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Deepawali:The Festival of Light

A lamp with the flame always attracts me. I like to see  flames fighting with the darkness. Darkness shows ignorance. It means a flame fights with the ignorance. But its aura is limited. A limited place can be lit by a tiny lamp. In the kingdom of darkness, a tiny lamp…


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Life and Sun

Life is same as visible spectrum of sun waves, It has all colors, and all of them are meaningful along with together, sometimes we are in dark part and sometimes in light part, but those band is narrow and we will leave behind every band to get another part ....Then there isn't any thing to worry in life, if it is same as parts of sun's light...

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Names of meats

Meat is my favorite food item. Though I can't eat some of them. Some creates allergy problem in my body. Here, I tried to write some common and popular names of meats.

1. Beef- meat from an adult cow

2. Veal- meat from a young cow

3. Lamb- meat from a young sheep

4. mutton- meat from an adult sheep

5. Bacon- meat from a pig ( thin pieces)

6. Pork- meat from a pig

7. Horseflesh-  horse meat

8. Venison- meat from a deer



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Sana'a is the spirit without which I can't enjoy life.

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Playing fool

Hello girls and boys,

Have you ever tried playing a fool? I am sure some of you will be into it. :)

Here is how it is played.

When you are communicating with someone who is not familiar with you, you give him a fake idea of your knowledge/ identity. When you get him on a discussion, you pretend like a dumb. You earn his sympathy and give him the feeling of being the person in charge. A couple of silly things may be handy like, "you mean that the engine drives the…


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Paul Smith - An Extra Ordinary Artist

After reading an article about one extra ordinary artist named Paul Smith, I can't help from being humbled and marvel at this amazing man. Thus I just wanted to share what I've seen in the video and I hope you guys also will be amazed at this totally wonderful artist. 

You see, Paul Smith was not just a normal artist. He's a 'typewriter artist'. He created his arts by using typewriter. Yes! Not a computer, but the old fashioned typewriter. What's more amazing was that, he was a…


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24/7 in love

The wedding is soonest to happen.Nobody could abate the love we've grown for years . I feel sheer glee for every moment I'm with him. I totally enthralled by his sweetest hugs and kisses especially his astonishing words and actions. I know myself how I am head over heels for him. This joy of mine is contagious as I don't see green-eyed monsters around me .If there are people who are hiding behind their…


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Last Trip to Mathura - Mathura birth place of Lord Krishna

We went to Mathura last Sunday via NH24 highway, which connects Delhi and UP. We visit Mathura every year in the month of Kartik to light a lamp.

Mathura is situated in the banks of river Yamuna. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna.

We left the home early in the morning at 6.30am. It takes 4 hours from our home to reach Mathura by car. We reached Mathura at 10am. We parked our car near to one ghat of Yamuna River and went straight away to the Mathura Market. We then went…


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Have you ever thought of your name? Have you ever asked your parents why they chose this name for you? People name their kids after holy people like prophets or heroes, scientists or famous people. Some names are taken from nature like star, sun, sky, river, moon etc. there are some names which has great meaning like brave, courage, kindness, prettiness, loyalty etc.

Maybe by using great people’s names we try to make them unforgettable. By using nature we remind ourselves how important… Continue

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Writing Challenge: Advice From Nature

I have been living for long long time. I do not have any idea of my life. Trying to fulfil my duty without fail. All the things and work and the duration of the seasons were unchanged. I am duty bound to what I am made for. My duties towards animals, human being, plants and all the other things remain the same. 

I treat each and everyone equ…


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Writing Challenge : Advice from Coffee

Writing Challenge : Advice from Coffee…


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Practice makes perfect

I have studied English for approximately 5 years. But unfortunately my English is still not fluent because of just one reason: I do not practice!!!!

I remember when I made my first conversation in English through Skype with a friend from My EC I was really shocked.…


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A poem at midnight

A poem at midnight

By Dimas Prasetyo


An owl sings gently,

It is kinda scary to me

Drubbing, He sounds loudly

Crack the silence of midnight…


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From winter to spring

The cold wind of winter blew from several months before the arrival of the spring season. People always say that winter starts in end of December to March, but that is in the northern hemisphere of out planet Earth. People forget that the Earth is divided into two hemispheres, that is north and south. When is cold in the north, it is the contrary in the south.

The place below the longitude of the sub-tropic has mild winter. There isn't any snow, just almost freezing cold wind and…


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Russia part 2

1. The most popular social network in Russia is “VK”.

The full name if this social network is called as “VKontakte”. I don’t know exactly how it can be translated into English. Its name means approximately that people are online and ready to chat. “VK” is like “Facebook” but it has differences in the interface keeping all needed options. Few Russians have accountants in “Facebook”.…


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Writing Challenge: Advice from Asiatic Cheetah

My English name is Cheetah, this word is of Sanskrit origin “chita” meaning spotted in Hindi language. I am the fastest land animal in the world. I’m famous for my speed, I can run 110 Km per hour……only some expensive cars such as Porsche 911 Turbo can accelerate me in speed….this amazing speed has stunned many wildlife researchers….there are two species of me, Asiatic Cheetah and African Cheetah but unfortunately my Asian generation is in danger of extinction, for this reason I’m…


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Writing prompt: Names of Animals kids.

Really, I had very little information in this context. So, today I tried to read and collect some information. And, I felt the urge to share it with all of you. So, friends, have a look!

1. Domestic animals' (cow, buffaloes, yak, camel, ox, rhinoceros) kids are known as- calf. But , I surprised to find that…


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I think it is interesting to improve our English language by doing what i think.

Let me write one word and everybody can continue to form another word using the last letter of my word.

Example. if I say Bird

the next person can say Dog.....

let us form many many many words.

you can add whatever you think which make more entertaining.

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Writing challenge: Advice from laptop

 Hi friends, who am i ?don’t you get me .I am always with you  .wherever  you go ,I am in your bag.. oh have you thought that I am your pen ,pencil ?no I am not .you have to guess me  more .still didn’t get  that who am I ?let me give more clue,  I am an electronic product ,some of them using me for passing  their time ,some of them using me for them education ,some of them for working , I preserve the information data,pictures,videos,files.I hope u get me now ,I am your friend…


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