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Internet Friends..

..It's true I have never seen you and we have never met and  never shaken hands yet…


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One fine day...


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Eyes and hearts

Everyone has both eyes and a heart. People are divided into two parts- good and bad. All of them can see the truth by there eyes.But a few of them can follow the right way or behave correctly. Also, they know and learn what is good and what is bad. Although they have a great knowledge, they keep behaving incorrectly. All of these show one thing which is : 



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Spirituality in a Nutshell

Spirituality must be seen as a choice which originates within the inner sphere of one’s self and which is liberated through the wonder of one’s rationality. It must seek no boundary, no hidden motives towards own benefits; it must provide an avenue for sacredness and worthiness founded by mutual respect and love.

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Become your own best friend.

Over the years I have had to learn to become my own best friend. There were many nights I spent crying myself to sleep, sad and lonely with almost every given heartache. Over time I realized that I had to learn to comfort myself to overcome the pain. It’s a process, and I’m still learning how to do it, but I’ve gotten so much better. I can honestly say that I am my own best friend.

Goal: Love yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. You deserve the same love you…


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Color Idioms 3

Color Idioms 3…


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Chauvinistic Nationalism

Chauvinistic nationalism must be eliminated in the realm of education because it causes us to continue to privilege and support the group that we consider as our own, which will bring us to the point where we crave for selfish success and extreme obsession of power. This kind of idea offers an avenue for evil to flourish exponentially. In order for our education to metamorphose, it must adjust to the world because it is one of the modes to achieve a well-founded and a meaningful life…


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What is the secret beyond Muslims prayers? Why the white man stand beside the block one? The rich man beside the poor one, all together like brothers?

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Mind your language!

I observe myself and other people using such a language that hurts others' feelings. Whosoever is superior to anyone, he speaks him scornfully and does not care of his feelings. Human can heal easily from corporal wounds but he cannot heal wounds inflicted by words. This is the same thing a bard mentioned in his Arabic poetry:

جراحات السنان لہا التیام                  ولا یلتام ما جرح اللسان

which means: Injuries of swords have cure but there is no cure of what is wounded by…


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     I like playing games. Mobile games are my favorite. I can do it for hours. One game that really takes my time is "Farmdale". It takes my heart. I never miss a single day without playing it. I am crazy about it. I am playing it now while writing this blog. My phone is always there with me except it needs to be charged. See! Games addicted.

     I know talking about games may be boring for those who don't like it. But for me, it likes eating so yummy food and never been full. I…


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Certainty and love.

         We cannot live only with love , even if it is strong for us.

 While I was growing in my big family , we were living all the time under the limit of poverty. The food was not  often enough,the house was made to have space only for the half of us and our clothes were almost  always  cast- off garments. Despite all these  not only we survived but we improved in our lives. I knew of course that there were many people who had more things than us but the security which had its…


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Hajj part 2

             Hajj (pilgrimage) generally means; intending to visit an important or a highly great place for religious reasons. In Islam,   it's a journey to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, once in a lifetime. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The person can perform Hajj if he or she can afford it, physically and financially he is able to make the Hajj and its rites. Some of these rites need walking; others need running and climbing too.

           If that is unaffordable,…


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See You.

Hello Guys! This blog is for whom may care about me.

Well I can't be online so often coz I am backing to school ( I mean Uni :D ) and I will be really very busy with my study. I knew it would be a very hard year, coz we're gonna have totally new subjects. In addition to that I will enter the real life of Medics by doing internships in hospitals all the school year long ( and you can't imagine how much I am hyper excited about that :D )

Anyway, I know it won't be as perfect as I…


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back to school

Hello my friends 

How are you all ?

I hope to be OK 

 our schools in my country Egypt will start tomorrow . …


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How to Lose Weight :P

errrr.... TIME  

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Sounds that caress your ears ♫♫

Just imagine if our life was like a sound of the cello...♫♫♫♫

Which music would you hear? active? sad? funny? gorgeous? awesome? simple? And if I choose an instrument for my life, it would be definetely a cello :)



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Fear of my Dream

I just wanna write something about my bad bad dream which ıt have made me feel terrified.

I was going to the university at that times and hanging out with friends, reading ... ıt was one of that day, i was so sleepy and decided to sleep but i have never thought that it will be my most scary dream i have ever seen till now.

when i slept , i saw myself at the day of…


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DEVILS WEAR PRADA has been my favorite movie of the year since I joined this organization specializing in advertising, magazine and promotion for new technologies (gadgets, computer, etc) My boss is a 100% copycat of Miranda Presley.

Comic strip  Blondie    …


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Idioms 4

16. in the nick of time means "not too late, but very close!"

Example: I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time. It's a good thing, because I really need this medicine!

17. keep one's chin up means "remain brave and keep on trying"

Example: I know things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. It will…


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Why I need English


"why i need English"  the title  itself  contain in  English so in our daily life

we will use English words and sentences .for the small things in our rugular activities

we use English, not only its start with small thing but aslo speaking with other country people

and develope a business with different people of the world we need one communicator in

between us and understand each others feelings and maintain a relationship we need one 



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