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My story with English!

     I was a kid, it was night and I went to check on my father in the living room, he was reading a book, as usual I was curious to know what was it about, so I asked him to let me take a look, he gave it to me and I started reading but of course I had no clue what "English" is, I only knew it is a "language", anyway I started reading…


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Dialogue Challenge: Senatorial Elections

Hello Friends,

Here is my dialogue between Peter and Paul. Right now, we have an upcoming senatorial election which will be held in December.

Peter & Paul

Peter: Hi Paul, What’s up??…


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My Gratitude

Hi everyOne,

  Anele  : Teacher…


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Was it up to Englishmen to invent Earl Grey?

   In 1838 one English ship transported boxes with tea and bergamot oil (extracted from a particular kind of lemon which had been cultivated in the South-East Asia)from India to Great Britain. The ship got in storm and the boxes broke and the tea mixed with the oil. However the owner of the ship didn`t want to loose his money and the spoiled tea appeared in the English market. The English people pretty liked the tea and then it was called…


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I have just noticed that lately our beloved MAIN ROOM CHAT has been flooded with spammers and trolls.

EC has been very attentive to cope with this issue by suggesting as follows :…


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Everyone starts somewhere

What's this competitive spirit some people have when it comes to learning English? 

We all have to start somewhere and those who are better than others in English are, perhaps, just further down the line than others. Yet I've seen some posts previously on various sites, particularly Facebook groups, where some people attempt to correct…


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.....if women control the world


       if women controlled world....



















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Writing Blog is real leaning and fun

This is the first time , I thought of writing  a Blog to judge my writing skills. When we find a mistake in our  writing, it's a good idea to learn the correct version by heart. Otherwise it's easy to keep making the same mistakes again and again .

Few members at English Club are well learned, who always help others by writing Blogs or by Chat.They have been great source of learning and exploring knowledge. The main chat room is always seen saying HI and…


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Feeling Loved

When you be like a pain healer

Then all my pains are pleasant for me

When you be like a pain healer

Then all my pains are pleasant for me

Your smiles are like strength for me

I get hope from them

Your smiles are like strength for…


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heart broking

she loves hem but she can't tell, he loved her and he tell her every single day, she is afraid from loosing hem, she keep that feeling in her heart,it's so painfull but she can't tell, she saw hem with another girl and she know that he wasn't happy just with her and also she... she keep hide this feeling and she is so tired, she feel like locked in the middle, she can't be with hem but she wich so and she can't see hem with another girl

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Making learning relevant

Learners often struggle with remembering what they have learned, possibly because they don't have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and consequently forget it. This begs the question, 'how useful is what they are learning?"

I have come to the conclusion that very often learners want to improve their English but they have no specific or particular objective or purpose in so doing. This very often results in vague learning goals, a lack of…


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My experience in English language

Hello everyone

I am new in this site and this is first subject  , I welcome all of you .

I would to talk in short about my experience of learning English , I spend at least one year…


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A man's words to a woman

My dear angel Jenny
I love you at first sight
You are so shining in the crowd
You look like my guardian angel,so nice and blessing me
You behave like a lady,so gorgeous and attractive
I enjoy every single moment I stay with you
That's my the greatest honor I have ever had
No matter how you grow old and suffer in the future
No matter how rich or poor you are
I will be with you forever until you die

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Dialogue Challenge : Two Old Chirping Birds

Here goes my attempt in trying to write a whole dialogue. As Mr. Bob said, just imagine two people talking to each other. I found it's not so hard after that. So, try not cringe at this conversation. Please be patient with these two chirping birds. LOL

Ina : So, what's the plan for this year? Are we going to visit Europe as planned or are we going to go somewhere else?

Ita : I don't know. I've been thinking about it a lot, but I still can't…


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The Wonders of Lives

They’re not expensive gifts, but they’re really some of my most precious possessions. Behind every one of them are great memories and love which give them different values, especially the patchwork quilt my mother sewed for me. It’s really an embodiment of maternal love. Behind the…


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If a Rose without A Thousand Thorns

If a Rose without  A Thousand Thorns…


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Life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful

One Day, One Hour

And One Minute,…


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Dialogue challenge (between a working mother and a psychologist)

So far I can understand, to be a working mother is not a easy task. And, it seems to me, they are sometimes  badly needed to see psychologist to reduce their mental pressure. So, I am trying to make a conversation in this regards.

Mo: I don't know how to manage my children and my workplace together. Sometimes I think, I would not be a successful mother! But I want to be. Should I quit my…


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Outing Class

Taking the students out of the classroom in Learning English is really fun, esppecially in learning Listening and Speaking skill. I often do this to motivate their learning. By translating their talks to English and repeat them many times so that the students can repeat what the teachers saying. it really works. 

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What is Meditation - Basics of Meditation

What is Mediation

Why do we do it?

Somebody told you Meditation is very beneficial and you started doing it?

But after one or two days you find it boring or find you are forcing yourself into it…


Added by Garima Arora on November 19, 2014 at 5:52 — 1 Comment

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