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Lesson of the Day

It was about an year ago when I was not in a mood to attend school/classes(it was a bad day for me) ,but I had to, as my teacher was going to announce the results of Maths tests and I was sure I did those tests very well.So with a burden on my head I woke up,not wanting to lose the moment when teacher announces my name as the topper,feelings of excitement and tiredness were…


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Writing Challenge: THE WORLD'S BIGGEST PROBLEM-- Suicide

Suicide occurs every 40 seconds some where in the world.

I started to think about what is the biggest problem of the world and I could not decide what to write because man creates problem himself. Man is the only root who invent something and which leads to his own destruction. I chose the topic suicide because I have lost my two friends and after their death I was not able to figure out why did they choose to kill…


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Need your pray

Guys, let me ask you something. What do you feel if there is a volcano near your hometown. Are you scared?, It happens to me now. There is an active volcano near my hometown, Its name is Slamet. It is called Slamet because it ever would exploded but God saved us , and it didnot explode. Slamet means safe in Javanese language. Slamet is the highest mountain in Java island, it is located near my…


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Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem.Wars are the World's Biggest Problem

Once , I read old philosophical Greek theories about The origin of the world and how it had been created .One of those philosophers claimed that the world came from fire and another one claimed that numbers was the origin of the world ..etc.

The astonishing theory was said by philosopher Heraclitus 500 BC .He believed that world came from contradictions. He said “war is general for everybody and conflict is justice and all…


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Writing Challenge " Unclean Water in Egypt"

    Water forms 71% of the Earth Plant and  70% of our bodies.Water is extremely important for all the living creatures whether humans or plants or animals.Despite being extremely important, we get it polluted by ourselves;we pollute it by our wrong behaviours.But , we can keep it clean , if we really want to do so.There are many ways to keep it clean.

     There are many wrong behaviors by which water get polluted.It can be polluted by throwing dead animals and our daily rubbish in…


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Writing Prompt: Auxiliary Verbs in Questions

  Writing Prompt ~ Auxiliary Verbs in Questions

How can I always learn something new in English everyday? Is there any magic solution for that?…


Added by Daniel on September 7, 2014 at 13:30 — 2 Comments

Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem

The World's Biggest Problem: Lack Of Moral Education

Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Lawyers, Marketing Specialists, City Designers and so many specialists Universities, Colleges and Academies are producing today in the world. Number of people with higher degrees are increasing day by day. It's great! Because, our society…


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Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem (Poaching)

Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

                                                                                              ~Albert Einstein…


Added by Robbie on September 7, 2014 at 12:30 — 8 Comments

My Fear

This blog I decided to dedicate to something what can scare you, can make you even insane and sometimes you can have problem to handle it because it totally control your mind !!! Still not getting me, what I am here writing about? Ok, I won't be mysterious, I won't tease you, dear readers, let…


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Did You Know - People Are Yummy!

Hmm ... the weekend is here. It's time to gorge myself with yummy food. LOL. Do you know that many food are named after a famous person/personalities? In this blog, I want to introduce to you a few of yummy food which was named after a famous person, in no particular order.

1. Pavlova Meringue…


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Writing Challenge: The world’s biggest problem Poverty

I am taking part in Tara's monthly challenge for the first time.I was really very confused as it's a difficult task for me.But still I didn't lose hope and dared to participate in the challenge.…


Added by Anah Siddiqui © on September 5, 2014 at 16:40 — 11 Comments

New day.....Newbie....

Ah....i finally find a place for my self to see people from all over the world in front of me even only from their writings,even with their fake identities,feel the love from each other on the chat...seeing people calling their virtual family with a nice name....

i got bored sometimes,but still i came back just…


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How to organize effective self-learning? Basic tips

So, you’ve decided to study a foreign language on your own? Nice move! I also do that and for the past couple of years I managed to collect some tips that can help a self-learner organize the learning process in a smart way.

1. Connect your studying with your goals. It means that you need to have some sort of motivation to learn a language and you need to remember about it. Answer these questions: Why do you learn this foreign language? What will it give to you?…


Added by Lisa Orto on September 4, 2014 at 9:04 — 6 Comments

Writing Challenge: The world’s biggest problem: Plastic Pollution

Have you ever thought of plastic pollution? Where all this plastic go?.....How much plastic garbage is produced daily?

Plastic pollution is also referred to as “ White Pollution”, that has caused serious environmental problems. Plastic garbage pollute water, soil and even air, because they don’t break down naturally in the environment and therefore continue to exist and cause damage for hundreds of years. When plastic…


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Northern Adventures - Finale

I am sorry for taking so long to finish this travel blog. I won't bother you guys anymore with it since this is the final installment of my Northern Adventure. I am sorry to bore you guys with such a long winded travel blog. LOL. However, I hope my Northern Adventure blog will show you some interesting places in Malaysia.

Day One…


Added by noaslpls on September 3, 2014 at 14:00 — 14 Comments

The Blog or How To Write One

C'mon, chap, everyone and their dog has got one, just go for it!

The Blog


How To Write One

Dear MyEC…


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writting challenge: the world's biggest problem (love)

After a hard month of studying, my family and I decided to go on a trip to refresh our brains. Spending 9 hours in a long way, we hired a house to stay in for 3 days. We all were ready to go to bed but suddenly my mother’s cellphone rang.

-shoot! Who it can be?!!

I have a cousin, called Zivar, a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor, who was going to marry on next week. But whole…


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Writing Challenge: The World's Biggest Problem (Pollution)

In my opinion, pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world. This is not a hidden fact that among all of the planets, only Earth has life supporting environment. Human activities have harmed this life supporting environment. Pollution has reached its peak because of the modern world. There are many forms of pollution such as air, water, noise, soil etc. We can see that every part of our environment is polluted.  …


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Re correction

More and more members have found the "correction tag" very useful and tried to use it.

If other members see the tag, they will try to help correct you or your writing. Sometimes they will just point out the mistakes and encourage you to correct them yourself. They will try to do it openly or publicly, which some members may think is a bit embarrassing. So, make sure you really want others to correct…


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Writing Challenge - World's Biggest Problem (Obesity)

When I look around in my country I can see many fat, obese people who resigned to healthy lifestyle or have never heard of it and who thanks to no movement and junk food gain day by day. In my opinion obesity started being worldwide problem and it is weird paradox that meanwhile in one part of our planet people are dying of starving, somewhere else they voluntarily decided to shorten their life by being…


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