Hi guys, if we talk about a culture, it is never end, right?

Culture is an interesting topic for discussion,and I would like inform you about my culture.

I live in Purwokerto, especially in Banyumas district, If I tell you about history of Banyumas, it will be a long story ahhaa

 so I will focus with a product of our culture.

Remember, it is not a promotion, I just wanna share to you.

" A kind of culture which is famous in my district and my country is " BATIK", and Batik has many varieties and it  depends on province, ethnic  and other factor, and Indonesia is multicultural country. In my district, Banyumas, Batik is called as " Batik Tulis (Written Batik), it has amazing motif, and do you know? the maker makes it by using his/her hands.

about the process ,I hope I can explain you in other blog.

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Comment by Dimas Prasetyo(Hamstermon) on October 12, 2013 at 16:52

yeah yeah ^^

Comment by noaslpls on October 12, 2013 at 15:37

Batik is very nice. I like them. Over here, our batik is normally painted on silk, and well normal cotton sarong.

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