hi my name is juan i would like learn a lot of english i can speak and talk a few but i want learn more for my personal experience.

if you have time for teach me english i will be very grateful.

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     U are in the right place Juan  if invest  it correctly  . This site  according to my own personal experience  is designed  to develop  ur English language  through writing  . Hence u should involve  urself  in all the activities  here  like commenting on video   , photos   , blog   and participate in  in discussion   . On the  other side  ,  you urself  should post ur own photo , blog ..... etc  and read other  members  comments  on them and write ur own replies   . I advice  u to read a  daily  news paper in English   or read any sort of topic that interests  u  to get words from ur reading and use them here  . Keep a small note for this purpose   :) .  U can chat and make friends  here many are welling to exchange  their Skype  ID  with u I am sure of that  . However  , speaking  about myself  the English Club  is the most wonderful  place for learning English   . Best of luck Juan  :) 

Hi, juan david! Welcome to EC! I hope you will enjoy every part and side of EC, which means that you will achieve your goals to improve your english!

Hello Juan David.. Welcome to MyEnglishClub

thanks rosemary :)

Yeshiwua said:

Hello Juan David.. Welcome to MyEnglishClub

thanks yeshiwua

Hola Juan David,  queiro ser tu amigo. Welcome to the world of learning, Juan. You will find many friends who are ready to help you to improve your English skills. I hope to be one of your friends. 


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