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Our thinking and our feeling: the difference

In life, the moments of ups and downs,

define what you discover in these moments

what is good for your flow or not.

You discover your own flow, your own soul,

your own recognition.

Then you realize that you are and that

there is your feeling which is at the same

time good for your flow and you

abstract/detach yourself from your thinking.

This is the true you

and the unity of you with the world.

The true soul spirit of life and…


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Writing Prompt: Forgetting Articles

I'm an ambitious lady who looks for a good future. I look at life as a schoo of experiments, attitudes, moments, and exams. I think the difference from life's school and  shcool education is that in life's school you pass the exam than you learn from it while in the school…


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Grandpa's henhouse

Yesterday,I walk to Grandpa's home. When passing by my grandpa's henhouse,I heard someone walking. I thought that was just my illusion,because the place was dim and seemed like nobody there,and continued walking on my way. But in a few seconds, there was the sound again. So I caught a glimpse of the henhouse inside, finding that was my grandpa's figure.

I called him and asked" What are you doing there,Grandpa? "With his hoarse voice, he said" I'm feeding…


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A game with own fate (Part One)


Part One

It was cold midnight and his apartment…


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Who says we dont carry anything?

Well, Death is considered as the end of the journey, but I believe whatever we have done in the journey of life, all those transactions are cleared only after when one reaches to the God. He is the only one from whom we can hide nothing, not even the things that are done in the locked or behind the doors. Even if you have done some crime alone, you cannot hide it.

God is Universal. He…


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I Am Not Sorry About Palestine...

I noticed that usually, when something goes wrong somewhere else, the United States is either blamed for it or called out to help and intervene.  I understand that there are times when war is inevitable so I am not going to question why our troops need to be out there although I also understand that we here have enough problems in our own backyard that also need serious attention and some cleaning up.  So when our young men and women in the…


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Writing Prompt -- Forgetting Articles

My friend has a dog called Toby.

Toby is sensitive to cats……Last week, my friend decided to go on a trip, so she left Toby to me, because we have a big yard, when I brought Toby to the…


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We are ahead of everything, but we are fallen behind everything.

Having been worked in Asia-Expo and Book Fair in Hong Kong, regardless of their day-by-day basis of part-time work, I realized that those were not what I'm supposed to do, rather, it's just a kind of experience letting me understand the nature of service industry and presentations operating in a real-life situation. So I got back my nerd nature and started reading Hong Kong Basic Law and "A Tale of Two Cities" again, trying to understand the social issues…


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India summoned a top Pakistani diplomat

India summoned a top Pakistani diplomat on Friday, two days after announcing resumption of foreign-secretary-level talks, to voice unhappiness over repeated delays in the trial of seven men accused in the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks.

"We asked them to ensure a mechanism whereby Indian diplomats in their country get regular briefings about the Mumbai terror trial and related investigations," a foreign ministry official told media.

The trial, which began in 2012 and is being conducted by… Continue

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My dear friends, this is my first post I've been here since last year but I have not posted any articles, today I am going to write something for first time please accept it.

        A frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a long time. It was born there and brought up there, and yet was a little, small frog.

        Well, one day another frog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well.    

"Where are you from?"

"I am…


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Story : Coincidence (Climax)


Chapter -4 Flabbergasted


Both Shweta and Ranika slept at 11.00pm, the train would leave them at New Delhi platform at 8.30am



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 When you heard the words Friday, what things appears in your mind?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Advaced learner oxford dictionary, it says that, Friday is the day of the weeks after Thushday and before Saturday. Originally translated from the Latin for the day of the planet Venus, where Vineris dies and named after the Germanic goddes Frigga.

For the first time i saw this word Friday, i was thinking about “Fry” for it has the same way to pronounce,…


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Writing Attempt- Phrasal verb (II)

Turn away = “*to cause someone or an animal to avoid moving toward something”…They turn us away at the border because we don’t have visas.


Turn down = “ *to issue a refusal to someone *refuse a offer *to decrease the volume of something”…  We had…


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Writing Prompt: Forgetting Articles

An older man and a younger woman arrived in a city. After leaving the train station, they took a taxi to take them to a hotel for renting…


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Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, who stepped down as Israel's 9th president Thursday, is the last of Israel's founding fathers and a hawk-turned-dove whose international aura will be sorely missed by many Israelis.

Now 90, Peres has stood at the forefront of Israeli politics for 65 years, demonstrating resilience in the face of innumerable challenges.

He steps down as Israel was locked in yet another bloody battle with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip in their worst confrontation in five… Continue

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People come and pass

I have seen so many people coming, staying and passing on my journey of life, and just small part of them we still sort of keep in touch and just several become my best friends.

There was a time when I was totally confused that whether I should spend so much time dealing with the people you meet and trying to know them so that I could possibly make them become my friends, for most of the people you meet in your life, such as classmates, schoolmates or colleagues and all, once you two…


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When I close my eyes

When i close my eyes
I feel a fire burning
a toll twirling inside
that is turning and turning

fire back
fire front
yes, fire!!!
Fire is here!!
Fire is here with me!!

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Nikita's 9 Letters to Captain X...I

Dear Captain,

I just dreamed of you last night. That was a strange dream. I embarked your ship, and I saw you sleep on the deck, dreaming. Just then there came a water screen from the sea, which was showing your dream. Don't worry, I was the only audience. …


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Writing Prompt ~ Forgetting Articles

I am not an ailurophile,but somehow, I separately like the black cat. One of…


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*Shuuuushh....Gaza! the World is Asleep!*

In the Name of Allah,the Ever-Merciful and All-Merciful

Today I decided to hit the ground rolling for the project I I started writing. After finishing a page or two which were the most crucial pages I accidentally unplugged my laptop and it went dead! And I haven’t saved the document! Gone!

I was so anxious!…


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