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At 22:59 on May 26, 2013, Judith said…
Hello Ameur;
Today I only want to say " Have a nice day my friend " greetings
At 23:56 on May 2, 2013, Lynne said…

Ameur, I had been so happy when I got Toffee for me. You were a witness to that and Hanna too. I am really so sad and sorry about his loss. I miss him so much. :(

Thanks Ameur for stopping by on my page.


At 2:18pm on April 22, 2013, Forget-me-Not gave Ameur a gift
Dear friend, thank you very much for sending me this gift. I was so surprised,and to see the red ribbon coming from you really made me happy. I hope live is good for you and your loved ones.
At 3:58pm on April 21, 2013, Ruzan gave Ameur a gift
At 10:42 on April 21, 2013, Lynne said…


My pet dog, Toffee died today. :( I am so sad. There was nothing I could do when I saw him died at the veterinary clinic. I was calling him but he didn't came back. :( ... I really thought he was still alive because his eyes was looking at me when I looked at him then I touched his forehead and I called him, "Toffee", but he didn't wag his tail... :(  Though maybe he was not happy  on his 3rd and 4th year because of my problems. I know, he tried his best to remain good and jolly in front of me. I could only thank him for being with me.

At 23:58 on April 20, 2013, Lynne said…

Your greetings on my page is a surprise. :) Thanks for stopping by.
Have a nice day!

At 3:08pm on January 30, 2013, Lynne gave Ameur a gift
At 12:15 on December 29, 2012, Forget-me-Not said…

Dear Ameur,

Long long time we haven't seen each other here. I hope things are good for you and for your family. It's time for me to wish you a very Happy New year. May 2013 be all what you have dreamed of and may Allah always keep you in the palms of His hands.


At 12:56am on September 09, 2012, Nafis gave Ameur a gift
Thank you for making time for me, even on your busiest days.Thank you for not letting time or distance affect our friendship.Thanks for hugs, jokes, notes and memories! With love, Nafis
At 6:18 on June 2, 2012,

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thanking you in advance


At 14:57 on April 7, 2012, Lynne said…

At 13:43 on March 25, 2012, Haf said…

Hello Dear Ameur,

Hopefully you are doing well!

It had been so long time no contact between us!, actually I rarely connect to MyEC lately, as life is getting too busy, I would like to express my great thanks to you for the nice comments that you always left on my wall, I find it very nice, hopefully we will meet soon here :)

Best Regards,


At 2:46 on March 19, 2012, Lynne said…
At 2:02 on March 19, 2012, Lynne said…

Dear Ameur,

Thanks for stopping by on my wall.

How are you?


At 14:34 on March 17, 2012, Judith said…

Hi dear friend.... Nice to see you around here again... I miss you ...:P

At 9:36 on March 16, 2012, Forget-me-Not said…

Hello Ameur,

How have you been ? Thanks you for your message, it's always so nice to see your words in my box. You're such a faithful friend !  I hope everything is fine for you now and that you are enjoying life at its fullest. 

I wish you a wonderful spring season. 

Have a nice weekend,


At 15:44 on March 15, 2012, Hanna said…

Hello Ameur. How are you and your candy girl? Hugs!

At 15:42 on March 15, 2012, Hanna said…
At 19:16 on February 18, 2012, Hanna said…

Thank you, Ameur for your postcards, and sorry for late reply. I am a rare guest in English Club last time. Take care! Hugs!!!

At 17:00 on February 17, 2012,

Dear Ameur,

How are you? I think this time of year, Algeria must have a nice weather. Here it's 3'c now, not so bad! not that much snow this year! What a pitty! 

How is everything, teaching , your family and the birds? Hope everything is OK. Thanks a lot for your wonderful card. It means a lot to me and warms my heart. Thanks a lot. Hope you be happy 1000 times!

Take care,


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