Most of us, I am sure, have the experience sitting alone before the sea. We like it, why, maybe "the voice of the sea speaks to the soul", maybe there exists a 'communication'.  What do you think?

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"Whisper' is for all of us, but listen only with the tender heart.  Nature wants 'submission'  Nature Says "Come within me, your destiny will be in your hand".  When we behold the sea, the entire surrounding disappears, there remains "Me and the Sea, Me and Nature" and the communication band/frequency comes in existence." 

valentina said:

Our planet is two-thirds of water, and our body is two-thirds of water. Is it a coincidence or one more mystery? God knows. But there is something miraculous in water. I agree with Danny Clark: "...there are two very powerful opposite elements that fascinate us. They are water and fire. Both are destroying, but both are life-giving. And it is a true mystery why we feel so good, quiet, relaxed looking at them knowing their true power!" 

Maybe, noise of  the waves is our planet's wisper? Who is she wispering to? You? Me? The whole humanity? Or just to those who are able to listen?

It's view of spaciousness made me feel something that I usually didn't think of. I feel so calm and think so clear about so many things in my life. Maybe that's why when people get stressed, it is preferable to go to the beach and look at the sea. 

It is like a spacious stage that can be drawn by our life, our history of life. Hmm... I'm a little melancholic here...^^ But, it is true. Sometimes, we get so much inspiration by looking at the sea. Yes, maybe there is a 'communication'. 

Thank you so much for your great discussion, Mishaikh. :)


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