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critical thinking in life and in work : part 6

Today I will talk about the errors of thinking which we sometimes used to use in our life or may be our family , education ,friends and media participated in sticking those thoughts in our brain . we have taken sometimes as style in…


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Essential Phrasal Verbs, Part 1:

Phrasal verbs using the verb, “bring”:

 Many phasal verbs using “bring” have an obvious meaning, but not all:

 bring about:  to cause to happen

 “A better plan could bring about real change.”


bring around:  to influence someone’s opinion

“We were able to bring them around to our view.”




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Humanity and its assassins

Where is the world heading towards, more specifically, our conscience! There used to be the times when people would concern about the outcome of their deeds which might negatively impact others in the social and economical strata of life. In the past, we were not only co-operative and supportive to our relatives and friends, but also to the peoples who were completely a stranger to us. The world was not as developed and advanced as it is now, nevertheless, we as a Human had a great degree of…


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Hi Every one,

Today is first day in MyEC. I don't know how to speak in english . I need your help to make it.


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What the future holds

If I could ever think of a day without people I love, guess that would be the day I am no more.

Standing at the edge of tomorrow wondering what the right step to take is. There is a choice for me to make! I could never think life can get so serious, could never predict I would be have to make a decision for an entire lifetime, could never think I would be so grown up! The future appears in front of my eyes in very uncertain and misty images, what expects me? What is my way? I can’t…


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A simple tribute to the grandmas out there.

I may be old...

I may be old, but I feel beautiful

I may be old, but I am happy within,…


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I may Be Old...

But I am happy
But I am wiser
But I feel beautiful
But I am triumphant
I may be old and tired… but I am contented

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Northern Adventures - Day Three And Four

This is the third installment of my Northern Adventures' blog. It took a bit longer to be written because I was not too happy with it, and I had been re-writing it a few times. Though I am still not too happy with it, I decided to just let it be, and post it.

Day One



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Independence Day and Flag Day in Ukraine: Is it Right to Celebrate if the Country is in War?

My dear friends! Yesterday was Flag day and today is Independence Day  of my country and I can't help writing a few words in this connection! Hope, you don't mind.

I will not tell you any history for you either know or want to know nothing from it. I will show you a few pictures for you to able to cotmpare and make your own conclusions.

On the left is the Ukrainian flag. It has 8 century old history. Just compare it with the picture on the right. Doesn't it look…


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MY first BLOG :)

Is it madness to try hard and wait all  life  for being happy. But unfortunately i don't know in what i can find it?

more people say i can find happiness in money. there are plenty people that dedicated their life earning money, having expensive cars, houses, jeweleries, travelings all the world...but are they really happy? i think NO... there is still a gap

then where is happiness? May be in family? I am  almost agree. But are all mothers and fathers play their parent…


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Why did king kill palmist ?

There was a king, who was curious to know about his future,  called upon a palmist at his palace so that he could know his future life. The palmist was uncouth. So, he, after looking at lines of his palm, told him, but so rudely,

"Your all family will be died except you".…


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Where could he be?

This is in response to the blog "Internet Marriage' Or "Internet relationship"

Where could he be?

"He must have on line by now. I am waiting for him for an hour. Where could he be? He might have some bad connection. Damn internet………..! I am missing him so much………..why?

We have met just for few hours if counts in total. There must have been some connection……..some unseen connection between us. He used to come online exact at 2200 hours……..very punctilious……this always…


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Beginning & End :))

Hi all readers :D This is my first writing blog and I'm going to write down without any preparation just writing freely to present the ideas directly from my mind to u :)) ...So here's my writing blog:))

As a piece of fact that all humans are created in this word having a Beginning and an End ;believing on that.  there is a very beautiful thing that we all realize in our life every day in which…


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Desire is the explanation of our life. There is a joy when it comes true and sorrow when it does not .It gives our introduction itself. Most of the people live like they kill there soul but don't let there desires killed.We run behind our desires whole life.But there is a light of knowledge among these desires .When desires are incomplete , a light of knowledge enters into our heart.  

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4 Most Annoying Things Guys Say (When Chatting for the Very First Time) @_@

Men and Women are so friendly most of the time.

There are so many pleasing and attractive things members of the opposite sex do.  Even if you’re not into them romantically, there’s usually something to enjoy.

But on the other hand, members of the opposite sex also have this unique and disturbing ability to annoy. 

So here are some 4 most annoying things guys say to girls. :)

1) Calling us "Baby", "Sweetie","Love" or any kind of romantic names.

Hello I mean…


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Associative method of learning English vocabulary

Have you ever heard about assosiation method of learning English vocabulary? You can try it at and quickly learn 30 new words. Then use the new words to watch a comic turned into a film and answer the comprehension questions.

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4 Ways To Brush & Sharpen Up Your Listening Skills

What is communication? Some would only say to impart information. Well, that’s absolutely true yet not completely correct. The thing is, communication doesn’t only mean to impart but also to exchange information, which is only possible if the query is correctly heard, received and thus answered. If you don’t listen to the other fellow clearly, how would you expect to give him a proper reply?

Listening plays a much important role in our life than we could ever imagine. Basically,…


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Different versions of English and their use.

Hello my friends ;

I am just wondering to know that how can I make sure that an Specific word / phrase is british or American ?

For example how can I figure it out that which countries use "display cabinets" As meaning of a glass container used to store and …


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critical thinking in life and in work : part 5


Today I’ll finish last pattern in thinking called as:

Traditional thinking – creative thinking

Traditional thinking owner’s characterized as tight vision…


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One and indivisible Ukraine: The Flower Show in Kiev

In summer Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is a very green city with  a lot of blooming flowers and flower shows are traditional here. However, the greatest flower show is always devoted to Independence Day that is on August 24. Those showes are always grandious, gorgeous and breath taking. This year the…


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