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Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, who stepped down as Israel's 9th president Thursday, is the last of Israel's founding fathers and a hawk-turned-dove whose international aura will be sorely missed by many Israelis.

Now 90, Peres has stood at the forefront of Israeli politics for 65 years, demonstrating resilience in the face of innumerable challenges.

He steps down as Israel was locked in yet another bloody battle with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip in their worst confrontation in five… Continue

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People come and pass

I have seen so many people coming, staying and passing on my journey of life, and just small part of them we still sort of keep in touch and just several become my best friends.

There was a time when I was totally confused that whether I should spend so much time dealing with the people you meet and trying to know them so that I could possibly make them become my friends, for most of the people you meet in your life, such as classmates, schoolmates or colleagues and all, once you two…


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When I close my eyes

When i close my eyes
I feel a fire burning
a toll twirling inside
that is turning and turning

fire back
fire front
yes, fire!!!
Fire is here!!
Fire is here with me!!

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Nikita's 9 Letters to Captain X...I

Dear Captain,

I just dreamed of you last night. That was a strange dream. I embarked your ship, and I saw you sleep on the deck, dreaming. Just then there came a water screen from the sea, which was showing your dream. Don't worry, I was the only audience. …


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Writing Prompt ~ Forgetting Articles

I am not an ailurophile,but somehow, I separately like the black cat. One of…


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*Shuuuushh....Gaza! the World is Asleep!*

In the Name of Allah,the Ever-Merciful and All-Merciful

Today I decided to hit the ground rolling for the project I I started writing. After finishing a page or two which were the most crucial pages I accidentally unplugged my laptop and it went dead! And I haven’t saved the document! Gone!

I was so anxious!…


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Writing Prompt: Second Conditional

If I had a chance to visit a native country, at first, I would try to be familiar with their culture and traditions. I would try to make some native friends to talk with. If I went outside for any work, I would try to start a conversation in English with different persons such as taxi drivers, shopkeepers etc. If I could make a group of non-natives, I would try to arrange a meeting of the group once in a week to perform different activities related with…


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My awesome holiday in Hungary - Balaton lake

This summer I spent ten days by the lake Balaton in Hungary. It was great holiday with little bit tropical weather but we all enjoyed it a lot. Balaton is not any small pond, it is the biggest lake in the central Europe with its length 70 km and width 24 km. If u want to go around the whole lake it would take you I guess few days since it is 200 km.…


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Golden Phase

Those memories were great when my mind took me to school days  

Dad was polishing my shoes & busy making my bag.

I was so very  lazy

 Mom was shouting take breakfast

Then the watch was moving so very fast…


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Motivation is the driving force that keeps you going and working for something. Motivation makes you chase your dreams and gives them reality.

If you are not motivated then despite of your intelligence and other skills, you won't do good at work.

If you are not motivated in your life/work, you will be dull and success doesn't come easy. If you are motivated, you will work hard and your hard work will earn you success. 

So motivation is directly related to your…


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I'm Princess Elsa...

Let it go, Let it go, the cold never bothered me anyway...

   Being one of Frozen Cartoon Movie fans is a fun. That fairy tale is enough making me having an imagination to live in Arandelle Kingdom as a Princess, Princess Elsa. Living in a huge palace and surrounded by people who love me, especially my sister, Anna. Having a magical power, and can change everything that I touch becomes…


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A Six Word Story

A Motivation Story

  • Impossible is nothing, possible is unknown.
  • Do anything, but don't find shortcut.

A Hard Work Story

  • Today hard-working, it wills smart-work tomorrow. 

A Happy Story

  • Happiness not smile, it’s in soul.


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English Learning Question sheet : Speaking

I am going to present a series of question sheets about four aspects of English learning process. These aspects are: speaking, listening, writing and reading. I would like to include vocabulary too, since it is also an important aspect of English learning.

In this blog, I am going to raise some basic questions about speaking.  

Let us…


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The Importance of Learning English

Have you ever wondered why is everybody going crazy about learning English? Don’t you think things will be a whole lot easier if you will just focus on your native language? Why learn English when you can communicate in your local language at home? Why is English so important that learners are willing to spend time and money just to be fluent in it? These are the questions that some of my students asked. The answer is very simple: English is the universal…


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Daddy please do not beat me…

He was wondering in the street and another man was following him. He was running like Olympic runner and the big man was following him strongly like he was after his enemy .he could hear his voice screaming wait!!!Wait!!! I just wanna talk to you .but he could not trust him, he could never trust him. He said the same last time too.

he got so tired looked at the sky , he was breathing so fast , he starts thinking that

He is so bigger than me , I wish there would be some person…


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Writing Attempt- Phrasal verb (I)

Count on = “To rely on someone or something”,  You can count on sarah to get the job done.


Count in = “To include someone or something as a part of something”, Did you count this expenses…


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Last night it was raining.  The sky was getting illuminated intermittent  lightening. Power was fluctuating, and finally it was gone and I got dc (disconnected) from my friend on net. I left the table with an inner gloom and went to the balcony. It was raining heavily with thunder. I let the downpour come upon my body just to try to wash off all the fatigue of the day. There was darkness outside, just the rays of a few emergency lights peeping through the windows…


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A Girl and a Cold Day! -3

She smiled and said, “I am sorry! I cannot accept it. My parents have taught me to live with self-respect. I am happy with what I have.”

I was delighted to see her smile. I asked, “May I know your name.”

She replied in a friendly way, “My name is Deepika. What is yours?”



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The Dinner Party

I would like to invite my uncle to dinner party. My uncle is grate guide to me and also to my family. 

I would like to invite my uncle as special guest to the dinner party.We are expecting my uncle family will join with us this party. This party is very special to me and my family.I would like to invite some more my uncle friends and my relations.

My uncle is a politician,so our family member are so excited.He is an great human and also he have very quality…


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Books from around the World

I find this to be an interesting idea.  As a bibliophile, I find the idea intriguing, and I'll try to find some of these books to add to my reading "Bucket List".

This is from a news article I read.  The link follows to her website / blog and I am copying and pasting her suggested list.  It looks like one must click each country name to see which book she chose to read however. As Time permits I'll try to get a short list of the books she actually wrote and highlight them in Orange as…


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