If you could write a book about anything, what would it be on?

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If I could write a book I would describe my entire life there. About my ups and downs, my hard work, my relationship, my love, my worries, my troubles, my traveling and happy moments. Haha. My novel would be better than " Santa Barbara". But unfortunately, I am not good at writing and have to keep all of that in my memory.

I would like to write a book which is not happened in the world. It would be different, creative and interesting things convey to the people.

If i would like  write a book , it will about : how to be a native English speaker in ONE DAY lool

Good luck with that.

I would write down my colourful imagination in English language, may it be about fairy tales or science-fictions, and make my book easy to understand and comprehend

If I  could write a book it would have been about the new idea about feminism!

It would be thomething about love)

I found an interesting blog 


What do you thing about writing skills of this author? 


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