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On the chat a member was  saying  to write  a blog about the  two  periods  of  My English   Club naming another  member .

I gave a solution on the mains  that all of  us put   together  can  bring  it back to the same standard, Hey  presto he  did not respond  and  was out in a dash. out of the  room  for  good reasons  I guess.

 Its a serious  thought  and  for  EC to be leading as  ever,  one  should  make  use of all whats  provided by  Mr Josef and  the team  to make this s worthwhile  site .

 Just advising  to write  a blog and to analyze  then and  now  . will not help much 

You can  moderate  topics  on  main  with your  friends and  fellow members  .

Please  visit  the  groups  created  by the admins  and members. choose  what you like most   video audio  blogging  . and  please   interact  .

Due  to  unavoidable  c circumstances  I too am  not able to visit daily as  I used  to  . That  does  not mean I will  leave  my second  place  of learning and  home ;)

I have  been  going  through  the old  groups  especially Tara  Benwells  . where  she encourages  the learner  in  different areas  of learning . Hopefully will try to  be  active in some  such  as  news reading  / challenges  etc

Please  share your ideas  and how  you will add in  to the club 


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  • Mary, I can't agree more with you. Once someone is the moderator, they should be the role-models to those, whose English level is worse than theirs. So honestly speaking to write and post such text without proofreading is just a question of 10 minutes, so why not to give it 5 more minutes to correct the errors?
    Anyway, who makes this place active and alive? People!!! How come that all the active people are gone? Maybe they lost interest, maybe moderators should come up with something inspiring to drag their attention instead of saying they all are busy...or maybe I should finally come back :D


  • To be a mod, being perfect in English is not the qualification.  It is the ability to assist the owner in maintaining the the good atmosphere here in EC administratively. It is not a very healthy idea on the part of any member of EC to spread hatred and hostility against any mod.  I myself have checked number of text errors in one of the mods (who is not active more now) text (it may be just not paying attention on proofreading like I do), but no one ever pointed them out.  Why Nadira is being target in this respect? 

  • WOW ! Thank you Nadira ! A very nice topic it is. I think it is very nice to know about the history of EC. I hope one day Mr Essberger tell us about that history. about the first time he thought of EC as an idea and what was the first thing which directed him to this idea and finally is this EC exactly that one he was thinking of or not ?

    Nadira ! I believe that OLD EC was Golden age of EC history , Nice active members , nice effective topics and creative activities by members in a place where there was not any vandal or moron around because of the presence of the founders and moderators around all the times . ( What I really really appreciate for ) .
    I remember there were few groups but all of them were really active.
    Friendly behaviors of all the members , Native English speakers who help others ( some members like Mrs Tara , Mr. T Mal or Mrs Ali and some others )
    I hope I could remember the name of old members some like :
    Yousef Haeri
    Forget me not
    Pearl Harbor
    Frank Alvarez
    Munir Ahmed
    Miley J
    Greg shel
    Skoon al Bahr
    Blue Rose
    Mike Hammer
    and so many other that I can not remember because of my weak memory.

    Please complete my list with the name of old great members.

  • Thank you for  your kind advice which I have noted. This is a learning site indeed what are we here for 

  • Uhm... as you said in your discussion titled 'Groups', I see you're not "moderator of technical errors", and for what I can read here, you neither can be of grammar ones. 

    I don't like to give advice about grammar, 'cause I'm not good about it either, but I think you should review your own text and edit it to make it better (at least to make it more understandable). I tell this to you 'cause, being a moderator, people here pay more attention to what moderators write and I don't know what a newbie is going to think if they see how a moderator is not more careful with the grammar of the texts they post.  

    Btw, in case you're not aware of it, the punctuation marks are also grammatical errors to take in mind. I don't know if you maybe wrote this from a phone or tablet, where is more complicated to write a long text, but I've done that too and, even if it takes twice as long, I try to make it the best I can and I re-edit my texts many times to correct myself. I know that my english is far from being perfect, but I make an effort every time I write something here... My advice here is that, if you wanna improve your english level, maybe you should take more time to re-read your text and correct yourself too. 

  • Sir Dara 

    Thank you  for  your  kind words  :) 

  • Neer nalavar mod. Nadira! You are doing your best with the other moderators to make the ship moving. You are one of Mr. Essberger's helpers. Keep up your faithful and good work. 

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