A few hours ago, we celebrated The New Year, 2018 and our Independence Day. We usually take our families to parks or huge places where people gather to enjoy themselves. My question, why don't we celebrate the Chinese New Year? They are more than a billion and a half. They could be about more than 20% of the world. populations. 

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I think it is because most countries use the western calender. The western calender is used in your country, isn't it?

Hai sodis, Tam. Yes, we use the Gregorian calendar. Thanks for your comment.

Hello, Dara Gino Jee!!

I do not know about Chinese New Year. is it different from other countries??

By the way, yesterday, I talked with a Chinese member, she told me they celebrated New year. They had a party and all like us and other countries.  

Main pata uski pas hain. Matlab Chaineez. My friend, Tim Lam, he is not from EC, told me an idea about it. It was a year or so before. I could not remember. It corresponds to the tenth or fifteen of January, but I am not sure about it. Thanks, Rahul Wazir for your comment.


May be one day when China become absolute super power.  It is a matter of acceptance universally.  Gregorian Calendar is universally accepted, that is why it is considered internationally.  According to your contention, India may also claim to celebrate Hindi Calendar, because population wise they are close to China.  I thank To Allah that we are bound to observe our fasting and Eids etc. according to Islamic Calendar, otherwise we would have totally forgotten lunar calendar.

Main samagiya tumarah matlab, Mishaikh sahib. Nabi Mohammad, Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) told us that we had two Eids, Alfitr, and Aladha. Thanks for your observation about it. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

We celebrate the traditional new year the same time as China. why? Because we use lunar callendar (moon callendar). China and Vietnam are agricultural countries, lunar callendar helps us to find the right time for planting rice and cereals, vegetables and trees. It has much influence to traditional culture so all special occasions in my country we use lunar callendar, such as : new year, birthday, dead day, wedding day, dead day ceremony, the good days and bad days for you ... :))

Nowadays when east and west have tight relations, to make everything simple and convenient, we use western callender in dailly life, but tradition is something lasts forever and ever.

Cam on April. I am glad that you and China have the same habits and traditions. Thanks for the valuable information about Chinese New Year.

Imperialism Imposes a lot of things to nations! English and Western Calendar are one of those things! 

Khaili mumnoon Muhammad. China and India have the biggest populations of the world. Can we celebrate their new year? Thanks Muhammed for your comment.

Lay lam Tek April, I was mistaken. I thought that you celebrate the same  Christmas New York. Thanks April.

Thanks Evangelina for pressing the like button.


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