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My EXCITING LIFE by EC! Identity, reasons, past experiences and future expectations on your EC membership.....

Three months ago I sought for a possibility to improve my English skills and to find someone, who could talk English to me.

It was some nice happenstance to find EC on the net. ))))

I met here so many different people from all over the world. People with their own origin, cultur, views and oppinions...

The communicate with them enriches my own life!

It's like "give and take" for me.

I think there many different reasons, why peoples want to be…


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Halloween in EC

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Once Upon A Time, in a distanti island, there was a great kingdom named Alyssum. The Kingdom of Alyssum was leaded by a wise king and a queen. Although, they lived in luxurious condition but they did not feel happy. Their life was…


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Why I choose the Mask character for my Halloween costume party


 Because every one of us is using THE MASK today.

We pretend to be someone who we are not.

We wear masks to conceal our faults and show others what we are not

We like to dress up and chase others, but  we forget that by wearing a mask we do become like others from outside but somewhere we deviate ourselves from the reality.

For example on English club we have a virtual world we have lots of friends.

But many of us choose to be someone…


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Writing Prompts: Reciprocal Pronouns

Writing Prompts ~ Reciprocal Pronouns

Recollecting good school times

Today, I came across my friend Margaret at a bank queue while paying a few…


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How are you My lovely friends

Hello My lovely friends 

How are you ? 

I hope to be all OK

would you mind adding me in your Facebook . I hope to add you to my Facebook. I'll be so happy . thank you all 



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Writing Challenge " Costume Party "

        I fly, up high in the sky,

        With my wings I throw magic everywhere

        My sparkle magic is the trick, I swear :D…


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Using your memory

For years there have been many approaches to language learning. You'll find different companies trying to persuade you that their 'method' is the best.  Don't be 'taken in' by them.  Start with verbs and learn a few of them, associating them by linking them to words in your own language and then fixing that structure in your mind.  Bit-by-bit, add new nouns and new prepositions to what you have already learnt. 

Use your memory to learn the new words but learn them very well.  Use…


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Story Behind The Scene : 4

Dear Members, I have given the…


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Vocabulary learning

Learning vocabulary can be a daunting or difficult task for all students.  One way you can help yourself is by using your imagination to make the English words 'alive' or 'vivid' for you.

It does take a bit of time, for sure, but it pays off later. Use your imagination to link English words to words in your own language. Make your images BIG and COLOURFUL and easily memorable. Then use them!  Do that with sets of words.

Divide the words you want to learn into categories.  Then…


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the women

The woman

When god created woman , he was working late on the sixth day

An angel came by and said why spend so much time on that one?

And the lord answered have you seen all the specifications I have to shape her?

She must have more than 200 moving parts which all must be replaceable.

And she must function on all kinds of foods.

she must be able to embrace several kids at the same time . give a hug that can heal anything from a braised knee to a broken heart. And…


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Why students rush for getting degree from overseas?

This is a result of the benefits that are attached to a study abroad program. There are many candidates need to move to another country to discover another society and take in the way individuals use in their life. While many other need to move in the other nation to gain better education that is must for their career development. In the event that you are one of them and wanting to study overseas to get a foreign education degree and to pull in home nation representative then you are at the…


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Learning English 2

Hello everyone who reads these blog posts!

As a well-known doctor has said regarding 'fatal' diseases, 'everyone wants to have the Rolls Royce (or choose another top quality car) but when they see the payments, they settle for the Volkswagen Golf' (or a much less expensive car).  In other words, if you want quality, you need to invest your time and resources to get and keep it.

When students go into chat rooms to 'learn' English, they're attending to two of the key skills -…


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Writing Challenge - Costume Party - Guess plssssssssssssssssss

I know you all are already enjoying the Halloween Party............................

let me also enter into it.......

Have Fun reading and guessing even i enjoyed writing it .............................

He he ! I am back

I am Absurd

I am so dim-witted…


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James’ Birthday present : My story with idioms

James’ Birthday present.

Today was James’ birthday; James was 8 years old right now some he would turn into 9 today. As same as his routine activity, he woke up at 5 am and he prepared everything for his school. James knew today was his birthday; he was on on cloud nine. Then,…


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Bandung Tour on Bus

Bandung has been visited by tourists in the weekend, most of them use their own vehicle to go to this city, it's come to be a new problem for Bandung people, because the traffic become more crowded, therefore Bandung government have created some breakthrough to solve this problem, one of these is create a public transportation special for tourism.

to make it more attractive, our mayor have designed an unique tourism bus, which named "BANDROS", stand for "Bandung Tour on Bus", this bus…


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Writing Prompt: See, Look and Watch

Jeny saw (third form of see) an accident on her way to college, when she returned she saw her father watching Football match on T.V. On the way to her room she looked at a scenery, which her mother bought in the morning. While…


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A GOLDEN BOY By Dimas Prasetyo (compilation with idioms)


By Dimas Prasetyo

Winter season came earlier; it was wrong prediction from the weather forecast station. Snow began falling and they covered any…


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My first ever love - True StOry


(In this blog I will talk about a lady who came into my life for a very short time)

I wanted to talk about something interesting in this blog so I thought what else could be more interesting that writing about my first love.

It will just be unfair if I go into this blog without praising her beauty. She was a blonde, not just her hair but her whole body. She had a beautiful chest bulging out of her body. She had a very beautiful gait. The way she would carry out…


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