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26 Weird English Words from A to Z

The dictionaries are filled with some weird and astonishing words that are not used at all in conversation. Why do dictionaries consist them ?, what is the aim of their invention…


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Irritating moment.

Hello EC world.

How are you all doing?

Today I came up with a question and the question is,…


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Remembering MH17

The office is in a somber mood today. Nobody seems to be in the mood to talk. We just stare at our computers. The radio is just playing slow songs. Everyone is in shock, again! We Malaysians are facing another sad tragedy. Our Malaysian flight is believed to be shot down by some party who is in conflict with each other and crashed in Ukraine. All 298 passengers and crews perished in the tragedy.

I just came back from an Iftar with my friends at roughly about 11.30 pm last night when I…


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A special dinner

    I am missing my mother extremely. She has left me, left this world forever. I can only meet her in my dream.

    Suddenly, EC suggested to write about a special dinner.

If it is possible, I would like to invite my mother to this special dinner, of course, together my father and all my siblings. It would be an extremely special dinner for my large family. If my mother could come back from the dead, of course, every member…


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Dear all my EC members, all my families and my friends here, this is time for me to go to my real world. I have to do my field study On July 17th 2014, at 07.00 am, I hope I can back On September 2014.

I will miss you all, I am happy I can keep in touch with you all.…


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Writing Challenge: Dinner Guest (WHO Would I Invite?)

I've been a member of English Club for about two years now. Anyone here WHO's ever met me knows that I'm a huge DR. WHO fan.

Some may ask why I'd chose such an eccentric fictional character as a dinner guest. He's not exactly notorious for having excellent table manners.…


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Goody Two-Shoes Was A Goody-Goody

Discussion Questions: Why are “do-gooders” often perceived in a negative way, especially by those in their youth? ( Discussion question )

    Before giving the opinion, let me share my view of "do-gooders" often perceived in a negative way. Being a person who always follows the rules and has never made ​​a…


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Did You Know - It's All Red

It's been a while since I post a blog under the 'Did You Know?' series. So here it comes for the first 'Did You Know?' series in 2014. It's all about the colour red.

1. Caught Red Handed

The meaning of caught red handed is to be caught in the act of committing a misdemeanour with the…


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War of the genders

People like comparing the genders, it is very debatable topic. For instance - whose life is worse, if men are so busy at work, all the time tired or if women are stuck in the kitchen, must do only their duties and take care of the kids. I was thinking about it and would like to show you in this blog describtion of one day with the views, which crossed my freaky mind. Just one thing - remember I am from Europe…


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Oh My God, I do not believe that I have reached my achievement here, less than one year, I could write 300 blogs, since I joined EC as a member here, I am so happy to join this site. For my achievement I would like to dedicate it for all my EC families here,…


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Writing prompt ~ each and every

It was first day at my school where I am a teacher. First I went to principal’s room and met with him, he told me ”each and every teacher of our school are very talented and hard-working so you have to be hard-working and you have to follow each and every rules of our school. First three month will be you probationary period, if you able to do…


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Writing prompt ~ each and every

What a strange situation. Boss asked every employee to come to his office. What happened? Only I knew the answer to this question. Somebody tore the cheque I filled in. Since I work in the reputable bank and I had to work hard to get this job, immediately after getting to know what has happened I felt very insecure and…


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Writing Prompt ~ Each and Every

Every day I am planning if each one of us in family will go to some tour together. But All members in my family are working,, it’s very difficult for everyone of us to take a leave from office easily.


We all leave for office in the morning and everyone reach home around 7pm or afterwards. So we all have no time to discuss with each other our next travel destination.

Everyone of us at home passionate about travelling, we all love exploring new places. But now everybody…


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Writing Prompt ~ Each and Every

Nancy was flipping through each and every page of her moms diary suddenly something caught her eyes ‘June 3, 1989’ date marked in red. She started reading…

I reached Office at 10am.Receptionist greeted me with a brief smile. I handed over my interview letter to her. She is a blonde woman with sparkling blue eyes. She looked so happy & carefree. She gave me a token number & asked me to wait outside. I counted every second with bated breath for my turn. Finally my…


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I Am 100

100 is always has a nice ring to it. It's like a magical number. It's like when you reach 100, everything is complete. It's like when you achieved 100% in your exams. Every effort that you have had put into your work is worth all the heartaches and headaches, or maybe even some little stomachache. 

So when I reached the 'magical 100' of my blog posts, I felt relieved. It's like I had achieved another milestones in my fledgling attempt in writing blogs. It's like, if I don't write a…


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Writing Challenge : Dinner Guest

I would like to invite Mr.Bean ( Rowan Atkinson ) as my dinner guest. In my view he is the NO.1 comedian in the world. When I was more younger , I was fond of his programme. This is incredible how he act without using voice. His every performance just wonderful. His johnny english  movie series one of my favorite movie.


It was night before my exam day. The  final exam of six grade. I finished my study hurriedly because I know Mr. Bean will appear on tv that night. Then…


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Someone Special- Writing challenge dinner guest.

Writing challenge dinner guest.

I wanted to invite someone special. I know this is a mysterious dinner party. I can…


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Uncountable Nouns (a Reminder)

I think everyone remembers that some nouns are countable like pencils, books, apples and cars.

We need to remember that uncountable nouns can not have a plural form, unless their form is plural to begin with. Then they don't have a singular form.

Countable Nouns:

apple...1 apple...2 apples

book...1 book ...2 books

pencil...1 pencil...2…


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My 50th Blog!

After posting my previous blog, I realized that I was near a milestone. I was delighted to think that my next blog would be my 50th blog. I felt that such a blog should contain something special, but what could I do? I am an ordinary person with ordinary things. LOL!

 After a lot of pondering, I decided to review my performance in EC. The first thing that came in my mind was my…


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