The Greatest Pollinator


There's something roaming around in my itsy-bitsy garden. It's not a bird, not a plane, it's batman! Joke! (How I wish!) Well, it's this flying brown mammal!

I was amazed to see this critter flying back and fort to my seniorita banana tree that has finally set its bloom. Yay! So I was feeling like a NatGeo photographer, I instantly grabbed my camera and used a 300mm lens to capture this one.

I waited patiently for him to come back, like it took more minutes. It's almost midnight and there's darkness everywhere. I didn't mind if I encounter a white lady or ghost (Luckily, no one dared!), I just focused to my subject. Alas, he came back several times and I took as many shots as possible until my camera ran out of juice.

I confess I was a bit nervous, what if he attacks me for startling him with camera flash? Thank goodness he didn't! I learned that bats love cacti flowers (as what I watched on BBC Earth), but I wasn't sure if they like other species of fruit flowers. Now I've documented it and its a great feeling!

I noticed with this shot that he looked like crying. Perhaps someone wants to kill him? I hope I'm wrong. Maybe it's tears of joy for he found tons of nectar! If just people let him and other exotic animals live and enjoy its beauty. They deserve to thrive harmoniously too. People should understand boundaries. If only all humans know how to respect them, we won't be having a pandemic right now...


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  • I like this photo.I have never seen "Batman" in real life.Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello, O.M.!

    Thanks a lot for commenting! So glad you found them cute! It's true they are excellent pollinators unfortunately some species are declining due to urbanization and deforestation. And I can't believe some people eat them. Like sea turtles, sharks and dolphins they are hunted as food and aphrodisiac. By the way, I'm also glad you translated what's written on the photo. Nature is truly surprising either good or bad...

    Take care,


  • Such a cute and lovely shot, Robin. Omg. I have never known that bats are irreplaceable pollinators, seed dispersers, and pest controllers. This is the second picture that I see today proving me this. The first one (I saw it on FB and was really surprised) is here:


    "Don't hurt us, just like bees we pollinate plants, distribute seeds, and fertilize the earth."

  • Hi Robbie, such a nice post, thank you for sharing,  you must have a very good camera if you could take such a good shot at night. I agree with you, and I feel that one day,  (hope to live it, if  even for a second)  we will learn to live in harmony  with all living creatures. 

    • Hi, Helen!

      Many, many thanks for the lovely comment! I'm using Canon EOS camera. I'm not a pro yet but I aim to be one and my garden is my training ground he he. It's my hope also that more and more people would be educated enough to respect nature and its inhabitants. Stay safe especially in this trying times.


  • Reading your post was fun.

    You are a sensitive and attentive observer, Robbie. I admire your patience and persistence while waiting for the perfect shot. Great job!

    • Hello, Rose!

      Thank you very much for the positive feedback! It keeps me motivated! I hope I would be able to remain this way for a long time. I guess self-isolation helped me to be more observant in my tiny little garden. Have a funtastic new week!

      Take care,


  • I really enjoyed reading this, Robbie. Yeah, bats are awesome, and I love the sound of their wings when they flapping around our place in the dark. :-D You can always tell whether people really love nature, because those love every creature, not only the exotic and beautiful...

    Keep up the good work! 

    • Hey, NotAClue!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I totally agree with you. They are unique in their own way even though some people misinterpret them. Sometimes, (If I have to check out my plants at night)  I carefully pass by whenever I see one roaming around my place. So far I haven't had any unpleasant experiences with them.

      I hope to capture more intersting photos in the future. Have a lovely weekend and please do stay safe.


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