How could  one access  to the created groups . It seems  bit tedious in finding  so as  to add in contents  to  them .

For  instance  the  audio  groups which i was once active am unable  to find .....

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  • Hello Sir Dara 

    Tara  is not in the admins any more . This  was  addressed  to technical help - Mr Josef  Essberger . I made  it  public  as  previously  we  could  see it on the home page.  After  submitting  I found  it  quietly  nestled under members  :) 

    Thank you for your  kind  reply  :)

  • Dear Mary 

    How kind  of you thank you  for your  advice  .
    I want  to correct you  I am  not  the moderator of  technical  errors  or the site  itself I am  just an  humble  volunteer mod  of the chat  room . 

    Secondly  I made  this  question  not only  for me  but  to all members  who may search  for the Group Icon  on the home  page . After  submitting  I found  it  tucked  away  under members . this  was not so earlier ..

    I am not ashamed  asking  questions  and  thank you I know  very well the other  rules  . I will sure  ask  Mr  Josef   if in doubt . In fact  this question  is referred  to  our Admin  Mr Josef  not  you  member  Mary . thanks  all  the same  for your  suggestions  have a nice  day .:)

  • Are you a Moderator and you don't even know how this site works? Maybe you should come here more often...

    Just go to your groups and make a search with the word 'audio' or another keyword ( ) And if you can't find it, maybe it was deleted. 

    Btw, being a Mod you should know that, instead of joining groups about religion (such as "Islam and English"), you should report them, since the rules of the site say that we can not "publicly discuss sex, politics or religion."  

  • Vanakkam mod. Nadira! I am not surre, but Tara can tell about the groups and how to access them. Thanks

This reply was deleted.