Hello everyone,

This week on social media a storm raised because of an advertise. The advertise was about a little boy wearing a green jumper with a text on it.

Text was this; “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”.

There are so many issues and aspects in this, so many opinions and so many feelings. This made me wonder about childrens rights in a world ruled by people who supposed to be and act like responsible adults.

There were many reactions and counter reactions to this, but what I wondered all the time was, I was missing the little boys opinion on this issue - What he thought, what he felt.

Have you noticed the advertisement, if so then what thoughts came to your mind?

The questions for discussion are;

- What do you think about the children’s rights aspect in this?

- What do you think about the political correctness aspect in this?

- Do you think it was an ignorant act done by H&M?

- Do you think such advertisements can have negative effects on a child’s self esteem?

I know those are many questions in one discussion, but I think you all can manage. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion, please do keep in mind a sober and constructive tone is preferable. Thank you.

I would like to quote a sentence;

“do you think this imagery is an appropriate representation of a young black boy?"

Note: My opinion about the word “Political Correctness” I find it interesting on many different levels, because it is a word that can be interpreted as desired - some may not agree, but this is my opinion.

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Hi Eva,

I like humor, but I don't like this. Humor shouldn't humiliate the others and there is limitation for that.

Sometimes, people felt encouraged more with ridicule things, but mostly not. And this is a kid. I give up commenting more.

Hello Onee,


I think people who use humor ( read misuse ) to ridicule others show a sad side of themselves that indicates insecurity, and generally my opinion about that has always been, I feel sad about that, because such persons may not feel good about themselves. Nothing much surprising in that.

Though I really hope with all the clarity, what I have written in the main body of the discussion, doesn’t give impression of that I find this humorous. Because even if I try really, really hard, I have a very hard time finding the slightest humor aspect in this. There is none.

My focus was/is the well being of the little child.

Thank you many times Onee, for posting your opinion :)

Actually, Eva this is nothing new. In this world where so many ironical things happened, I don't wonder anymore. Still, I agree this is inappropriate and something discriminatory... but humiliation became a good commercial attitude nowadays. 

Though, I'm seeing a different issue towards this that connects to evolution theory. 

About the children's right, do you think a child will just pose before a camera out of force? I think there are people behind this who are much responsible and accountable to keep safe the child's right that unfortunately agreed to make this happen.

The language that was used to show discrimination is politically incorrect. 


Hello Risty,

Yes, you pointed clearly out the core of the issue and I have had the exact same thoughts. I have been looking very attentively at the little boys face expression/eyes, and it appears not to me like he is having fun or enjoying the moment.

Children are able to sense and understand sometimes things, in a very clear context as we adults may not be aware of.

I do absolutely agree with you that they misused the little boy for some worrisome political agenda. Something that works in a very ugly way, as we who are not involved in politics may not have the insight to understand.

Yes, it is also right, a huge multinational organization like H&M, they have legal advisors who are there to keep them out of such kind of fails and they claim they wasn’t able to decode the consequences of this, well excuse me, that I consider as a even bigger fail ... So a conscious act :-/ Made him pose by force that is absolutely a possibility.

There were other sweatshirts in the category with other text like “Mangrove Jungle Survival Expert” it is a thought worth thinking, why couldn’t they make him wear that one.

To test the patience/tolerance of an already tested population that is worrisome. We are living in a fast moving era but on certain points, mankind didn’t learned the lessons by history and time. The same reprehensible acts just disguised in the name of political correctness.

One should never stop wondering Risty...,

Good to see you here, beautiful profile picture. Thank you many times for posting your opinion :)

Kids can't decide what is proper for them , it's their parent or guardians , who push them toward such acts because of money .
Stealing their innocent or damaging their self esteem and it is everywhere dear Evangeline .
In my part of the world no one can stop any new videos from spreading through social media apps . Most of these are only childish moments for any family and as quick as scratching ur nose the become stars. Companies run toward them to make advertising because they are popular now .
The spontaneous childish reaction have entered the markets for selling goods .
About the story u have mentioned , it's terrible . I can understand the cause of ur disappointed . It is the hidden message this brand is trying to convey through the little kid . This isn't a mere usually advertisement , it's more than that . It is something affiliated with racial discrimination and categorizing and labeling others.
Who is responsible ???, we can't blame the whole company , maybe one person is behind the whole story .
Will this mayhem affect the little child ??? , let's all hope it won't
Ur story reminded me of Ota Benga story , an African man who was kept in the zoo

        Here is a link about this awful story https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ota_Benga

Hello Dear Rosemary,

Yes, you are right.

I read a statement given by this little boys Mother, and she had a very relaxed attitude towards all the issues raised because of this. First, I thought okay if this is no problem for her and she doesn’t see it as others may, then why should everyone else have a problem with it.

She is his parent, and I believe a parents number one priority should always be to protect their children, especially their self worth and their self confidence and they should protect them from factors that may lead to bullying.

Ignorance in such matters is not good. Did she fail her parental responsibilities ... I would say; Yes. I find it so sad that some parents push their children to do things because of money. Possibly that is also the reason why she is almost defending the advertisement.

You are very right Rosemary, there is much more into this, than it just being an advertisement because it is such a low act to use an innocent child to convey a denigrating message - I just refuse to believe, they didn’t know what was they doing - towards a group of people who has already suffered and struggled so much through time.

They have struggled with apartheid, discrimination and racism, so of course this advertise would be interpreted as that. Just like putting fuel on fire.

About Ota Benga, that is an eternal prove on how inventively humans can become in a very cruel way, when power is given to the wrong human beings. History has shown, that some humans are not able to digest power the right way.

Thank you so much for sharing the link.

Also thank you many times for posting your opinion Rosemary :)

i didn't see the advertisement though but by seeing only this jumper i think there is nothing to react so badly on this. Furthermore they are not insisting anyone to buy it, this is completely consumers choice whether they wanna have it or not. But yes we can take it as funny like monkey jumps over the trees and have more information of forest than else :-) So a person who is good in eavesdropping should be gifted with this....

Hello Sobzz,

I find your comment quite interesting, because you haven’t seen the advertisement therefore your view is not colored by what impression it may give. I can actually follow you on that, if I had only seem the sweatshirt, I wouldn’t have payed it much attention

To get the whole picture one have to follow what is this all about, but my purpose for posting this discussion is about children being misused for some kind of hidden political agenda and what are children rights in such world, who are there to protect them, to protect their rights, their integrity.

I saw in news here a professor in South African studies giving his view on why this became and issue, and what he said makes perfect sense in my world.

Question was not really about whether they made anyone buy the clothing or not, question was actually the moral aspect in this.

Thank you many times for posting your opinion Sobzz :)

Hi Evangelina!

Children rights: Parents should atleast ask children's opinion before buying that jumper.

Political correctnes: They should write it as "The coolest monkeyS  (live) in the Jungle"

Ignorant: I think yes, but I don't know what is "H&M".

Child's self esteem: Yes, it definitely can have both positive and negative effects on a child's self esteem. Because kids are so sensitive and thoughtful.

Have a good day and peaceful week ahead!

Hello Roman,

Thank you for sharing your opinion/answers - I will reply you later.

For now this just for information;

“H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M and its associated companies operate in 62 countries with over 4,500 stores and as of 2015 employed around 132,000 people. The company has a significant on-line presence, with on-line shopping available in 33 countries.” ( Source Wikipedia )

You too have a nice and pleasant day and week. This for everyone included above :)

Ok, thank you Evangelina!

Hello Roman,

How smart, I like this;

“They should write it as "The coolest monkeyS  (live) in the Jungle"

But, it makes me still wonder whether this statement could be accepted and whether all what happened could have been avoided. I think, no.

Things as may not be of any big matters to some, as may see it as fun and trivialize it as being overreacting, can for others have so deep roots in atrocities done towards them through time, that it may sometimes not take much for them to react, because matters become sensitive.

Yes, children are sensitive and thoughtful and this can have a negative affect on their self esteem because it may lead to bullying.

Thank you many times for posting your opinion Roman :)


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