How can I  reduce my pressure ?

I have lots of things to do . 

Including study , review book , and handle school club .

I need more time . 24 hours is not enough for me . 

How can I distribution my time ?

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Thank you ~ I will try it to make sure I'm not waste the time :  )

if God maked 24 hours in the day that mean that's enough.

You should schedule your can do any thing under 24 hours

Or,you are doing too much in the day...

        ...for that 24h is not enough for you.

        there is things need a years to be realized.

If 24 hours are not enough you can move to a slower planet... A Venusian day last 5.832 hours, for instance. Ugh, how many time to procrastinate I could have there...

Where can I buy the tickets to the Venus?:D

uhm... dunno. At the moment the Nasa just takes you to Mars  

But who knows... maybe they have new special offers in summer :P

Who cares about that damn Mars... What is interesting there? No water, no aliens, no minerals...

no people...


- Schedule what you have to do during the week. (Don't forget to have breaks once in a while, since they help you to perform better).
- Keep your working place tidy.
- Plan your tasks. For instance, if you are making the book review and you have 0 idea of what to do, make a list of the most important points to cover, use a mind map, etc.

Ooooor you can always forget about sleeping, eating and maybe breathing :) 
(please don't do that, you'll end even more stressed) 

Then this is the time to leave the Earth now.
24 hours cannot be extended more here.


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