This is a very easy and quick test (less than 1 min) to check your english vocabulary size:

This test gives you also a rough idea of how close you could be to speak the language fluently (a result close to 3.000 or 4.000 words means that you can be ready to start speaking english fluently!)

Okay so, the thing is easy: "Check the box for each word you know at least one definition for" (but don't cheat checking boxes of words you just have 'seen' but that you don't really know what they mean)   Once you get your result, come here and tell us whether you're happy with it or if you feel like throwing all your english books out of the window after all :P

Btw, I got a score of 12,500 words... But I'm not sure if I can be able to know so many words since my memory is not even able to remember where is my car when I parked just an hour ago :/  


If you feel in mood to do more quick online-tests to get a rough idea of your english level, here you have some free resources:

English Club: Test your Level - Written Comprehension (15 min. test)

Test your English - Cambridge ESOL Test

Penguin English Tests Books - English Language Level Test

Free English Tests for ESL/EFL and English Grammar Exercises

Have fun! :P

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Oh cool! Nice to read it motivated you in some way ^_^

And yeah, you're right! I didn't realize there was that other category, thanks :)

Thanks, i must try and let you know!

Cool, bet :)

Mine result is...14,200 words
But Am lil bit wonder how mine number of words is more then your.
because your English level is good then me. I speak and use basic words and my Vocabulary is not good.

Oh, that's a very good result Elf! ^_^

Well, maybe you just know more difficult words 'cause you read a lot. Your level is good anyway and it doesn't matter that much what the test 'says' but if it helps to motivate us to improve our vocab size! :)

It's an interesting vocabulary test! My result was 7,590 words, and I am a bit disappointed by it but I answered honestly. I think I still have a long way to go.


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