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"I speak a number of languages, but none are more beautiful to me than English."…


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Quiz 5

Dear Learners, welcome to QUIZ 5.  If you think you are not ready to take the quiz, click the icon below and it will…


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My First Group

I couldn’t describe it, but I wanted to share it.  This time, I failed to write the precise words that would give a…


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Colors of time


  Do you know what the colors of time are? When the seasons change, each has its own featured color. All tiny green leaves are growing and tell you that spring has come. Summer arrives with golden sunshine and red flowers, and in Vietnam it is called flower for students, because it blossoms just in summer and it warns of the end of the long school year. Yellow falling leaves are an absolute sign of autumn,…


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The 4 C's

To best friend Ali…


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Writing Challenge....Life Hacks!

First of all, It is a new way of expression for me. So, I want to say thanks for giving me a chance to learn a new thing. Of course, there are some Life hacks in my life also, but I am not sure whereas I would be able to write down properly or not! Okay, lets try.

1. Put same color clothes in a place - It is worthy in many ways. For example, it…


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A Suggestion for the Mascot!

Hi Tara! 

I’m a Honey…


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Writing Challenge : Life hacks

Writing Challenge : Life hacks

I hope I do not make a wrong explanation again, I must say thank again to brother Ario for your extra explanation.  If we talk about life hacks, I remember about some of life hacks which had been done by Me. They are :…


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Writing Chalenge : Life Hacks

Ah.. I guess everybody are very happy with this topic, and so curious to know how to make our life easier.. Even I know this life hacks, but have yet to do it... Not 100% guaranteed.

1. Heat a corn wrapped in a plastic in the microwave  

Put a corn inside a plastic, and heat it in a microwave, just in a couple of minutes you will get a very delicious steamed corn, you have to put it inside a plastic to keep it fresh, unless it will dry. I'm not sure about the safety.…


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Writing Challenge : Life Hacks

Most of my life hacks came from my Mom which sometimes can be viewed as 'old wives tales'. However, later on, I gathered more reasonable life hacks through articles and friends. In here, I want to share both life hacks; the 'old wives tales' kinds and the reasonable ones.

1. Use Unmatched/Unusable Socks As Wiper

Most of us are always facing with large collections of unmatched/unusable socks. We always ended up throwing away those socks. I learnt those socks are…


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Love is the antidote of envy

Who has ever get jealous with other people?

There's a painting on the wall of chapel in Pandua, made by Renaissance artist, named Giotto. He depicted envy as a creature with big and long ear, which can hear every bit of news of another's success, but also a tongue of a serpent to poison the reputation of the one of being envied.

And, what's even more interesting from that painting, the creature is blind, because the serpent bite its own eye, and destroying itself with its…


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Tiny approach towards big goal….

A big goal usually is something in the medium future or maybe in the far future.Sometimes the problem with big goals is that in the beginning, it inspires us, it gives us energy and we feel excited, but when things became tough and very difficult, as every tougher achievement behind have challenges. We give up to stay the phase.. because the goal actually hurt us & making feel bad & weak to go ahead for future move, it just feels too difficult and too far, even sometimes it leaves…


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Addicted In Books

If you my dear friend don't have this great habit, I will give you 10 reasons to have:

10- Entertainment: Yes, books can make you smile, cry, etc;

9- To Avoid diases: I guarantee that prevents numerous diseases, such as affecting memory such as Alzheimer's; 

8- Improves your Focus and Concentration: May be in the beginning can be hard to keep…


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Writing Challenge: Life Hacks

"The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. You'd be surprised at how it can make people see the flaws in their logic." via @LifeHacks

Have you heard the expression "life hack"? This is a trendy…


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Remembering MH370

I woke up on Saturday March 8 like any other day. Moaning and groaning. Dragging my feet to do the screaming laundry. Even the happy chirps from all those birds can't brighten my mood. I did not listen to the television nor do I log into my Facebook. I was in a bliss trying to do some sorts of housework. After I felt human enough and pacified those screaming laundry, I log into my Facebook. I was shock when most of status were about the disappearance of MH370, a Malaysian flight bound to…


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Feeling sorry

I feel sorry when a learning platform is invaded by perverts, having the intention to learn and to know people around the world, it is really sad to chat with person whose the aim is to chat with girls and driving them to a video conversation just to talk dirty and show them bad things.

I feel sorry for EC, it is a nice place with nice people but those perverts can make it a bad place !!!

I have a message for those perverts: EC is for good intentions, and if you don't have the…


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If life is tough, dolphins makes you laugh! And if seems life is so noisy , and everyone is  so busy, try to jump as high as you can! But don't forget the place where you live so down! When you want to cry but you…

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Have a nice chat!

Some members prefer to chat in private and some members prefer the main room for chatting. Both of them have their own reasons. In my opinion, it depends on our aim. If our aim is learning, we can utilize both places.

Let us see some of the benefits of chatting in the main room and in private.…


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Nikita's Nine Letters to Captain X...1

Dear Captain,

After a long while, I've calmed myself down from my deteriorative memory and my stupid mistake and decided to write to you again. I am sorry that a thing happened in last June which drove me crazy delayed my letters to you. I hope everything is going well with you.…


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4 Reasons Why Students Fail Even After Studying Hard

Failing in exams is one of the common problems that many school, college and university students face during their lifetime. There is not one, but a number of reasons that can be associated with this problem. Every student has a different style of learning, and therefore, one problem or one solution cannot be generalized. Here is a list of reasons, which many times lead to exam failure, and their appropriate solutions.

1. Plain reading instead of learning

In my…


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