Elaf my niece,She is a three years old girl . She is not the only one in family, but she is the most adorable one . She used to do funny things. One time, she took her mother's mobile and then she called the first number. It was her house number. Her mother answered her, but OH, she couldn't recognize her daughter!

Elaf used to watch her mother putting makeup on. "Oh, it is something nice" she thought, "I should try to put it on one day". She started planning ; How can she put a makeup? Who will put it on her face? Oh she can do it by herself and for sure she will be the most beautiful girl in the whole world; at least, as she believed.

Once, her mother was preparing herself for a wedding. She finished putting makeup on, so she left the room for a while. "WOW. My mother is not here" Elaf said, "I should put makeup on now". She sat near to the makeup table. She was so excited and confused at the same time. "From where should I start?" She wondered , "I should choose any thing now. I want to be the most beautiful girl tonight, even more than the Bride. Oh yes, Alhanoof; her friend, will be jealous because of my makeup".

While Elaf was imagining herself how she would look , her mother came back. Elaf gave her mother a nice smile as there was nothing happened. But Elaf was so frustrated because her plan didn't work out. "I will do it next time" She said to herself, "But I should put a better plan. Hmmm. I'll deliberate".

The day after, Elaf went to her mother's room, but she couldn't find what she wanted; the makeup. Her mother used to keep her makeup in a safe place. So, Elaf thought that, the first step should be to know where her mother stashes her makeup. Elaf started to keep her eyes on her mother secretly. After many days, she knew where the makeup could be.

One day, while her mother was cooking , Elaf went to her mother's room creeping. "Finally, I can put makeup on my beauty face" She thought, " But this time I will never think how I will look after. Because if I do, I will run out of time and I will not put makeup. So, I should start now. Hmmm. I will choose a red lip gloss to put it on my lips and then I will run away. But where is it? Hmm. It should be this". Unfortunately, Elaf chose the wrong one. She took the eye liner instead.

"Oh my God" Elaf shouted, " I can't believe this. You are like all my possessions. Somebody hits me please. Finally, I reached my dream. Now, Now I will be beautiful after putting this on my lips." She put eye liner on her lips. She was so happy and laughing, so her mother came to her and she was shocked "What is this?"

Her mother took the eye liner away from her. Elaf was very upset because her mother didn't let her to put a makeup. "Maybe my mother feel jealous" She thought, "Because I'll be more beautiful than her". Elaf was crying. Her mother brought a mirror to let her daughter see how she looked like by her own eyes. "Oh my God" Elaf was shocked, "I was wrong and my mother wasn't feeling jealous. I'm more beautiful without makeup. I'll never put a makeup again on my face". Her mother washed her face and then went to take a look on the mirror again.

"Now I'm beautiful" she said, "Look at me! Do you have a smile like this?"

I would like to thank fa for correcting my spelling mistakes.Skoon...
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  • :D thank you Shujat Khan.
  • really cute :-) the expressions are matchless.
  • Thank you for your nice words. You give me a lot of motivation. Thank you again and have a colorful life. Skoon...
  • heheh. Thank you rani for your comment here. I hope you like Elaf's story.
  • It is my pleasure dear to read this story.
    Have a wonderful day.
  • Hi dear Skoon.
    it's a great story ,I enjoyed reading it and ùr niece is so beautiful...all my best wishes for ù dear and for Elaf too
    Manal :)
  • thank you all for your comments on my niece story
  • Hahaha it's a very nice history! Your niece is very cute. Maybe her make up was for halloween lol. With or without makeup she is very beautiful and I am sure she will become an adorable girl... congratulations!
  • ha ha ha the cute little naughty one...kids and their pranks are amazing and hillarious...love u Elaf...
  • Hello Skoon,

    Good story and lovely little girl "Elaf". She is a cute kid. I enjoyed reading it. It is a great help that Fa made for you, I was trying to find someone to help me in writing good report and I couldn't find. So you are lucky. All my best wishes for you and for Elaf.

    Your friend,
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