What's your most frightening experience ?

First of all, let me tell you some words about this topic, i took it from story"off the cuff" in magazine "hot english №103" that i read it yesterday. In this story author said about his most frightening experience.
So you know what dawned on me. Why don't we say about us own most frightening experience in my first blog in EC.
Well, for starting, i'm very glad to say about my most frightening experience which i've ever had.It was a day, the weather was very bad. Actually there was a storm, that storm was accompanied by a lot of thunders and lightnings.
Do you know where i was at this moment?
I was alone at home, My parents have only me. When this moment happened, there was only me in a big house in small village and outside it rained so much with thunders and lightnings, it gave me a scary feeling. You know, at this moment i was only 8 years old, i sat in sofa and wished that my parents could stay at home with me. But they were working abroad in few days. So they could'nt call me to ask how i was at home.I was alone face that storm, and i just sat on a chair and saw how it rained outside, and listened those scary sounds.That feeling was cool and sad, i've ever had so far.
Let me know your frightening experience you had.

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Comment by phuong on January 27, 2011 at 3:38

Hi Cogane,

I believe that there are many frightening experiences in each man's life. But time passes & everything will be ok. When we are frightened, we usually imagined to many extremely terrible results & when we face the fact we realize:"oh,not too bed!".Haha, such a comfortable feeling!

My comment is not really matched with your topic. Just my thinking after many time of frightening experience.

Comment by Zahra on December 15, 2010 at 21:57

Yeah ...loneliness in dark moments are the most scary to me ...Mostly when I was a kid and I was alone at night and everybody was asleep I used to be afraid of darkness and loneliness ...The worst is when you were told scary stories or events ...And when you think about scary things ...

Anyway, I try to pray to God in such moments ...He is the only one who doesn't let His beloved creatures alone ...Anytime and anywhere He is free to listen to our prayers and save us ...

Still comes times when I am alone and such scary feelings attack ...And my mind worsens the situation when it focuses on bad thoughts ...But I try to be hopeful to God and His mercy upon me ...


Your most frightening situation was really scary ...Even you were a kid and kids need care and protection ...Yet, that maybe was a good experience to let you know there comes times when you find no one to help you ...This is what kids engulfed with lots of care, attention and protection lack to know ...That loneliness is inevitable ...


Thanks for your nice topic ...

Have a peaceful time



Comment by Nadira on December 12, 2010 at 2:52

thankyou dear Cogane I understand now  seeing  the  aprtments housed in  great building.

I was under the  impression one  huge mansion. 

In  the bygone era  in villages and towns there were colonial houses  etc.

It is awesome  indeed  to think of kids fending  for themselves, especilaay yesteryear  where the extended family are closely knit. 

Thank you ever so much  for taking  your time to explain and sharing your horrific experience as an eight year old.

(please refer to my picture Gallery and you will see an old mansion, I was imagining some thing  like that)


Comment by Cogane Nguyen on December 11, 2010 at 23:08

Hi Sweet Sandra

you know when i was a child, i was afraid of lightening, but now i'm a adult, i like that weather

it's maybe funny under that weather ))))

Comment by Cogane Nguyen on December 11, 2010 at 23:05

Hi, Thanh Thuy

i'd see how was you frightened. Because we are both living in vietnam.

Comment by Cogane Nguyen on December 11, 2010 at 23:00

Hi Anna 

there were some unlucky case like that in Vietnam 

I think that was destiny.

Comment by Cogane Nguyen on December 11, 2010 at 22:55

Hi, Nadira

perhaps, you disbelieved in story. But it was true. You don't live in Viet Nam, so that you can't imagine How's lives there and how do houses look like. You know in Vietnam people often have a house with 2 floor or 3 floor. The house has at least 3 bedroom , 1 kitchen, and living room. The house has 70 square meter width in common. 

Nadira Do you know how many houses on the picture?

When i was 8 years old, i had to be alone and used to cook by myself in one of these houses. It's maybe impossible in other countries but in Vietnam is common

Comment by Elisa Nguyen on December 10, 2010 at 4:34

It’s nice to be shared your experience about a frightening moment. So far, I cannot count how many times I’m frightened. I’m a little scared of natural frighteness, a bit afraid of personal problems. When a lot of complications come together, I feel so frightened. Once in this January, I almost lost belief in my friends and siblings who I defined that they are all selfish, they only behaved me well when they needed me, after that, they looked down on my circumstance and ignored when I needed them. Besides, I had to live in an uneducated and pilfering neighborhood. Moreover, my brother used my sister’s ATM card to withdraw money and that card was detained because of wrong PIN. All of my money was kept in it and I just had 200 thousand VND cash. I asked my sister to come with her identity card to take the card back. However, she shouted me, “Why do you bedevil me? Ignore it! I’m busy”.

I said it was ok. But I was thinking of her, of members of my family, of my friends. I was kind and helpful to them. But when I needed, who was beside me?

I was so frightened because I had to pay for my and my brother living and studying cost. How can I cope with it?

I cried a lot and disappoited in anything, anyone.

I phoned a boy that loved me and is loved by me but our sentiment was pretty cracked. I asked him if he was willing to come beside me when I really needed him because I wanted to have belief. He answered me, “Belief is in your own mind”.

After few hours, he messaged to me “If you trust in me, show that trust”. I wondered what his implication in that saying was.

Anyway, I thanked him for his advice. BELIEF IS IN MY OWN MIND.




Comment by Nadira on December 6, 2010 at 1:59
Were there any other adults to take care of you , when your parents were abroad!?.Lightening is frightening indeed for an eight year old to stay all alone, in big house.
I am phobic to fly and get about a busy airport, in case I get lost or what ever.
I do most my work alone, but, when my husband suggested to leave our daughter in Australia and get back alone, I was very frightened .She is used to globe trotting so ultimately she had to go alone.
Comment by thanh thủy on December 6, 2010 at 1:56
hi! Cogane Nguyen. How are you now? Long time no see you. I just read your topic. I'm as you. when i was young, i'm at home to take care my younger sister, i just 6 years old. i must face to a big snake. when, im afraid. i dont know what i should. i scream! but nobody is at here. hic.

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