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At 18:22 on March 23, 2012,

See you later poor.

I will kill you tomorrow!

At 18:09 on March 23, 2012,

Hello my poor,

I came here for 10 minutes. :P

At 13:49 on March 23, 2012,
Tara Benwell

Hi Rajesh, 

This is so disappointing. I will contact Ning immediately about this. Please hang in there. 



At 0:35 on March 23, 2012,

Well, all I know is what YOU did here and there!!

At 10:18 on March 22, 2012, Sandeep said…

How are you today? Rajesh... 

At 8:03 on March 22, 2012, mitran said…

OMG...Poor me!

At 23:03 on March 21, 2012,

At 20:00 on March 21, 2012, tawfeeq said…

Hello Rajesh

At 9:36 on March 21, 2012, mitran said…

OK. OK....No need to shout in public. I stop here.

Have a nice day!

At 9:36 on March 21, 2012, mitran said…

And please give me a "big present", huh

At 9:35 on March 21, 2012, mitran said…

lol...I want to become the 1000th. So let me send 3 comments.

At 9:15 on March 21, 2012,

Hi Rajesh,

  Thanks for dropping by on my page. It's a cloudy day here, but it's alright. I hope you'll have a great days too! It was nice chatting with you on Facebook. : )

At 7:57 on March 21, 2012,
Josef Essberger

Could you please follow this up with Tara as I see you have already spoken to her, and she can take it up with Tech if necessary. However, in general I think script and iframe are not allowed as they can potentially be used to inject malicious code, but maybe there is another solution. Hope it helps.

At 7:24 on March 21, 2012, Sandeep said…

Bro, I wrote a discussion here. If you like to have a look on this please? 

At 7:14 on March 21, 2012, Sandeep said…

Hello Rajesh,

How are you doing? Hope you are having fun there.

See you looking more around here.


At 18:09 on March 20, 2012, Mayumi said…

By the way, you have a very lovely page, Raj!

At 18:01 on March 20, 2012, Mayumi said…

Hi Rajesh..thanks for the greetings in the chatroom..and sorry I didn't reply you. I was away.Hope to catch you next time. :)

Have wonderful night..


At 10:30 on March 19, 2012, AmandaPanda said…

Thanks for the links, Rajesh!  The Vocabahead is going to be helpful for me tomorrow.  We are discussing how to have a running vocab list and where to post it for my students.  I think this is a good solution.  Lots of good stuff here!

At 6:38 on March 17, 2012, Sandeep said…

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for the welcome message. Actually, I saw that earlier someone face the problem as like me in the group. Its obviously problem of audioboo websites. May be they can fix it as well.

My Friend, please review my voice recording on this, so I  can correct my pronunciation as well.

Thanks once again, I'm new to group and trying to figure out lots of thing which happening around here. It's a good group which give peoples chance to practice their English of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.



At 5:17 on March 17, 2012, Irina said…

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