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Gone are  the days when it was difficult for the non native speaker to get good without a good background   where one  could  acquire  this language: Good teacher ,  good  books and  the circle of friends and acquaintances  who spoke  good English 

In my day we did not have the computer (as an addition )to assist to acquire a language .  We had  good teachers and the environment  was  such we spoke English :at home  at school at work and at play and  not forgetiiing  we read a lot . 

Of course  that changed  thirty five years ago in my country  when  the education system and  the medium of language was  changed to the  natiohnal language 

Through online  one  can  achieve ones  goal on getting the best as there are excellent  sites  one  can rely on such  as English Club , British  Council  learning links .

Through a social and educational link one gets  motivated and  focussed   that  ther e are people  who are there to help you ,takes  away your fears that your not the only one with difficulties in fluency,  pronounciation  and communication .

These many social  links  gather multitude of people ,gender race under one beautiful umbrella sharing ones  experiences and learning all the way in an awesome  way 

Listening on line 

listening to fluent  speakers  we are able to correct our selves  and  acquire  the correct  pronounciaton and  further  develop  our vocabulary and understanding 

Listening while speaking  makes us less conscious of our selves in making mistakes , especially online  . well no one  knows  you ;)

Writing  on line 

 With every step of  writing  blogs , commenting  on blogs and  with the help of  the feed back of good  friends  and members , one is able  to achieve and  practice a good presentation and  writing style . 


"Reading  perfects  man "  

There is no time to sit and  read  , yet on  the net  we have time  to read mails, chats, news  , blogs  also welcome and free of   charge  E books

Finally Speaking 

When  we get to know  people  or  contacts  we  connect with  them through  Skype or  other mode and speak or  chat

Chatting on conference with folks from all over the world  gives us a good opportunity  to learn  their respective  culture,  accent  and  to communicate  and have  lasting  friendship 

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  • @Mr Bob

    It is always encouraging and  makes me very happy  reading your  views and for your time Thank you Sir :))

  • Very true Nadira.  Times have changed and things have improved for learning in all fields of study.  Excellent blog!

  • @Yu
    @Mohamed Ashraf

    Thank you 

  • @noaslpls 
    I am happy to note  your kind words  , Thank you noa 

    Thank you and I am sure  you will agree  the  last  point when you get friends to  discuss via Skype or other mode

  • Thank you very much for the nice blog, Dear Nadira!

  • Thanks for participating in this month's writing challenge! You have so many great tips here. I like that quote about reading. Do you know who said it? 

  • Learning and improving the language need an everyday activity .It's not only through books and courses ,but also listening to native speakers in the radio ,films ,songs ....and also talk and talk ...this is what we really need ...choosing the correct words and verbs during our conversation is not an easy and it needs only practice !

    Thank you dear Nadira for sharing these important tips !

    Best wishes !

  • Dear Nadira

    Coming from a teacher and "experienced" person is making this blog more meaningful for most learners. Thank you for such a nice blog.

  • @Sofia 

    appreciate your  kind words  , thank you 

    @Mohomed Fasloon 
    Yes  I do  have  few  years  of  teaching  experience  and  thank you :)

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