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Paul Smith - An Extra Ordinary Artist

After reading an article about one extra ordinary artist named Paul Smith, I can't help from being humbled and marvel at this amazing man. Thus I just wanted to share what I've seen in the video and I hope you guys also will be amazed at this totally wonderful artist. 

You see, Paul Smith was not just a normal artist. He's a 'typewriter artist'. He created his arts by using typewriter. Yes! Not a computer, but the old fashioned typewriter. What's more amazing was that, he was a…


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Writing Challenge: Advice From Nature

I have been living for long long time. I do not have any idea of my life. Trying to fulfil my duty without fail. All the things and work and the duration of the seasons were unchanged. I am duty bound to what I am made for. My duties towards animals, human being, plants and all the other things remain the same. 

I treat each and everyone equ…


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Have you ever thought of your name? Have you ever asked your parents why they chose this name for you? People name their kids after holy people like prophets or heroes, scientists or famous people. Some names are taken from nature like star, sun, sky, river, moon etc. there are some names which has great meaning like brave, courage, kindness, prettiness, loyalty etc.

Maybe by using great people’s names we try to make them unforgettable. By using nature we remind ourselves how important… Continue

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Writing Challenge: Advice from a Table.



Well I will get straight to my point. I was not satisfied with my previous Writing Challenge: Advice from Environment…


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Writing Challenge: Advice from English

Writing Challenge: Advice from English

1. I am your best friend:

As your best friend, please treat me like your friend, I am alive! I am not only a dead thing. By using me as your friend, you could get…


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Writing Challenge: Advice from English

Do not treat me as a subject:

Yes! I shouldn't be treated like a subject, however I am taught as a subject in academic institutions. A language is a real life tool for communication. You need a language every time you need to communicate. Even you think in a language. So, if you want to master me, change your approach. Leave your bookish habits and start to use me in real…


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Some of you may question the title of this latest entry. Incase you're wondering, "What makes you tick?" is an English expression (idiom) that loosely translates to mean, "What's your reason for living? What gives you motivation to wake up in the morning? What's your true passion in life and why?".

If the question were literally translated, I'd be writing about pre digital age mechanical clocks that make a "tick tock" sound.…


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A Fast Train Home

It may come as no surprise that Japan has some very fast trains. I like to ride these trains and this Monday I was thankful that they are so fast. I had spent a few days in Tokyo with my family and with work when the big Vongfong Typhoon was coming our way.  Saturday we were admiring the park near my daughter's home. We really hoped the storm would weaken and stop.…


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Emotional Manipulation

Have you ever been a victim of the manipulator? Or what's even worse - have you ever manipulated anybody? I guess, we all came across something like this at least once in a life time. To manipulate means to skillfully force others to do the things we want them to do, even though it is against their will. Sometimes we aren't even aware of the fact that somebody applies their manipulating technique on us. On one…


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National Day on Writing

I saw on the news a few weeks ago that the Philippine Postal Corporation, a government owned corporation that provides postal services in my country, launched a writing contest about the importance of handwritten letters to an individual. Letters which are delivered thru snail mail have declined for…


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The River "Mosel" in Germany Part I


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Education in Russia (school)

Every child starts going to school from the age of six or seven and till 16/17.  The primary school teaches its pupils elementary skills, such as reading, writing, counting. The most important period is the secondary school, which starts from the 4th or 5th grade, depending on school. This is the time when children start learning Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, and many other new subjects. At the 9th grade children face a very important period in their life. They have to…


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All the unfamiliar names of people or places

Yes, I mean all the unfamiliar names of people or places in an article, news report or blog post. Usually there are so many unfamilar names of people or places in what you're reading, which may impede/hamper your reading. This can be a problem. I wonder how you'll deal with it. 

Some names of people or places are so hard to spell or pronounce. Maybe you never tried to pronounce or get familar with them. You may just ignore them and continue your reading because you know they are just…


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Why Things are Named?

Sometimes a question crosses a common mind that why things are named. There are some reasons for naming things:


People name things in general and human beings in particular to identify and recognize them and make them known to others. We differentiate among things and human beings on the basis of their names and special qualities. Science of name is called 'Nameology'. Allah created this science before creation of human being. When Allah…


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City of Turquoise Domes

Isfahan (Esfahan) is the capital of Isfahan Province in Iran. It is Iran's third largest city after Tehran and Mashhad. It flourished in the 16th century under the Safavid dynasty, when it became the capital of Iran. It is famous for its Islamic architecture, with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces,…


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Writing Prompt: Breathe Vs. Breath

Writing Prompt ~ Breathe Vs. Breath

Hi Marcel,

What's going on in your work routine? It seems you're looking so tired and stressed out as far as your mother told me last week when I…


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Writing Challenge - Advice From The Human Body


I am a human body. I am alive body. Sometimes people love me and sometimes they don't. They don't accept me as I am. Some people hate me because they are too fat or too thin. Some people hate me because they don't like their color and their heights. Some people hate their body because their health problem. In today's world People started to ignore me and hate me. Only few people really love me and take care of me.

Advice from The Human…


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Writing Challenge: Advice From Modern Technology


I am Modern Technology, your true friend. If you are here then it's me who makes it possible. I know it very well that you can not imagine your life without me, but I am a bit concerned about how some people misuse me. I have some advice for them.…


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Writing prompt: similar but not same!

Good morning! I hope you are all doing good. Well, I was a bit lazy today to get up. Don't know why I wanted to lie down more. Am I tired, no, not at all. Okay, I am always forthright, hate to tell a lie. So, I am telling, I lay down  more today. One of my friends always does it, most probably…


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New Curriculum for Schools

Different curriculums are taught in schools. I think it’s been the same for many years. History, literature mathematic, geography, algebra etc.  We try to extend our knowledge in different areas, but we need to know more about ourselves too, therefore we need   to add new curriculum to the former ones. We need to learn more about ourselves. We need to learn how to communicate with others. We need to learn how to build and improve our self confidence. We need to learn how to look at things…


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