What do you think about the teaching profession? Is it dull or interesting ? I am gonna be  a teacher , but I think that people do not like teachers . I wanna know what do you think about the teaching profession 

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I'm an English teacher. I studied 5 years at the university, and it was quite fun. I like English a lot, so I had pretty good marks at grammar and developing the four skills.
Both my mother's parents (my grandparents) were teachers, and also a couple of my uncles and aunts, so when I first said I wanted to become a teacher it was welcomed with joy.
However, the truth is I never liked teaching. I do love English, and I enjoy explaining things relating to it. But I hate kids, and I hate planning, and above all, I hate rude behaviour, such as screaming, cursing, hitting and being irresponsible. And sadly, kids in my country lack good education and values that only parents can give. 
So after finishing my five precious years majoring EFL teaching I ended up working as a front desk clerk at a hotel. That's where I'm working now, LOL.

Summing up: I dot think it is interesting, because you have a HUGE responsibility in you hands, you are helping kids to become the adults of tomorrow, everything you do in a classroom can give an imprint in the minds and hearts of those kids. You are not only a teacher. Sometimes you'll be an advisor, a parent, a nurse, a counsellor, a therapist. You can do big things with your kids, applying to activities in your field of teaching that will broaden your students experiences.
Of course it has a dull side. There's a lot of paper work, planning, following programmes, etc, but there are tons of tools that can make that part easier.

The only thing you will need everytime and for sure: motivation, vocation. I don't have any of both. Nor patience. You'll need that too.
Because it is true, the teaching profession is undervalued. In my country they pay you too little, parents do not respect you, the state think that if a student does not learn it is the teacher's fault (not the parents, not the kid, not the program, only the bad bad teacher). 
But I see some of my ex-classmates, now teachers that have done great things with their students, such as winning championships. So that makes me think that enjoying teaching IS absolutely possible.

Hi Ishtar! I am sorry to hear that about your country. It is the same here, in Ukraine. Teaching profession is undervalued.

But it is good to know that you are teacher. I wish you good luck and good students!


rude behaviour, such as screaming, cursing, hitting and being irresponsible. And sadly, kids in my country lack good education and values that only parents can give. 


Kids are all the same everywhere. I remember my college days.  Once a newbie (teacher), trying to give lecture, and almost all the class was screaming, cursing, hitting etc.  I saw tears in the eyes of that teacher (he was new, but later on he got the experience how to control them). I was going to say to loma the same which you have told.  You know teaching a class of small kids, is rather difficult than to college students.

Hi lomaloma! I think that teaching profession is very useful, but difficult and hard at the same time.

In any job there is a place for routine. Another thing, how to treat this, because different people differently present the educational material and have their own style of communication. I believe that this is a very good profession and if first of all, you like it, then you should deal with it. Also, you can teach individually, try to make your course or work with online resources. You can use your knowledge and experience to help students in training (for example, give critical essay writing tips) or write articles in thematic blogs. There is a wide range of activities in this field.

Hi Lomaloma,

I think every work is interesting and not dull. It depends on our intention.

I agree with Ishtar. Being a real teacher, you'll not only be a teacher. Sometimes you'll be an advisor, a parent, a nurse, a counselor, a therapist. I will even say that you need to be their friends.

However, just like Ishtar said that teaching profession is undervalued, it happens in many countries including mine. If you really want to educate young generations, you should have extra work for living. That's why teaching profession here is often done by females since males have bigger responsibility to earn more money for living (just culture). :)

Motivation and patience, this is of course important things in teaching.

I heard in some countries, teaching profession is appreciated highly by the state.

I, myself, is not an official teacher nor temporary teacher. ^^ 

Thanks for your great discussion. Good luck! :)

I go with the comments of Onee.  She has explained very well.

I do not have experience as a school teacher, but I have experience as private teacher, but problem is the same even if you are teaching students private.  The naughty is always a naughty kid.

When I started giving private tuition provided to me by a relative of mine, I could not keep the work more than one week.  Then that relative of mine told me that why I am loosing the students, because I only teach them their school lessons. Then she advised me that I would listen to the students, talk with them no matter if the talks are out of their syllabus, then I realised that kids need attention, want them to be listened, and need someone with whom they can share their problem, because sometimes parents are too busy to give them their due time. 

"....because sometimes parents are too busy to give them their due time. "

Nowadays, it's not sometimes, Mishaikh. It is mostly and often they are busy. :)

Thanks for agreeing my comment. 


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