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At 11:04 on January 29, 2013, Fumi said…

Dear Tetyana,

Why the flowers in your country not so bright? Because the weather is too cold? I cane see there are still so many wonderful flowers in your garden. I like them so much.

See, here is the flowers in my place. Farmers plant the flowers to fertilize their farms and make the soil useful in winter. I think it is such a good idea because we can see so many attractive flowers here. 

Enjoy it!

At 23:50 on January 28, 2013, Ednardo said…

hello :p


hey, I'm not a philosopher .. that line I read coincidentally before I write for you :p

about cats, yes I like :) my wife also love them all :p

your question it's so difficult... theres 2 things you should have in mind.. theres the emotional side and the reason side...

since I'm out from the context it's easy for me say about the reason side.. it means that you can't bring your cat with you.. do u know how pets can travel in airplanes? search about it and you'll understand ...

but.. to have some difficult in the decision.. leave Justin alone it's impossible to the heart :'( you know right? you'll miss ...

so, I'm passing from you back your question :p

In my opinion, Justin can stay at home.. but like I said.. I'm out from the context
imagine that.. even if Justin was with you..Justin would not come to all places.. it stay in the hotel right? :)

well I said too much..

ah your cat could be Justin.. but look this one :p 

it's an expressive one :p

see u

At 2:49 on January 28, 2013,

It's an emergency here.

I ran out of coffee this morning, need to go grocery shopping  now:D

Have a great day!!

At 17:28 on January 27, 2013, Ednardo said…


"be grateful for what you have, be happy for who you are and make yourself proud for what you can be"

in my country theres a song +- this way: " see a little cat on the ground and don't smile.." :p hehehe

here for you.. this could make your day brighter and better as my own:

look, even sleeping it sent you a high five :p 

so, :p

see u

At 14:19 on January 27, 2013,

Hello Tety-chan,

Marry Ukrainian Christmas! It's time for your favorite Christmas "protesters". Time flies like an arrow....One more year has passed....

I remember those days as they happened yesterday! Time really flies so fast! I missed those days, I missed your photos and our comments on them! Thank you very much for the photo! I hope to be a protester there one day! :))

Have a great time!

At 17:14 on January 26, 2013, Fumi said…

Dear Tetyane,

At 15:05 on January 19, 2013, Ednardo said…

Hello hello :)

thanks for let me a comment.. it's really a beautiful place there..

hum.. and do not envy me ok? :p

do like I did.. go there :) the first step you're already done.. like this cat.. you dreamed about it

see u

At 2:20 on January 9, 2013,

Dear Tania,

I'm sure you had delicious dishes on the day of Ukraine Christmas, and I'm feeling happy for that ;)  

Thanks for the sparking beverage!!

Cheers for both of us, walking on the beach together ;)

At 22:29 on December 29, 2012,


At 4:18 on December 29, 2012,

At 0:08 on December 21, 2012,

Good morning, Tania!!

Another wonderful photo shooting day today!!

Look forward to sharing them later with you guys!!

Wish you a lovely day :)

At 18:32 on December 20, 2012,

Hello Tetyana,

Ukrainian snow is really beautiful. You are lucky for having an amazing nature. Finally, it snowed in Istanbul, too. :))

This is the snow I see from my window...

At 17:26 on December 14, 2012, Fumi said…

Dear Tetyana,

I really like the tulips in your garden. They delighted my day. That is my favorite flower. Even in winter like now, you still have some flowers in your garden? It will be amazing to see them.

I would like to show you the plant in the garden around my work place. It is also like my secret garden. Rare people know there and I always take a walk there in the late afternoon.

I hope the green bring you energetic days.


At 4:21 on December 11, 2012,


Source: via Junco on Pinterest

At 23:12 on December 10, 2012,

Hello, Tania!!

It's cold here as well, but your place seems much colder for sure:D

Here are the coffee for you to start the lovely day!!

Source: google.com via Jillian on Pinterest

At 8:37pm on December 10, 2012, Teacher Aija gave Tetyana a gift
my best wishes to you :) good to have you as a friend
At 7:03 on December 8, 2012, Fumi said…

Wow Tetyana,

I envy you have a great garden and beautiful flowers. You must have worked hard in it. I believe many insects and little animals like to be there too?

At 2:10 on December 4, 2012,

Hello, Tania!

It's so nice to see the pic on my wall :)

I feel very happy:D

It was raining early in the morning, but now I  can see the Sun!!

Wish you a lovely day <3

At 15:48 on December 2, 2012, Fumi said…

Hi Tetyana,

I also have a photo like what you sent me. The same flower.

Hope you like it too.

At 15:52 on November 10, 2012, Fumi said…

Dear Tetyana,

I would like to see your photos in your garden. Wow, you have a private garden? That is so great! It must need some time to maintain. This is a photo taken from a garden that near my office.


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