Sometimes, they say, you need it. Do you believe in good luck? What do we mean by luck? Is it our overall circumstances or conditions in life including everything that happens to us? Is it a fortune or fate?

Can we count on it? Or shall we work hard and depend only on that? When we fail to do something we say, bad luck. An 'x' person is rich and happy because he is lucky. Being optimistic, does it help?          


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Bagus Syah! Of course, God is our creator. We have to thank him for that. If there is anything missing or incomplete, we must not be mad or angry. We are different in our colors, forms, and our degrees too. Imagine that individual, complete from many aspects of his life, but not perfect. Perfection is only for God. The lucky ones, like Syah, gain more. Good luck Syah.

I believe to be lucky is to be favoured by God. Good luck comes from God.

Asante sana, Lawrencia Oworu! The great blogger, Mr Mishaikh told me the same thing. Thanks, teacher Lawrencia for your nice comment. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

Hi Dara I pray for your Good Luck 

Bahut shukriya, Mahboob Akhtar! By the way, where have you been? For many weeks, I could not see you online. I hope you are doing well. You and your respected family. Thanks for your good prayers. I hope God bless us all and good luck.

Exist or not , I think we should do what we to do get what we want. "Taking Action" is the most important things and then you could add your luck wishes to it :)

Shookran bizzaf, Hamza! You are a practical man. I really like that. Work first and then we add luck to it. That what I call an independent way of dealing with matters. Thanks for your comment and good luck. 

Dear Dara...

We can use fortune teller shop or believe in luck, read zodiac sign for fun.

It's just for fun.

I don't trust on luck.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

I think, when we work hard, good luck will be followed after us.

Hanian hashimi ka Inha Kim, most members agreed on hard work. We have to work hard and luck would be on our side. I agree with you, my dear good friend. Thank you. 


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