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What is really important in Education.

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught.”

   – Oscar Wilde


I am going to talk about active teaching.

For me - teaching online is using technology in the classroom; as an additional method of traditional teaching.

I am for blended learning which means -…


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Angry of girlfriend

Tonight, my girlfriend mad at me , there's nothing really, her suddenly called me and I do not know what to say, I was silent. did not know what she thinks she told me, i did not answer. I do not know how to explain. I don't know ..
In addition, today I also had some problems 
so, I do not feel comfortable
bored in the right direction..

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QUIZ 6 is a bit tough, huh!  Take a look at the RESULT of your quiz based on Lesson 6.  Percentage…


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Letter of Goodbye

I have said goodbye countless times before but this will be the final this time. I just wanna tell you that I will never forget the day the first time we met. Never did I imagine that the day I thought was just an ordinary day would be one of the most special days. The next thing I knew was we were always together. None could take us apart. You were the only person who loved me for who I am. I was never afraid to tell you everything because I knew you would understand. I knew that no matter…


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We Are Not Sunrays

A gentle touch of sunray woke her up… as she opened her eyes lazily and slow, as she looked at the window and saw that bright ray twinkling so teasingly and peeping on her she realized: morning has came! The very first thing she did was to check the time; it was 8:30 it was still early for her to wake up…

Even though she slept…


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Teaching English Through ICT is Fun

At the beginning of April I took part in a teachers’ training “Teaching English Through ICT Is Fun”, organized by ITC in Prague and funded within…


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First Blog & Some General Questions

Hello World,

First of all I would like to thank the English-club for accepting me as a member. I've been figuring out fore months how to get my Toefl and most test I do score 80% or a little higher. I've noticed I could really use a coach and that I should work on my writhing.

How weird is it that I am good in languages yet I have some mild form of (phonetic) dyslexic(ia)?. This means that I learn very fast by ear, but writhing and reading takes more time. In collage, I remember… Continue

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Sublime star

Do different to be different

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Positive-thinking poem:

Little bird in the sky

Dropping shit into ur eye

U don’t worry u don’t cry,…


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Missing you Anele!

 From today morning to till the time (2.25pm) I did not see you through online.I want to say I miss YOUUU!

Missing someone is not just the feeling of far away from the dearest one, it's also convey the emotion or a reminder that she may how far from me but not away from my heart, she is so close to my heart, there don't have long distance! Miss you, dear friend!

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My real poem

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Thanks to Englishclub

I am in the field of assisting top management in the organization I am working for.  My routine work is daily correspondence, taking minutes of the meetings, responding to the correspondence independently, organizing meetings, coordinating with other departments, etc.  I am in this field for more than a decade and I have been supporting starting from Sr.V.P. (Prod) to CEO/Director. 

I have attended so many meetings so far and did minuting from monthly meetings to quarterly /…


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  Peter  and Elizabeth

Pter and Elizabeth hadn't been married for long. They had both been  working very hard, so Peter thought it would be a good idea to give Elizabeth a little surprise.

He noticed an advertisement for cheap sunshine holidays in Spain.Without telling Elizabeth what he was planning to do, he booked  seats on a flight leaving midnight on the next Thursday evening .Then he went home , looking  very cheerful.

"Darling, he said , "you 'd better tell your…


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Nikita's Nine Letters to Captain X...4

Dear Captain,

How are you? How's your ship? How's your voyage? How's the weather at sea? I'm worried about you, and a mite miss you as well.

Captain, can I ask you a question? What's manner? What's a…


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Thank Teacher Anele

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The first day

Today is my first day to write in this English Club's page. I hope to become friend with everybody in Club. I want to practise English with you .... Have a nice day!

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Factors influencing fashion in marketing



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I think therefore I am

This is a famous quote from Rene Descartes, a French philosopher.

Apparently, he was trying to prove whether he existed or not, and decided that the proof of his own existence was in the observation that he thought, and as…


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A short story I wrote for my English class


Abbie strolled into the school and entered the bathroom, which was surprisingly empty. While fixing her hair, she noticed something moving behind her. She looked behind her shoulder and when she saw no one, she frowned. Suddenly a light breeze touched her skin and she shivered. She approached the doors and tried to open them, but they were locked. Her friends were messing with her, for sure.

“This isn’t funny. Open the doors,…


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