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Amidst Beautiful Bukhara

This story was first written as a comment to Charos' photo; 'Pond hardly noticed by anyone'. I was fascinated with her photos' collection and decided to write a short story based on them. You may click on the links of the photos to check the beautiful photos. I've edited a bit from my first original…


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Try to make your blog readable

I'm so pleased to see that more and more members here have started to write and publish blogs. I really enjoyed reading most of them. But I'm afraid to say some of the blogs are not so readable, which means they are not so easy or enjoyable to read. 

Now that you've got such a wide vocabulary and have learned all of the grammar basics, you can write something wonderful for other members to read. Here're some tips for you:

Don't use the words which are hard to…


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Labuan - The Pearl Of Borneo

A few weeks back, I took my Mom to Labuan to visit my brother and his family who are staying there currently. My brother and his family lives in Labuan and will be moving back to West Malaysia at the end of the year. Thus, it's like killing two birds with one stone. I've been to Labuan, a few century ago, but never really had the opportunity to explore the island.

Labuan is also known as The Pearl of Borneo. It's located about 8 km east coast of Sabah and derived from the Malay world…


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A sweet escape

Last Sunday I took one day trip to the sea because I felt bored in the crowded noisy city and needed somewhere quiet to throw away my worries. I would not choose this place to visit in summer because it will be really crowded. But it is winter now and I love winter.

The place I visited is Halong bay where is not far from Hanoi city. It took me about 7 hours on the car and I had only 4 hours on a cruise ship sailing around the bay to enjoy the scenery. Well, with such schedule there…


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The Best Destinations to Spend a Gorgeous Christmas

Hello everybody! Would you like to enjoy a magic Christmas scenery during a marvellous travel? I really would like it! So, I gathered on a list a few nice towns to visit if you intend to travel during this enchanting season. Let's get started!

1 - Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the capital city of region called Lapland considered the official Santa's headquarter. It is located…


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Short Stories?

I'm that kinda guy who loves very much to read short stories . I visualize the characters coming in and love to make films out of the plot. The irony is that I haven't done any movie yet. The backup story sounds so boring that I don't want to share it here. 

To reveal the truth, I drove into EC through my passion to read short stories. I was just browsing on internet when I ran into a short story "The Chapel" by Josef Essberger. It…


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Writing Prompt: Holiday Capitalization

Writing Prompt ~ Holiday Capitalization

Hi Michelle,

I'm planning to spend the Christmas Day in Berlin because I've been away from my family for six years.…


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Writing Prompt ~ Holiday Capitalization

Years come years go, you never respond to my mails, my greetings, Christmas, New Years’, Eid Days or the Independent Days. I never missed the chance to have a contact with you with any medium or occasion available. I am once again sending you my Christmas wishes. I am sure it will reach you before New Year's Eve, because of the…


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Expector's Writing Challenge: a short paragraph by Daniel

Expector's Writing Challenge

My History teacher is Anne. She's a middle-aged woman, even though, a high-spirited person. She has  taught me several curiosities about world-famous figures in her…


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Writing Prompt: Holiday Capitalization

I love holidays, who doesn’t? In Canada, there are usually one statutory holiday per month, and for 2015, I have already some plans. On Family Day, February 16th, I’ll be staying all day at home and watching the entire season of my favorite TV show. That’s the best use of my day in the cold February winter day. Good Friday, April 3rd, is a day of spirituality and I will be going for a long walk on a nearby trail to enjoy tranquil solitude. Easter…


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Star Members

Every month several members are featured as star members. Then, who will make a star member?

Some members are so active but have failed to be featured as star members, while those who are not so active were featured - some star members may have published just one blog. Here's the link to the "frequently asked questions" where you'll find the answer. 

According to our admin…


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How does it feel to miss someone close?

I have been missing you... Guys, this sentence thanks to the modern technology might be in the near future vanished out of…


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what should we do? (part-6)

Well, we should do some extra works if we are parents or teachers of little kids. Specially, when we try to help them to learn spelling. I have found some  helpful tricks . So, want to share with you.

1. Teach them with rhyming words, e.g. book, cook, look. And, try to make more.

2. Tell them similar words, you may ask them to find out/ write down some similar…


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New Year Wishes

2015 will come nearly, I got to know the EC last month. After registered in the EC I am sure that I have fallen in love with this internet family, the family members are from all over the world, they are lovely, so polite to each other, compassionate, always humorous which deeply attracts me. I want to say I love you. Maybe at present I have not any oppotunity to travel abroad,…


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Short Story Challenge: Alien in the Kitchen (in 50 words)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned on the lights and saw an alien sitting on the kitchen island shredding toilet paper with a knife. When I asked her to leave before I torture her by tickling her to death, she replied she would destroy me if I did.

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Writing prompt: Good or Well?

Good evening my children. Well, let me tell you a story of a man who was a good well digger and whose name was Mr. Wellgood. Mr. Wellgood dug the well very well. He was good at it. After he finished a well, everybody would tell him, “Good job! Well done Mr. Wellgood, you are a good well digger, it came out well and it looks good” and he would reply with a smile, “Do good in…


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Writing Prompt ~ Good or Well?

Dear Noaspls,

I hope you are doing…


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Writing Prompt ~Good or Well?

Hi Sara,

How are you doing?

While, I was in a taxi this morning on my way to work, and I overheard some girls talking many good things about you.

They said. You are a very good girl who behaves…


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Amid the Typhoon

Thank you dear friends for all the words full of concern.


For the past 3 days I was in communication with Dim through…


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I Feel Cheated

Nowadays EC bloggers has been sprouting like mushrooms. This is good news for EC. It means so many members are sharing their views, stories and just anything on earth. I love reading blogs in EC, well except maybe poems. But it peeves me when I read a very interesting blog and found out it's taken from another site(s) and written by someone else without proper citation by EC blogger(s). 

When I read a wonderful blog, I would feel amazed that such blogger could come up with fantastic…


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