Who was the best actor who portrayed the role of Ian Fleming's novel series, James Bond?

There was Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, and many others.

Some preferred Barry Nelson. Others said that Roger Moore was slow in his actions, but he was good for the fiction role.

My daughter preferred Pierce Brosnan. She found him very handsome and good for the action roles.

I noticed that the majority sympathize with that Scottish actor, Sean Connery. Maybe,  because of his unique style and the spectacular supporting cast.

What do you think?

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Teacher dara , I am glad you like it .

Well, I could agree in some way. On the other hand, I find the word "imposters" a bit too strong to describe the others. Look at Mr. Brosnan and Moore, both men were attractive especially to the womankind. Honestly, you are the boss, whatever you say we have to agree, otherwise, I will find myself kicked out of this place. Thanks for that strong word. 

Both actors lead a nice role but I prefer Sean Connery

Wa ana agdar akhalfak ya Mutasim. Inta wad baladi. My daughter likes Mr. Pierce Brosnan a lot. She is one of his fanatical admirers. Thanks for your nice opinion, Mutasim. I like Mr. Sean Connery.

without a doubt roger moore was the best actor who played james bond james bond's movies became famous because of him 

Are you sure about it, James? I like Roger Moore too, but you could not notice any slow movement in his actions. Look at that Scottish man once more, you might change your idea. Nevertheless, I respect your point of view. Thanks, James Bond for commenting on James Bond topic.

Hey, James! Don't let Mr. Essberger see your comment. He is like me, he likes Sean Connery. He might be upset or something. Thanks.

Shookrun Mahmoud Arafat, thanks for pressing the like button. 

I like Pierce Brosnan for the same reason as your daughter... he's very slim and handsome, it's suitable for spy movie...

Gamza hamnida, Inha. My daughter will be very happy to find another admirer of Mr. Brosnan, but I am afraid of the boss. He likes Sean Connery. Any disagreement with him might make upset him. Watch out for that! Thanks, Inha for your nice comment about James Bond.

Hanian hashimi ka, Inha? Thanks for pressing the like button. 


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