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This Sunday it's…


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This is the RESULT of your quiz based on Lesson 5 (Confusing Words).  Percentage is computed by the following formula:  …


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Rio 2

Tonight my wife and I went to see a cartoon film, RIO 2. It was graded 8 of 10 by audiences. It deserved the scores. The Blue Sky Stadium who produced the film had created Ice Age series for us.

Rio 2 has enough comedy momentum and the audiences let out laughters at times. When it came to the end, most of us emitted oh of despair.

If there are some handicaps for it, I think there's two.

There was deficiency of compact plot in the first half comparing with the latter part. It took… Continue

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Hashish is an illegal drug that comes from the hemp. People usually smoke or chew it to get that pleasant feeling of being relaxed and happy. these people are very funny. They tell jokes and they do not mean that. This is the most interesting thing about the matter, and they rarely smile. Two friends were having tea with this hashish in the living room when suddenly one of them took off all his clothes and lay on the floor and began to swim. His friend did not pay any…


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A small fly

Have you ever noticed how a fly tries to get out of a window?


There was a small fly that entered through one of the windows of the car.

And after a while, she wanted to get out from the same window, which was closed.

She flew around it from the left to the right from the top to the bottom to get out but it was hopeless.

She kept trying that until she got tired and exhausted all her energy and died.                   

The strange thing was that all…


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Oh baby, I love you

Oh Baby.. I love You

Since I found you at my first sight..

Thou make my heart stunned

Ever since my yearning fettered,

Since, a love comes to knock down my deepest heart.

Oh baby, am I falling in love with you?

What happened with my sense for thou?

What’s wrong with my mind for thee?

Is this a romance?

Wish you were here

Hope you come here

Then we can live for thousand years

Till the end of our time

Till our hair turn into…


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'Forget the past & move on'…

A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke. 

All laughed like crazy. After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time. 

He cracked the same joke again &…


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"I before E except after C" - Well, sort of

If you are unsure to use ie or ei in a word, this is the rule: I before E except after C.- but please continue reading - there is more to it :)~

  • ie as in believe, die, friend…

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here some of Proverbs i like it:

1-"To succeed in politics, it is often necessary to rise above your principles

2-Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse.

3-If you think education is expensive -- try…


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Let's improve English writing skills

 Are you ready to be a better writer? If you say 'Yes' to that question, you have something to share with the word.

  Then what's stopping you? you know English, you've learned English for ages. So what seems to be the problem? Some might say "I'm not sure about my grammar" or "I don't have a good vocabulary to express my ideas". If that is your case, I bet you don't read books. I tell…


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English Speaking partner

Hi, so sorry that I couldn't contact you on the 17th April as planned. Unfortunately I had problems with my laptop and organising the induction class. However all these issues are now resolved and I look forward to holding the first induction class on the 20/04/2014 at 1:20 PM NYC time.

My skype id is , engvocal please add on your skype contact if you interested to attend my induction class.

SKYPE ID - engvocal

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What Is an Adjective Phrase? (with Examples)

An adjective phrase (or adjectival phrase) is a Phrase that tells us something about the noun it is modifying. The head (principal) word in an adjective phrase will be an adjective. In the examples below, the adjective phrase is in brackets and the head word (i.e., the adjective) is in…


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CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT Celebrates Easter Sunday

CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT Celebrates Easter Sunday

The Easter is one the Day of Resurrection.It is the greatest Christian feasts and the largest, Recalling the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from among the dead after three days of the crucifixion.

I wish you happy Easter 



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Should I call what I write here my dairy ?

So I like to start my memories with this question of you ..Should I call what I write here my dairy? If it is not right then what I should call it ? I have never wrote my dairy in English, Always I have wrote it in my mother tongue,Oops you say how ? LOL ... I always did that like a poem.Always I though that the one who write dairy must always write sorrow and sad memories lol :D like the memories of a famous person :p Crazy me ;) LOL maybe because always I think I will be a famous person.…


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Nun and Man :-!

There were nun in a monastery who always think logically, That is why people always call her Sister Logical. One night She was  going to another monastery that they noticed , A man is following them.

Her friend ask: What do you think ?

She said : So this is logical that she is planing to assault us.

Her friend scared and asked what we can do now ?

She answered : So we must take apart each other. This is logical he cant follow both of us.

they took apart and…


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my school's video

 Dear readers,

To day I want to show my school society. After watching it  I hope your comments.

Thank you


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Team building

We organized the first team building yesterday. My six colleagues leaved office ahead of schedule two hours to a game club. The club gives consumers several suits of rooms in which some locks on the doors. The players' mission is to escape from the rooms. There are clues in the rooms. Usually you may get a set of numbers after decrypting the clues. Then you may open a combination lock via the numbers. The game was very popular in recent months whether in a real environment or in mobile phone. I… Continue

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Once upon a time, there was a poor peasant who made butter and sold them to the only local store in the village. He made the butter in round disks of 1 kilo gram and, in return, bought other groceries from the same…


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Wonderful under Ground

This story I presented to all kids in the world.

Once upon a time there lived a white rabbit with lots of fur. Fat white rabbit named Whibit. One day, she was sleeping for few hours. After she woke up, she found all of carrots did she had. She asked to her family but none knew where's the carrots. She took a walk until few miles. She met a little girl in a way.

Rabbit asked, " did you see my carrots?",

Rabbit started crying. The little girl taught Rabbit was poor because…


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