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How to start talking in English

9 years of my life experience in English > several hours to write it > less than 10 minutes to read it.

If you read this entire…


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Happy Bangla New Year 1421


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Accelarated Promotion


I was writing the annual confidential report of government employees placed under me. Their performance was always satisfactory sometimes it was good and exemplary. If I write good and above remarks, the reviewing officer above me , would return the report and I had to substantiate my remarks. Then the officer ‘agrees’ with me. Most of the times, the twenty employees worked with me, earned only their satisfactory report. 0nce my wife was away for…


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A day in Saree

Today finally the day has come when I am in Saree. The saree is printed in light mehran colour with  airforce blue colour border in it. Saree is my officially dress code which i have to wear now onwards, but carrying it daily  is not going to be easy task for me.

While getting ready for office I hardly take 10 minutes but today it took around 30 mins to get ready for office.

Being a green horn in this field i believe the day…


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10 ways to Improve SPEAKING Fluency

Do you want to improve your speaking fluency? Are you in your home country, with not many "natives" to speak with? Do you want to speak better, and have some different ways to accomplish it? If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, then check out my newest post:…


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Football World Cup - Brazil 2014

Hello EC users, lets share you ideas about who will win football world cup, which takes place this summer in Brazil.

Please set not more than 3 teams, and only comment to prevent spam and flood. 

And after WC 2014 we will compare results and see who is winner or was closest too.

Good luck!

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Life is too short to be little

      " Life is too short to be little. " Indeed, as we get older, we realize more that there is an end in life…


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Chatting with a girl..:D

A Chat conversation with a girl...

Boy:- Hi

Girl :-)

Boy:- How are you??

Girl:- :-D

Boy:- can we chat??

Girl:- :-O

Boy:- Yes or No??



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Columbus of the Cosmos or International Day Of Human Space Flight (April, 12)

This year we’re celebrating the 80th anniversary since the first Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was born! In my native city Saratov we have  major celebrations devoted to this event as Yuri Gagarin is connected with Saratov in many ways. He studied…


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My First Group

I couldn’t describe it, but I wanted to share it.  This time, I failed to write the precise words that would give a…


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Zero = 0

You are living in two dreams. One belongs to you and the other does not. In both dreams you feel that everything you see is real, as a matter of fact it deceives your feeling. All you see around you including you yourself are really not formed of “matter”. By “matter” here I mean it is in terms of absolute reality. In the dream that belongs to you, you can do anything regardless whether it is right or wrong and you will not receive any reward or…


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YES....I am son of bitch.

I was too sad yesterday...because,I saw a dream...The main reason was,I had a girl friend wanna to say truly,(she was my lover).I loved her very much..still I am loving her.she was very nice person,very kindly and also she was like a child.All of we loves child,that's why I loved her very much.I know very well about this world.I have studied my self and also have much experienced also…


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I believe that you can do it, you tell me why? i say ask those who could fly!! you tell me but, i tell you shu no but, you tell me it is just.., i say no just it is a lovable must that we are to welc…

I believe that you can do it, you tell me why? i say ask those who could fly!! you tell me but, i tell you shu no but, you tell me it is just.., i say no just it is a lovable must that we are to welcome and enjoy.
remember all time that you can do it and it is something that i assure you ...remember too that i never lie .
best luck and don't forget to smile


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can you tell me ....?

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Time By Dimas Prasetyo


By Dimas Prasetyo




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Famous hippie movies

These are famous hippie movies:

BlowupBlow (with Johnny Depp) and Easy Rider. From movies to musicals and which are made later are Godspell, oh Calcutta…


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I quit my job today

I knew when I agreed to take the job in Longgang, Shenzhen, Guongdong, China I was taking a risk.  Red Flags had arisen early.  Supposedly hired in early June of 2013, I heard nothing on the paperwork I needed to obtain my Visa.  I finally contacted the "Managing Director" in early July and was told that the Chinese Government was moving slowly.  I waited.  At the end of July I was asked to come obtain an F Visa instead of continuing to wait on a Z Visa (Proper work Visa).  I was told they…


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Important factors to be considered while buying essay online

Due to hectic and busy time schedules, universities and college students cannot give the best time to their academic studies. At the same time, lots of things are there that firmly need to be managed for example class homework, including class assignments and also their individual life. Fortunately, in this situation several services are working online that professionally assist students to complete their academic assignments. Indeed, there are several web-based academic help providers…


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4 Lines Word (65)

Be sure, I never can point to you by any finger…


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