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5 Efficient Data Gathering Tips For Every School Paper

Many students enter college with math, science, and non-literary degrees thinking they've escaped writing school papers. But no matter what major they choose, they'll still be given a writing requirement. History majors write tons of essays talking about Renaissance, World War II and whatnot. Biology students are usually required to write one…


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Writing Challenge : Costume Party


I am the embodiment of “madness” and “hollow”…


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Things we need to consider in putting up your tutorial business.

1. You need a service provider.

2. A domain, community or a page

3. Make your Press release.

4. Educational References 

5. You need also a leads of supplies of students. You can find leads of real paying students via 

private to find me you can find my center code…


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to become a father of child

Hi all my friends,

after very long time, I have just come back to all my friends at the English club. I still want to announce you that I have become the father of kid. My daughter is very lovely and beautiful :)) that is my opinion. 

My friends, I cannot describe my sense at the first time I held her in my arms at the hospital. I am happy to crazy. My daughter has one month one week old. Her name is Ngọc Ánh. It is a common name of Vietnamese. As you know, who is in the time…


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Writing Challenge: Costume Party

For this month's Writing Challenge, we're going to write some simple riddles. I believe we've done this activity before on MyEC, though it was quite a while ago! 

Your Task

1. Think of a costume that you might wear for Halloween (or a costume party). 

2. Use a few short sentences…


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Writing Prompt ~ See, Look, or Watch? *** "" The Dream ""

I look around and I see people watching me , I am in high mountain but I was looking up to the mountain top , I was tired and thirsty and I never thought to see someone there but there he was watching me ,an old man covered with snow he said to me look at me and tell me what you see ,I looked at him and all I see is me ,I was very old and very thirsty then I heard the crowd yelling at me , I didn't understand what they…


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Better English speaking skills

Improving your English speaking skills will help you communicate more easily and effectively. But how do you become a more confident English speaker?

Practise where you can, when you can. Any practice is good – whether you speak to someone who is a native English speaker or not.

It's important to build your confidence.…


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The Selfish old man

   A young man once boarded a crowded train. He searched  and searched  to find an empty seat and finally found one beside an old man. As the  young man started toward the empty seat , the old man placed his bag on the seat because he wanted to be more comfortable.

The young man stood and waited , but no one came. Now he began to think that the old man was not telling the truth . The young man thought  , "Perhaps he wants two seats for himself so he can have more room. Some people are…


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Writing Prompt ~ Similar but not the same

Hello guys,

lately I saw here many writing prompts, especially by afro and annah and I admire both for their creativity. So here I am with mine, I wanted to give it a try :)

It was a nice day, WEATHER was fantastic even though winter is around the corner. I woke up and was thinking, WHETHER to go for a trip or just to stay at home, since the kids were little bit coughing. MAYBE it would be the best solution to go alone, to enjoy few hours of loneliness. Why not? It MAY BE somehing… Continue

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Install a dictionary with ability of monitoring your clipboard and use pot Player for watching movies. Now if you click on subtitle it'll be copied to the clipboard and automatically shown in dictionary. fast and handy even more when using two display simultaneously

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Using the English articles.

I'm talking about the/a/an.

If, like me, you come from a language that does not have articles as such (my native language is Russian), then those pesky little articles they've got in English can give you one hell of a, well ..., hell. 

If you don't have articles in your own language it can really be hard to wrap your head around the very concept of articles, like what do they even need them for in English, anyway? Like why say 'a dog' or 'the dog' and not just…


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The story of a man who was nobody

Pull respect, sweet heart,

These tears are the blood cost of my life gone.

My heritage, not lucky draw, not to order custom, I've registered all in honor of your eyes, in your name. Sealed with fire cigarettes blessed curse.

Inscription reader of old tribes, This is the story of a child that He could not come to any branch of dreams even on his toes. He fell asleep hungry all nights. his heart did not know how and why. Starvation was the condition survival for the kind…


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A sense Of love

                                              SENSE OF LOVE 

Love is about similarities which brings you close .

you start loving his /her views , respecting his/her even it sometimes sound childish and…


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Yesterday morning I walked to the bank to do some routine business. On the way, I found myself in monotonous hullabaloo of the traffic engulfing me. A shiver swept through my body in spite of warm weather. There were faces, flat expressionless, empty eyes, without emotions, or if there were any expression, it was “meanness”. They were all moving very fast, avoiding looking at each other.

When I reached the bank, the attending officer asked me to sit and wait.…


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How many ways we take food and drinks.

It's always a matter of fun to me to find out how I am taking food and drinks. But, I need your help to fix them properly. So, Please, get ready to help me!

Rice is our staple food and we eat rice mouthful with our own hands. Though in some other parts, people eat rice with spoons or sticks. Around the globe moms are so serious about their kids. So, they like to say…


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Dreaming how would I behave if I once again got a chance to go to school in adulthood

I would wake up very early in the morning for the craziest day of my life. I would not annoy anyone at home for getting late for school. I would dress up in school uniform neatly and cleanly.

The breakfast would be the old menu, one full glass of milk, which I would finish.

Then, I would hold a small school bag as on waiting for my school bus downstairs on the road side.

I would be very much overjoyed about going to school because I already know what would come…


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My BEST DAY...How could it look like?

Good morning together! :)

In a one hour I am going to work and will start my ordinarily weekday. 

I'm sure the most of you will do the same today. You will go to your study, go work or take care about your family and do your home work as usually. 

What if we could wish, how we spend the day of today? What do you need to have your BEST DAY?

Someone conglomerates his BEST DAY with a holiday, sun and…


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Writing prompt: see, look or watch

I always like to watch natural beauty instead of watching television. I have obtained this habit from my mother. See, how parents influence us consciously or unconsciously! A couple of days ago, I went to a park. I went  there to meet with a friend. Suddenly an owlet dropped down just in-front of my toes. I shivered and looked up to the nearest tree. After a while two kids came up to get the owlet. I told them,'' Please, don't touch and look, there is an owl on…


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I feel disappoint to mysefl

I want to grow stronger and stronger. I want to earn more money for my wife and parents. My income hadn’t increased for about four years. I feel very sorry to my family and myself.

I’m working in a company. I want to make something succeed for my company and so I can apply for more wages. What I thought the most important thing in my job is to attract more members. I hope our cooperators can attract users for us. So I designed a function to help them to issue coupons to their…


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Writing Prompt: Similar but not same.

We usually come across some words which looks similar but have different meanings, so I am just trying to get rid of the confusion we face while using those words. 

Hope you like it.…


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