failure. This statement can be applied on all the goals we want to achieve, but now I am talking about English learning process.

Most of the time, we are not consistent, when we start to learn English. In initial stages, we are energetic but soon we lose our zeal to learn. We feel bored. We leave to learn and we…


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Writing Prompts - 2

Recently I wrote a blog about writing prompts. In that blog, I suggested some writing prompts for EC members. Many of the members tried those prompts and inspired me to think about more writing prompts. All the writing prompts written by EC members were awesome indeed.…


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A Friendly Ghost!

Topic taken from Seeker's 'Writing Prompt-2"

Last night I came across with a ghost. She seemed to be very dejected. She was weeping. I felt a deep sorrow for her and asked why she was wandering between heaven and earth. She told me the following story:


I have been wandering since I have given my life to my love. He had the coolest heart, but there had always been a warm smile on his face. He was handsome. In my eyes he was prince charming, but he had always…


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I was sick that day - 2

I was sick that day

I received the call and said, “Hello”.  I heard a soft, sweet voice from the other end, “Hello, “I am Anamika, the girl whom you helped yesterday.”

I amazingly replied, “Hello, How are you and your father?” She was delighted to…


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Is Book Review Writing Horrible For You?

Book review writing service usa helps students to write their book review. Book review writing services usa is one of the best book review writing service and it has been writing book reviews for many years and they enjoy helping their clients. They are ready to provide book review writing help for their student clients. By using the book review writing service, they can improve their academic progress and marks and…


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Where Could He Be?

Blog challenge: may/might/could have + a past particle (By Expector)

Where could he be?

"He might have been on line by now. I am waiting for him for an hour. Where could he be? He might have had some bad connection. Damn internet………..! I am missing him so much………..why?

We have met just for few hours if counts in total. There may have been some…


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Blog challenge: may/might/could have + a past particle

Yes, this structure can be used to talk about the possibility that something happened in the past. 

For example, you can say 'Expector may/might/could have missed my blog.' (You're not certain whether it was actually the case, though.)

'Could have' can also be used to say there was a possibility of something happening in the past, but it didn't happen. For example, 'I could have been killed.' (But in fact you weren't killed.)

It's such a useful structure…


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Making new friends

Hello friends.

I'm new here.

So if you can help me, please send me some tips on making friends.

I would like to improve my writing and…


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:( I'm fine :)

Do you know anyone around you, who tries so hard to be chirpy during the family get-togethers, or in a friend's birthday party, but the moment the fun's over they look like a poster child for depression ads?

You think to yourself maybe I should go to them, give them a friendly nudge and say:" Hey pal, everything alright?" But in the end you just smile at them, they smile back and that's that. …


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