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Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem (Pollution)

Pollution is now one of the world's biggest problems, especially in developing countries, such as China. The economic growth may be to blame. With the rapid economic growth, China is now the second largest economy in the world, and at the same time pollution, a byproduct of the development, has accompanied the growth to come. People are now so familiar with the environmental pollution, such as air or water pollution - the sky is no longer blue; the rivers aren't clear any…


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Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem

Have you heard of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals? In the year 2000, at the Millennium Summit, leaders from around the world identified 8 of the world's biggest problems. They set a goal of fixing these problems in 15 years.

On MyEC, we come from…


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Sounds like Animal!

I know you have heard a lot of animals, and know very well what their sounds called, but do you know these sounds can also be used for some human expressions. 

Do you have a teacher who talks in a monotonous and listless tone that made you somnolent? It is as dull and low like a drone is sitting around you and making low noise. Then you can call it that your teacher was just droning in the lecture. It means to talk in a monotonous dull and uninteresting way. It is…


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Little Things (including some idioms)

To kiss mom from no reason, to make breakfast for partner, to create some toy for kid or to donate old clothes to charity - these little things essentially reflect our character and prove we have some will to warm the cockles of …


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Northern Adventures - Day Three And Four

This is the third installment of my Northern Adventures' blog. It took a bit longer to be written because I was not too happy with it, and I had been re-writing it a few times. Though I am still not too happy with it, I decided to just let it be, and post it.

Day One



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Welcome Back Home

Today is the day of national mourning for Malaysia. Today we mourned for the victims of MH17. Today we received the 20 bodies of 43 Malaysians that had been repatriated from Holland. Today is a bitter sweet day for the families of the victims.

Finally, they welcome back their love ones to be properly…


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My fated friend - real story

Today I would like to share something real, something about friendship you might come across over the internet, friendship which is worth it. 

Well,  I met her almost three years ago here on MY EC. I joined this website to improve my English skills since I was …


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The land of my birth - Ham Nhon

Ham Nhon is one of commune of Ham Thuan Bac District in Binh Thuan province located in the east of Southern Vietnam, far away from Ho Chi Minh City about 200kms from the East North.

I was born, left there when I was 3 and came back every summer holidays and the Tet holidays when I was a child

By the vision of a child, that is the place where the fields were lengthened infinitely. It was blue and transparent. The ground was covered by green. The green was mixed from rice-fields,…


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RHODES - awesome island (Part Two)


After those little bit exhausting trips we decided to spend the time on the beach and to have fun there with the friends we made and who stayed in the same hotel. We met there two couples from…


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RHODES - awesome island (Part One)


Lately I read here on MY EC interesting nice blogs about places some members like Noaspls or Tree have visited and I have to admit that it inspired me to write a blog about one of the islands I fell in love with.…


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Moravian Slovak - The Land of My Birth (Writing Challenge)

Moravian Slovak - The Land of My Birth (Writing Challenge)

 I was born in little sweaty town Hodonín, sometimes called “Goding”. Hodonín “city” is spread in hearth of Moravian Slovak region, at southeast of Moravian territory (N 48°51'12" E 17° 04' 31"). Hodonínsko is micro region with a flat terrain, wind sand and pines/oak forests. It is famous for wine yards and wine cellars all around there. Most of opportunities for grooving…


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Northern Adventures - Day Two

This is the second entry of my Northern Adventures. Writing this blog in a sense is a therapy for me. It allows me to look back at my holiday after being melancholy for a little bit.

Day One

Day Two

On day two, our day started very early. After having our breakfast, we went to Tanjung Malai to board our boat for the islands hopping…


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Writing Challenge: The Land of My Birth

i was born in đà nẵng city, Vietnam. i love being a vietnammese. i consider myself a patriotic person.i feel strong sense of national pride when they recaptured freedom from the west and unified national. i have lived a few different areas of Viet Nam, and i feel the most comfortable at home in the Quang Nam province of viet nam, where i was born. however, i did not spend my childhood  there. i grew up in Dong Nai, Which is quite far from HCMC. i moved to HCMC when i get the…


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Writing Prompt: Used To

Writing Prompt ~ Used To

 Me and my friends are used to going out from home to work at 7 PM. I don't drive, but my friends Alex and Matt are used to driving because they took their driver's license long time…


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Writing Challenge : The Land of My Birth.

Bangladesh is a South Asian country. It is a Developing country. But we have everything to be a Develop country like natural resources,  lots of worker, and many historical place for visitor attraction. Just need to utilize every element properly. I think every people have love and affection for their country and I am not different. I feel proud of being a Bangladeshi. When our sports person participate in various international competition  it’s give me a sense of…


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Northern Adventures - Day One

This is one of the hardest blogs that I've ever written. It seemed to take forever for me to write and finish it. Due to certain circumstances, I seemed can't find my way to finish it. But when I took the time to re-write and continue with it, it seemed in a way to purge some of the sadness away. Now, I can look back to my holiday with fond memories and I don't feel so guilty for enjoying my…


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Messages For ESL Learners By EnglishClub Members

~ English is easy if you follow few simple steps ~

Hello friends/Club members/...,…


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Writing Challenge: The Land of My Birth

       I was born in Taiwan, a small but very pretty country. Many people probably don't know where Taiwan is,or even ,they think Taiwan is part of mainland China.Um.....,I try not to mention that. It's definitely a political and controversial issue. However,I love my country,being proud of a Taiwanese girl, because Taiwan is also the country where I grew up .

        In the capital of Taiwan,named Taipei, there has the tallest building called "Taipei 101".It used to be the…


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Writing challenge – The land of my birth.

As long as I have been in Englishclub.com, I often asked my chat-mates “ What do you know about Viet Nam? ” and they immediately answered me:  “ I only know about Viet Nam through two wars in the past ; French – Viet Nam war and America - Viet Nam war”. I’m proud of  being a Vietnamese because  everyone knows about my country as the land of courage, strong spirit, hardihood, etc... But in this blog, I’m not going to tell…


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Writing Challenge: The Land of My Birth

My name is tawfeeq .I am from Iraq , it is a Sumerians land . Iraq is located in the middle east , it is considered as the cradle of civilization where there first letter of writing was invented .But unfortunately Iraq now is unstable .

I was born in Najaf in the middle of Iraq .It is a holy city because it contains the shrine of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib with its resplendent golden dome and minarets. His holy tomb under the shrine…


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