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Persian poetry tops the U.S. charts

Arriving in New York City at the age of 19 to study music, Hafez Nazeri knew he wanted to do big things.

Now, little more than a decade later, the young Iranian classical composer is riding high with a chart-topping album featuring 38 Grammy Award-winning…


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English Club

i just saw this website when i read an English book. I hope it help me improve myself. by the way , Greetings from Turkey.

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Writing Challenge: THE WORLD'S BIGGEST PROBLEM... Selfishness

When I saw this topic in English Club, I started thinking: What is the biggest problem in the world in my store of experience and knowledge? I concluded that the biggest problem in the world is Selfishness. Human being, on first step, focuses on himself then his family, then his tribe or race, then his city and so on. He wants every benefit for himself, his family, tribe or race and so forth whether it costs others harm. That is the reason massacre and wars are prevailing every where…


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Reframe the paragraphs using right English - Case Study

  1. In 1993 Sunita Mude’s husband left her only after two years of marriage. She was married to her cousin. She stayed with her in-laws till 2001. She did all the household work as  a daughter in law is probably  do. When her husband got married once again and thrown her out of the house without a penny She filed a case.  Her Husband has been asked to pay a sum of Rs. 1,44,000 by court as compensation. So far he has paid Rs.35000 only.


I did mean any suggestion for…


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In The Name Of Research

I just read a hilarious article in BBC about Ig Nobel Prize 2014 that made me smile at the ridiculous things that we human do in the name of research. What is Ig Nobel Prize? According to its website, the Ig Nobel Prize honour achievement that first make people laugh and then make them think. The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour…


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Scottish independence

I think that Scottish have to be more autonomy in Great Britain but still I am not supported independence because it cane be more dangerous to Europe which distributes into small parts 

Added by Mustafa on September 18, 2014 at 20:44 — 4 Comments

Sadness and hapiness

Why are people sad and why they're happy? I was always wondering how some person can be happy when I see her/ him, is it based on his/hers own thoughts or is it caused by outward facts that which happening in her someone's life ? 

They are always facts that's initiate's us to be happy but what about a situation when you don't have a reason to be happy ? In some case when you work hard and try to believe that one day your dreams come true and your effort will pay off, but instead of…


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River Rafting

River rafting is a challenging sport  with important requirements. First of all,planning your trip carefully ensures your safety at all times . Therefore,the river-rafting company should have a good safety record. 

you can select levels from level 1 (no experience) to…


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Love is Siblings

"If you have siblings you have everything."



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useful Color Idioms

Color Idioms 2…


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I am asking your suggestions.

As you know I am a high school teacher.I am working in a CBSE school its too far from my state means over three states from my state.But yesterday I got an opportunity from government Employment.''OFFICE ASSISTANCE''in a university.its in my state.I can go to home every week.I was thinking about that,what can I do?If I resigned from this school my students will be alone(till the next teacher come).Next thing…


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THIS WEEK'S THING: 18 SEPTEMBER, 2014 (Each week I’ll post one of the “110 Things” here)

6) Multi-syllable words which have an “r” should not necessarily be assumed to be pronounced phonetically. For example, the word, “tired”. Native English speakers pronounce this word as, “ti-erd”. But non-native speakers often mistakenly pronounce the word phonetically: “ti-red”.

Another example is “iron”, which is correctly pronounced “i-ern”. Non-native speakers invariably pronounce this word phonetically: “i-ron”. (A good…


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Better Days,

I am from Iran but living in Afghanistan, I want to go to Russia, haha do you think I need Visa?? no there are no rules to except people there are no borders, I can go to Russia and live there in the people's homes for free since they want to come to Afghanistan and we transfer our homes but for a week. You know we found each other in the EC club, to be honest technology facilitated our life. I am not so reach but I can travel all around the world since the flight is quite cheap and…


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very utilizable slang 2

utilizable slang 2…


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My First Blog

Hi English club,

hi every  one , who ever want to learn English i think this site is the best one

I don"t know how to use this site but by seeing the information in this site

i felt this is what i am looking for. i don"t know how to write a blog, because

i am feeling scare to write in English and speak in English   . i want to  know where

i am in  English. i want to improve my English skills speaking and writing.

Thank you. 

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My first Post! let´s talk about word errors

This is a video which I found some weeks ago.. It´s about grammar mistakes..  I´d recommend you to watch its and say me If you like it!

Thanks! :-)

Added by Itsaso Pérez on September 18, 2014 at 12:32 — 2 Comments

Writing prompt: similar but not same

 There is a saying, everybody likes to give advice but who else likes to follow? Anyway, whereas we like it or not , we must follow some advice. For example, my doctor advised me not to drink tea for the next 15 days. And, I think, it would be wise to follow her advice.…


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Thought By Dimas Prasetyo


By Dimas Prasetyo


Time always runs around

Second to second cannot be turned!

Still you waste your time then you make a ruin?

As your burden

Till the time will take you and you are gone!


When your old  is being older

While your skin is not again…


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A sunny day

Good morning !

The sun is shining now :)

All flowers are lovely..always make people happy .

Today is a sunny day . As usual , I am in my small garden . I see a few flowers…


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Idioms 3

11. in ages means "for a very long time"

Example: Have you seen Joe recently? I haven't seen him in ages.

12. give someone a hand means "help"

Example: I want to move this desk to the next room. Can you give me a hand?

13. hit the hay means "go to bed"…


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