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The doctor and the elderly woman, a wonderful story actually occurred.

 The famous surgeon Dr / Aichen came out to hurry to the airport to participate in the International Scientific Conference, which will be honored on the big achievements in the science of…


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Holi- Festival Of Colours

Dear All.

Hope you are doing great.

Holi is a festival primarily celebrated in India and some Indian Sub continental countries. During the night time in Holi, a particular person in the society takes charge to gather woods, cowdung, coconuts and some more things to be burnt. Belief behind this process is as below

There was a devil called Hiranyakashapu. When Hiranyakashapu came to…


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ANGRY WORDS ( A game to play in the EC main room )


A game to play in the EC main room

This is a simple game to improve the vocabulary background of all the players.

In this word game the leader passes some clues:

1-      Some sentences to show the usage of the word

2-      The part of speech that word is belonged to

3-      Frequency of the usage  

4-      Combination of the word with the other part of speeches

5-      If it…


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Freedom Of Speech and Expressions

Hey People, hope you are doing great today.

I was wondering like what is the true definition for freedom of speech and freedom of expression?

Recently I heard these words a lot in society and globally through Internet and Television.

I just thought to explain it with a story as per my point of view..

1. Recently Cow slaughtering is banned in one of the places in the world. People local to that area were making tweets on twitter that, "It is against the Freedom of…


Added by Dreamer on March 5, 2015 at 9:25 — 2 Comments

Do These Sentences Make Any Sense?

1. Indulgence in working with computers

2. The efficiency of the staffs deteriorates without using computers.

3.It is not plausible theoretically.

4. Exploitation of supercomputers is the best technique for resolution of academic and industrial problems.

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In order to lead a happy, we need to be healthful both physically and mentally. We ought to be concerned about nourishing our mind as well as our body. It is proven scientifically that how important the health of mind is. A lot of physical disorders originate from mental problems. We must be careful about all thoughts and attitudes that enter into our mind. Positive attitudes will have positive effects on our lives, whereas negative attitudes…


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What would you like to happen today?

Share your thoughts/wishes/opinions/whatever you want to say! Comments are welcome!…


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Good friends are very useful

I feel happy to be MyEC member because I can have so many friends here. and all of them are really kind. they can give me information and sharing knowledge each other. thank you to be my friends

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Forest Gump

Hi ladies with their gentlemen,

umph, a fellow recommended me a movie, "Forest Hump", he said it will suit my taste and it pretty much did. 

The main character in the movie, forest had astonishing resemblance with me :D He was stupid, honest, straight forward, devoted, crazy and a man who would keep his promises much like me :) It was as if I was watching some movie that is filmed on me. …


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Interview tips

Sup fellows, its been a while..... Howdy... Every one cool.... Great :) 

So guess what I am expecting an interview, an important one soon. So I  thought why not to get benefit from this secret world that not many have discovered so far. I believe that through this blog, I am communicating with people with wisdom and great professional life experience. (Well, I hope that's the case :) ) 

So I invite you all to come forward and add your bit to make this a useful…


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I learn in english

English is can use in other country if you go in another country and you cannot speak their language you can use a english to understand them what you say,I learn in english is to use a correct words and i learn in english is adjective,adverb,noun,pronoun,and gerund,I very thankful to my enlish teacher she teach about english.

Added by moamar on March 4, 2015 at 13:30 — 1 Comment


To have at least one million dollar for our retirement is not that easy. I myself is trying to have that amount. The more you save the more you spend. we cannot stop

from buying unnecessary things and we sometimes

overspend. To avoid these things happen is

try to estimate or budget our income and expenses every week or month. Try save at least 10 percents of your income. Open and investment account or any bank who offered you dividend. I know it's not easy to save even 1 percent… Continue

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Success comes to those who dare and act.

 This proverb and None but the brave deservee fair. 

…are the proverbs which illustrate that success comes only to the people who are ready to work hard. This proverb means that one can attain success only when a person is bold enough to act and ready to give up every other enjoyment in life and sweat for his success. The goddess of success visits only those who dare to act and lay everything at her alter. 

Opportunity does not…


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An animal, strong yet kind

Hi friends,

hope you are all doing good. I just thought to write about an animal, who plays a very important role in society. It is also one of the strongest animals in society, but I have never seen it attacking any human being or any animals.

We have it here, they help us clean the environment, also they are the reason for the food for most of the people in and around world. People eat it's flesh with a lot of excitement.

God specially made them to cater human beings in…


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My name is MOAMAR ALION.I was born on December 6,2001 and I am currently studying at DANSALAN COLLEGE were I started learning english with my teacher in english Ms.Joy Lucero,My favorite color is yellow I like playing basketball and soccer.

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My dream came true

I always dream to have a good and bright future. Unfortunately I dont have degree and I used to work as a cleark in an oil palm company for about 10 years. I love my job but it was so stressful for me but I knew that I was very patient. I didnt know at that time why I love to learn english language. My english was totally broken at that time. I kept study grammer and speaking almost every single night. I bought a lot of books. None of my family can understand english except me. After a few… Continue

Added by saliza lachman on March 4, 2015 at 3:00 — 9 Comments


Life is too short, age average  for human beings 60  years , one year contain 12 months, one month contain 30 days , one day contain 24 hours,,,,,, its not new information but it will be scary if we didn't accomplish some thing in this 24 hours ,,,60 years will finished with nothing!!!!

isn't deserves meditation ?

Added by HIBA ALISAWY on March 4, 2015 at 0:06 — 2 Comments

Devil’s Traps

Allah the Almighty created human being and jinn for His worship only. (See Surah Az Zariat, verse no: 56) Along with them He made Devil and Nafs who are there to divert them from right path. They try their best to misguide them and lead them to the hell fire. On the other hand, Allah sent the holy prophets and the holy books to direct them to His path. Furthermore, He told them to avoid Devil and Nafs as they are their arch enemies. Here we want to mention Devil’s…


Added by shahab naimat on March 3, 2015 at 16:47 — 5 Comments

Practice maketh a man perfect.

Practice maketh a man perfect. 

The proverb says acquiring knowledge only through books cannot help man in the longer run. When we want to learn swimming we don’t do it by reading books on swimming. We can learn swimming only by getting into the water and practicing it. Perfection can be achieved only through proper practice. 

A person like an electrician or automobile mechanic or somebody who is an expert in servicing electronic goods learns…


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"Man is not dead until he is forgotten"


Obelusa was a great and wealthy African hunter who had 3 sons.  One day Obelusa was killed while hunting and when news of this reached his family, the first words to come out of the youngest son’s mouth was “Where is my father?” The other sons then asked “Yes we should look for him.”  They all went out…


Added by Alice E. on March 3, 2015 at 11:04 — 9 Comments

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