It is about those who use their left hands or their left feet. I see that some left-handers can be very talented and smart. Some people are both righties and lefties at the same time. Those who use their left hands or feet have more force in using them. For instance, shooting a ball. The percentage of the lefties is not that big compared to the dominant one of the righties. I wonder if anyone can give more light to this discussion. Thanks for your participation.  

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I see no a clear relation between being a left handed and special talent among people I know.

Exactamente senior Estanis! Maybe, here, I am referring to Diego Maradona, the famous Argentinian player. That was only an example. Their percentage is not that high. I mean the lefties and the footedness. Thanks for that useful answer. 

I do not think so dara. I am rightest.  I have more power in my right hand then my left.  But in the same way those who are leftist feel the same way equally. 

I think, it is related to the structure of the human body. I mean, it is not synchronous inside.

Maybe it is one of the reasons.

Dyakuyu Roman. That is a fact. It could be related to the structure of the human body. Thanks.

Hmm, I felt happy to read your reasoning Mr. Dara,

Because it felt good for my ego :)) but after reading comments I barely dare to post, that I am both left handed and right handed :)

I only write with my right hand, other things I can better manage with the left hand.

Whether there are any valid scientific evidences for using the one hand over the other and being more fortunate on different scales of abilities, I doubt that. I think also I join Estanis and Mishaikh’s opinions there.

I believe those must be pure postulates.

Oh my God! You can use both hands, amazing. That is the reason why my friend, Evangelina is smart and unique. I built my supposition according to rare cases of left-handers and footedness people. I was not depending on any scientific reasons, just hunches. Of course, both Mr. Estanis and Mr. Mishaikh like logic. I noticed from their topics and comments that they like to use reason most of the time. This will avoid them any problems in the long run. I am glad that you can use both hands. Thanks, Eva.  

I remember one of my colleagues, unftunately he died in an accident in his youth. I saw him writing with right as well as left. He was also able to swith over from on hand to other while writing. May his soul be in peace. A very good guy.

Hello Mishaikh,

I don’t have the ability of being able to write with both hands, I lost it. When I started school, I had to learn writing with the right hand, it was not something I could, because from natures side I am left handed.

Today I can write confidently with the right hand, but that is also the only thing, other things like holding a knife, scissor etc, I do with left hand.

Thank you Mishaikh, also yes, it is very sad may his soul rest in peace.

I am glad to hear that you use both hands. That is amazing Evangelina. No doubt, you are smart and God blessing. Excuse me, but those who use both hands are absolutely marvelous people. I use my right hand and my right foot. Concerning my left hand, I won't say it is useless, but I use it to help the right hand to carry something or hold it. According to Mr. Estanis and Mr. Mishaikh, there is no relation between being talented and being a left-hander or footedness.  Once more, thanks, Eva.

Main samajta hoon, lekin mera matlab. Let me continue here by saying. I was mistaken in supposition. I don't know where did I get that information? Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your useful comment. You and Mr. Estanis always like to be logical and to the point and that what is needed. Thanks for both of you. 

May God bless you and your friend too.


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